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Unleash the Power of Unity: 14 Unique RPG Game Effects

VFX Artist, Seolhwa Shin

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Class Intro

VFX Artist, Seolhwa Shin
Utilizing Unity's particle system and shader features, you can effortlessly craft a wide range of effects from natural to fantastical visuals.

Utilize Shaders & Particle Systems For Maximum Effects
The effects field is known for its high level of skill and visually stunning results when it comes to game graphics.
In this class, Seolhwa Shin, an experienced 10-year VFX Artist at Netmarble Monster, will walk you through the process of developing RPG game effects with the 3D engine Unity, which presently controls more than half of the mobile gaming industry.
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This class will allow you to handcraft 14 key RPG effects such as summoning circles, hit/impact visuals, meteors, tornadoes, and beam effects by exclusively using Unity's particle system.

In addition, the course covers features such as URP-based rendering approaches, how to generate and manage resources in Photoshop, and a project package with endless customization! If you're an ambitious artist looking to get into the game effects business, check out this comprehensive course at Coloso right now.

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Expert VFX Artist Seolhwa Shin's Portfolio

© 2022 Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Nexus Inc. All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Nexus Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Why Take This Class?

You don't need to master complex techniques or specialized tools to produce high-quality game effects. In this class, you'll learn how to utilize Unity's built-in shader and particle systems to easily and swiftly create natural effects like water, fire, and lightning, as well as fantastical effects such as summoning circles and beams.

This course is ideal for those who are new to the realm of game effects, seasoned VFX artists who require simplified workflows, and independent game developers searching for cutting-edge effects that can be implemented into their games.

With Coloso's Introductory class on Game Effects, you can boost your knowledge and professional standing. Start learning today!

배경 이미지

10+ Class Exercises

신설화 게임 제작 강의 예제
Stage 01. Hero's Entrance
Stage 02. Dark Lord’s Appearance

Stage 03. Hero's Movement and Attack

Stage 04. Fairy's Support

Stage 05. Wizard's Attack

Final Stage: Dark Lord's Attack

신설화 게임 제작 강의 예제

Boss Beam


Seolhwa Shin
VFX Artist

Hello, I am VFX Artist Seolhwa Shin.

I’ve been in mobile game development since 2013 and am currently participating in development at Netmarble Monster on projects like Monster Taming, Knights Chronicle, Monster Arena, and Raven as the Head of the Effects Team.

For those of you who want to implement cool effects right away, I have structured the class with a variety of effects that can be immediately put into practice. If you follow the examples step-by-step, you will naturally acquire even the basics that may have seemed tedious at first.

Although effects in game graphics are often said to have the highest barrier for entry, I believe there's nothing as easy and as fun as working with effects once you actually try it.

By simply following along, you can complete simple yet flashy effects, so how about creating them with me?

배경 이미지
조용진 게임제작 프로필 이미지
VFX Artist,
Seolhwa Shin

VFX Artist
Netmarble Monster Effect Head (2016 - Present)

Everyfun VFX Artist (2014 - 2016)

Projects & Awards

[Netmarble Monster]
- Monster Taming
- Knights Chronicle
- Raven: Legion
- Monster Taming Arena

- Heart of Dragon
- Heart of Dragon EX
- Last Dragon


Class Highlights

Follow the Storyline To Easily Learn Unity Effects

You may experience all of the primary effects necessary for an RPG game, such as character appearances, battles, magic, healing, and boss fights, based on a single plot of Hero vs. Demon King.

콜로소 신설화 강의 소개

14 Key Effects for RPG Genre Games

This course will teach you a full collection of 14 various effects—summoning, portal, sword trail, movement trail, stabbing, impact, healing, shield, fireball, meteor, waterball, tornado, lightning, and beam.

콜로소 신설화 강의 소개

Packaged Unity Projects For Self-Taught & Solo Game Developers

With the given package file, which includes all settings and mesh values, you will not only understand the management approaches used in real-world circumstances, but you will also be able to directly implement the complete effects creation process to your own projects.

콜로소 신설화 강의 소개

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro

01. Orientation

  1. Instructor’s Background and Project Contributions
  2. Class Overview: Effect Creation Using Particle System
  3. Beginning the Class: “Why Unity?” (Perception and Usage of Unity in the Mobile Industry)
  4. Introduction to the Effects Part: “Can You Learn Effects through Self-Study?”

02. Software Installation

  1. Introduction to Basic Interface
  2. Installation of Other Necessary Software
  3. Brief Introduction to Unity Engine and Unity Hub
  4. Introduction to URP (Universal Render Pipeline)
SECTION 02. Soldier's Appearance

03. Summon Magic Effects

  1. Understanding the Particle System
  2. Understanding the URP System
  3. Building Effects Just by Adjusting Size
  4. Using Photoshop to Draw Magic Circles: Focus on Texture Size, Saving Methods, and Management Techniques
  5. Particle System: Differences and Usages of Spawn Burst and Spawn Rate
SECTION 03. Dark Lord’s Appearance

04. Portal Effects

  1. Features of Various Particle Systems
  2. Difference Between Addictive and Blend: Focus on Alpha Textures
  3. How to Attach Effects to Objects: Tips on Prefab Management
  4. Particle System: Understanding Velocity - Velocity, Force, Limit
SECTION 04. Hero's Movement and Attack

05. Sword Aura Trail 01

  1. Creating URP Shader Graph (Understanding Basic Nodes and UV Usage)
  2. Understanding Addictive and Blend Modes
  3. Using Mesh for Sword Aura Trail: Creating Effect Meshes and Managing Resources with 3ds Max
  4. Creating Trail Texture with Photoshop

06. Sword Aura Trail 02

  1. Particle System: Understanding Particles Using Mesh, Understanding Sorting
  2. Using the Asset Store
  3. Basic Animator Settings
  4. Setting Effects in Character Animation Using Scripts
  5. Real-Time Trail Rendering
  6. Difference Between World and Local

07. Stabbing Effects

  1. Directional Effects
  2. Applying Mesh Effects Learned from Sword Aura Trail
  3. Particle System: Understanding 3ds Size, 3ds Rotation, Render Mode, and Shape

08. Striking Effects

  1. Timing and Impact for Fast-Moving Effects
  2. Particle System: Tips on Manipulating Color, Size Timing Graphs
  3. Focus on Afterimages
SECTION 05. Fairy's Support

09. Healing Magic Effects

  1. Slow Tempo Effects, Looping Effects
  2. Focus on Particle Trail and Noise
  3. Understanding Velocity - Orbital
  4. Using Texture Sheet Animation Single Row

10. Shield Magic Effects

  1. Understanding Rim Shader and UV
  2. Color Composition: Understanding Main and Sub Colors
  3. Using 3ds Max Scripts
SECTION 06. Wizard's Attack

11. Fire Effects Part 1

  1. Understanding Simple Projectiles
  2. Extracting Sequence Images Through Particle Illusion
  3. Creating and Adjusting Sequence Images Using Photoshop
  4. Texture Sheet Animation: Understanding Whole Sheet, Simulation Space (Local and World)

12. Fire Effects Part 2

  1. Understanding Rim Shader and UV
  2. Color Composition: Understanding Main and Sub Colors
  3. Using 3ds Max Scripts

13. Water Effects Part 1

  1. Expressing Gravity and the Weight of Liquids
  2. Simplifying and Representing Cartoonish Water
  3. Exploring Various Functions of Shaders (Lerp, Floor, Vertex Normal)
  4. Methods for Expressing Your Imagined Image Through Nodes

14. Water Effects Part 2

  1. Applications of the Water Shader Created in Part 1
  2. Creating Various Meshes

15. Lightning Effects

  1. Creating Lightning Textures Using Photoshop
  2. Focus on Light
SECTION 07. Dark Lord's Attack

16. Beam Effects

  1. Placing Components and Adjusting Intensity
  2. Understanding the Placement of Main and Sub Effects
  3. Creating a Dissolve Shader
  4. Applying the Rim Shader
  5. Trying Out Custom Data
SECTION 08. Outro

17. Wrapping Up the Class

  1. How to Study Effects: Methods for Analyzing References and About Effects Sketching
  2. Finding References: Sharing Favorite YouTube Channels and Websites
  3. What to Focus on When Creating Effects
  4. If You Want to Study Effects More Deeply: Discussion on Comparing Unity/Unreal, and about Shaders and Simulation Tools

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.
** Class videos may be seperated for a more streamlined viewing experience

Interview with
VFX Artist Seolhwa Shin

배경 이미지
Why did you choose the theme of RPG Game Effects?

Mastering all of the strategies for generating effects might be intimidating unless you are a specialist in the area. With the objective of "Easy Effect Creation" in mind, I developed examples for producing a variety of effects using only the particle system. You'll find that basic strategies may produce a broad range of effects without requiring complicated expertise.

What would make this class special?

I want to emphasize that the goal of this lesson is to teach you how to make rich, high-quality effects using straightforward techniques. Although Unity Engine has established itself as the industry standard for casual/mobile games, there is still a persistent misconception that Unity cannot create eye-catching effects. I've designed this course's curriculum in such a way that you may produce top-notch game effects without having to learn any difficult theories or methods.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the students?

Making effects may be both simple and complicated. Unlike other visual components, practically all effect creation is engine-dependent. While it may appear that you only need to enter data into the engine, generating an appealing result may be difficult. This class will teach you how to approach the engine for effect production, as well as the perspective to investigate effects from.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Unity 2021.3.3f1
- Photoshop CS6
- Autodesk 3ds Max 2018

* Unity ver. 2018 + recommended
* Photoshop CS6 + recommended
* 3ds Max lower versions acceptable.

Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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