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Create Fantastic Live Action VFX Artwork With OctaneRender

VFX Artist, Youmgyul

Class Details

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Class Intro
VFX Artist, Youmgyul

Do you want to become an independent freelancer, and
learn the practical techniques and skills of a VFX Artist?

Then don't miss your opportunity and take a look at how
a popular VFX Artist uses OctaneRender, After Effects,
and C4D to produce a stunning Artwork!

Learn to freely use OctaneRender, that
will determine the quality of your work,
and create the artificial artwork you
envisioned with the class of Youmgyul.


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Length: 27 videos (Duration 22h 10m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Window10 OS
Cinema4D R23
OctaneRender 2021.1
Adobe After Effects CC 2022

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Expert VFX Artist
Youmgyul's Profile & Portfolio



VFX Artist

Hello, I'm Youmgyul, a VFX Artist.

Previously, I have collaborated with
many talented artists and made ads for
Samsung, Kia, Shinhan Life, and more.
And now I'm mainly working on producing
music video VFX,

In this class, I'll teach you various Octane
techniques I've acquired through working on
numerous projects and tips on how to make
live-action VFX with C4D & After Effects.

If you want to use OctaneRender to
improve the quality of your artwork,
and gain expertise through various
work exercises, then this is the
class for you.

I'll give you detailed explanations so
that you'll be able to freely express the
visuals you imagined, after you finish this class.

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6 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

Improve the Quality of Your Work By Using the Skills of OctaneRender

From the interface, basic usage and principle, to build-up examples to increase proficiency, learn the know-how of the speaker who utilizes Octane Renderer 100%.

Coloso Youmgyul Introduction

Experience an Attractive Artificial Look Through 5 Different Exercises

We introduce the skills and efficient workflow for realizing unrealistic and unique artistic looks used in various commercial video fields such as music videos and viral videos.

Coloso Youmgyul Introduction

Using After Effects to Create
a Photorealistic Synthetic Artwork

Learn After Effects compositing skills to synthesize 3D artwork created in class based on Chromakey & Underwater shooting.

Coloso Youmgyul Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look


01. OT

  1. Instructor Introduction
  2. Class Goals & Expectations
  3. Useful Websites
SECTION 02. First Step Into Octane

02. Octane Basics Step A: Installing and Setting Up

  1. What is OctaneRender?
  2. Hardware Specifications
  3. Install OctaneRender

03. Octane Basics Step B: Launching Octane

  1. The Definition and Principles of Rendering
  2. Octane : Interface
  3. Trying Out Octane

04. Octane Basics Step C: Trying Out Octane Nodes

  1. Understanding 0-1 Float
  2. How To Use the Octane Node Editor
  3. Frequently Used Nodes

05. Octane Basics Step D: Lighting & Camera & Rendering

  1. Octane Light Objects
  2. Octane Camera & Render Settings
  3. VRAM Management & Optimization
SECTION 03. Octane Buildup

06. Octane Build Up A: Texturing Warm-Up

  1. Octane Material Type
  2. Understanding Material Channels
  3. Build Up Scene Setup

07. Octane Buildup B: Glossy, Diffuse, & Specular

  1. Glossy: Shiny Objects
  2. Diffuse: Matte Objects & Emissive Objects
  3. Specular: Transparent Glass & Translucent Objects

08. Octane Buildup C: Metal, Mix, & Universal

  1. Metal: Metallic Objects
  2. Mix: Utilizing Composite & Mix
  3. Universal: The Full Package
SECTION 04. MoGraph & Octane Artwork A

09. Understanding MoGraph & Fields

  1. MoGraph Generator
  2. MoGraph Effector
  3. Applying a MoGraph Field to an Effector

10. Artwork A Buildup: MoGraph Design

  1. MoGraph: Making a Ripple
  2. MoGraph: How to Utilize Modifiers
  3. Octane: Instance Color Node

11. Producing Artwork A Part. 01

  1. Applying The MoGraph Design
  2. Using Dynamics to Add Details
  3. Making a Camera Animation with Target Tags

12. Producing Artwork A Part. 02

  1. MoGraph & Detail Texturing
  2. Gradient & Pattern Light
  3. Camera Settings & Rendering
SECTION 05. MoGraph & Octane Artwork B

13. Basics of Spline Artwork

  1. Using Illustrator Paths
  2. Using Cloners and Tracers to Make a Spline Artwork
  3. Spline & Hair Rendering

14. Artwork B Buildup: Volume & MoGraph Design

  1. Spline & Volume Object Design
  2. MoGraph Design: PolyFX
  3. Particle & Camera Animation

15. Producing Artwork B Part. 01

  1. Texturing & Lighting
  2. Using Instances and Cloners to Add Details
  3. Camera Settings & AOV Rendering

16. Producing Artwork B Part. 02

  1. AE: Install Free Plugins
  2. AE: Lumetri Color Correction
SECTION 06. Color Lighting Artwork C

17. Reference & Lighting Design

  1. Look & Detail Reference Sketch
  2. AE: Color Lighting Texture Setup

18. Artwork C Build Up

  1. Using Stages to Make a Camera Animation
  2. Making the Base Metal Material & Custom HDRI Map

19. Producing Artwork C Part. 01

  1. Color Lighting & Texturing
  2. Anamorphic Camera Setting & Rendering

20. Producing Artwork C Part. 02

  1. AE: Anamorphic Lens Flare
  2. AE: Lens Filter Effects & Correction
SECTION 07. Chroma Key Compositing Artwork D

21. Chroma Key Compositing Buildup

  1. Understanding Chroma Key & Matte
  2. AE: Creating a Matte for Compositing

22. Producing Artwork D Part. 01

  1. Making a Spline Object for Compositing
  2. AE: Layering With a Z-Depth Pass

23. Producing Artwork D Part. 02

  1. AE: Expressing Light Rays & Details
  2. AE: Post-Production & Flare Transition
SECTION 08. Underwater Scene Compositing Artwork E

24. Underwater Scene Design

  1. AE: Making a Guide Scene for Compositing
  2. AE: Expressing Underwater Details

25. Producing Artwork E Part. 01

  1. Setting Up a Clock Object for Compositing
  2. Detail Texturing & Render Settings

26. Producing Artwork E Part. 02

  1. AE: Compositing the Clock Object
  2. AE: Caustics & Post-Production

27. A to Z: VFX Music Video

  1. Case Study : YUKIKA – Insomnia MV VFX From Start to Finish

with VFX Artist Youmgyul

Background images
What are the main takeaways
from this class?

You will get an in-depth explanation of the basics and five artwork exercises that you can use after finishing this class. With the AFTER scene files provided and an A to Z case study on an actual music video, you can learn my highly-effective practical workflow.

Who would you recommend
taking this class to?

If you want to improve the quality of your artwork with OctaneRender and acquire expertise through various work exercises, this is the class for you. It will be helpful for individual workers who mainly use C4D & Octane and do post-production in After Effects.

What is the prospect of the
Motion Graphics/VFX industry?

More virtual technologies using virtual influencers in advertisements and projecting virtual environments in real life are becoming commercialized. And because of this, the demand for motion graphics is expected to grow continuously.

What are your strengths
as a VFX artist?

My strengths as a VFX artist are the artificial visuals created through maximizing the strengths of OctaneRender, the VFX skills I possess by
utilizing C4D & After Effects, and my broad mastery of tools through
my career as a freelancer. If you are one of those people who find it hard
to use OctaneRender, I'll teach you how and help you create a project
you will be satisfied with.

Required Programs

This class is taught with the programs listed below.
- Window10 OS
- Cinema4D R23
- OctaneRender 2021.1
- Adobe After Effects CC 2022

* We recommend using versions later than C4D version R21, Octane 2020, Adobe After Effects CC 2020.
* These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the class.

C4D Octanerender After Effects

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