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Creating Immersive Animated Pixel Art Worlds

Pixel Artist, Zannen

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Pixel Artist, Zannen

Coloso Zannen Creating Immersive Animated Pixel Art Worlds

Enter the world of pixel art and get an in-depth look
at a versatile style with diverse applications.

This class will give you a step-by-step walkthrough
that'll show you how to establish a workflow,
avoid common mistakes, set up the mood
through values and hues,
and bring your drawings to life with animation.

Get ready for a practice-heavy class,
crafted for students tired of listening to lectures,
and whose hands are itching to draw.


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Length: 10 videos
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Audio: English

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Software Required


*Update both to the latest version on the App Store

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1 Final Animated .pixaki file
3 "Process Milestone" .pixaki files
10 .pixaki Class Exercises files

Expert Pixel Artist
Zannen's Profile & Portfolio

Who Should
Take This Class?

This class is great for anyone:
from students who've already found
their personal art style but want to incorporate
the principles of pixel art into their work
to complete beginners
interested in learning pixel art.

If you've been looking for a class
that'll show you how to get started,
then look no further,
this one has everything you need
to add pixel art to your creative toolbelt!

Take the leap and get started
alongside an experienced
pixel artist whose collection
of existential dread-inspired art
has captivated fans, one pixel at a time.

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9 Class Exercises


Pixel Artist

Hello! I am Zannen.Pixel, a freelance pixel artist
obsessed with Asian folklore, horror,
and dystopian themes.

I grew up mainly in the 90s, a time when
pixelated video games, exploitation cinema,
cyberpunk novels, and adult-themed anime films
were prevalent.

Through my pixel art and animation work,
I pay homage to all the things I love,
which are equal parts provative and fascinating.

With the recently revived interest in pixel-style
indie games, there's been a lot of excitement
for pixel art once more.

I've already spent the last few years
self-studying pixel art, now I'm ready
to empower others by offering a course
encapsulating the foundational skills
that you'll need to create
your own immersive pixel-art worlds.

Best of all, all of these can be done
with just an iPad.

background Images
Coloso Gregor Kari
Pixel Artist,

Freelance Pixel Artist & Illustrator

Projects & Awards

HEL MORT® Artist Feature
Artist guest speaker at MetaJam Asia 2022 (Singapore)


Class Highlights

Don't Be Square!
(Or Be, It's Your Choice!)

Let's start with a comprehensive guide covering the dos and don'ts of Pixel Art. Once you learn the rules, you will also learn how and when to break them to express yourself freely. Learn to think in and out of the box to develop a style that is uniquely yours.

Coloso Gregor Kari Introduction

Making Pixel Art Look Immersive

Although Pixel Art is 2D, it doesn't have to look flat! During this class, I will explain how to add depth and create lived-in and believable worlds by applying pixel and core art fundamentals. In addition, you will learn to use different lighting, shadows, and color tones to create an immersive mood and atmosphere.

Coloso Gregor Kari Introduction

Demystifying the Math
behind Animations

It's simple Math, really. Let's learn how to make fluid, seamless looping animations of various things. Then, we can learn how to combine animated elements in a single canvas to create a lively, textured piece of art.

Coloso Gregor Kari Introduction

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In-depth Look


1. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Pixel Art Foundation

2. Understanding iPad Pixel Art Software

  1. Pros & Cons of two pixel art programs
  2. When to use Procreate/Pixaki
  3. Establishing a coherent workflow between programs

3. Basic Rules of Pixel Art

  1. Mistakes to avoid looking like a pixel art amateur
  2. Exceptions to the above rules

4. Art Fundamentals Applicable to Good Pixel Art

  1. Applying conventional art fundamentals to pixel art
  2. Pixel Art fundamentals
  3. How to draw, paint, and render with pixel art tools and dithering brushes
SECTION 03. World Building

5. Developing a Style Based on Purpose

  1. Picking canvas size
  2. Picking outline type
  3. Picking rendering style/color palette

6. Building a Scene

  1. Basics of composition
  2. Creating tension/conflict, stories, and narratives
  3. Lighting & character positioning
  4. Color palette

7. Detailing your World

  1. Different ways to add details and texture to your world
  2. Adding believable details that convey your story
SECTION 04. Animation: Breath Life into your Drawings

8. Using Pixaki for Animation

  1. Basic toolset introduction
  2. Drawing with animation in mind

9. Animation Exercises

  1. Movement: stretching, compressing, bouncing, wave, onion skinning, precipitation, etc.,
  2. Animating the same thing in 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 8s, and more.
  3. Power of 24s - Why animating in 24 frame cycles is powerful

10. Putting it all Together - Assembling a Basic Animated Artwork

  1. Final Demo
  2. Deciding total frame count & frame speed
  3. Putting together a piece of work with many moving parts going at different speeds

**The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
Expert Pixel Artist, Zannen

background Images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

I love pixel art! Do I need a better reason than that? On a serious note, I think pixel art is a romantic, abstract, and versatile art style with many applications, and I hope my course can help pixel art enthusiasts quickly achieve their goals. I want to offer a class with a low barrier to entry that provides a distinctive value to students. Other than this being doable entirely on one iPad, students of different levels can acquire a wide range of benefits when checking out or re-visiting the course. Students with an existing art style can incorporate the principles of pixel art into their work, while complete beginners can quickly learn art fundamentals that will be useful for the rest of their art careers.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

It's for anyone looking to get into pixel art illustration or seeking to improve their pixel art animation. It'll all serve as a great learning opportunity for students with a basic understanding of illustration who want to add pixel art to their creative toolbelt. For those without an illustration background, I've structured the course so that you can easily pick up pixel art for fun and learn core art fundamentals useful for the rest of your art career.

Do you have anything to say
to your students?

Keep doing your homework, and results will show up much faster than you think. Above all else - have fun! Pixel art is just a tool - find your favorite themes and things to draw, and you will find yourself improving that much faster.

Required Programs

This course will use Procreate & Pixaki. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Procreate Pixaki

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