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Pixel Chibi Characters: from Design to Animation

Pixel Artist, Downvote

Class Details

  • Basic
  • Total 20 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

PixelArtist,Downvote Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Introducing your instructor - What you will learn - Helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    Basics of Making Pixel Art
    • 02. Making Neat Lineart- Sketching a rough outline - Cleaning up outlines - Avoid rough curves or jaggies - Anti-aliasing - Mistakes in anti-aliasing

    • 03. Choosing Colors and Shading- Basics of cold and warm colors - Hue-shifting to make different shades of each color - Increasing contrast between colors - Creating clusters of colors for shading - Using materials when shading and dithering to form texture - Useful shortcuts to use on Aesprite

    • 04. Additional Tips and Mistakes- Banding - Dithering - Mixels - Oversaturation & Undersaturation - Pillow shading

    • 05. Exercise: Texture Practice- Create various textures on spheres

  • SECTION 03
    Making Chibi Characters
    • 06. Drawing Characters in Pixel Art- Drawing a character base - Shading hair and skin - Creating different expressions

    • 07. Stylization Based on Resolution- Practicing different sizes of characters based on canvas size

    • 08. Finding Your Pixel Art Style- Finding a style based on colors, outlines, resolution and details

    • 09. Exercise: Headshot Chibi- Making different resolutions of headshot characters

    • 10. Exercise: Full Chibi- Making different resolutions of full-body characters

  • SECTION 04
    Animation for Pixel Art
    • 11. Basic Principles of Animation- Visualizing movement in animation (ease-in, ease-out, and overshoot) - Useful tools and settings when animating

    • 12. Ideation Process- Planning for an animation direction - Using keyframes for mapping out - Character movements based on who/what they are

    • 13. Rough Animation with Select Tool- Using select tool to create simple and easy animations

    • 14. Subpixelling for Slight Movements- Creating slight movement with <1 pixel animations - Sub-pixeling in conjunction with animation done with a select tool

    • 15. Animation with High Movements and Particles- Sketching rough outline for moving parts - Visualizing each color cluster as separate moving parts - Applying this in conjunction with the other animation techniques

    • 16. Interpolating Animations with Proper Cleanup- Working with DainApp to interpolate pixel animations properly - Ensuring animations with transparent outlines - Cleaning up errors in animation movement caused by interpolation

    • 17. Exercise: Understanding Animation - Animating a simple bouncing ball with particles - Understand creating slight movements by sub-pixeling - Adjusting character movements

  • SECTION 05
    Making It Rain with Pixel Emojis
    • 18. Setting up for Commissions- Creating a commission sheet - Pricing commissions

    • 19. Trending Pixel Emoji Animations- Tips to make appealing animations - Growing your pixel art career

    • 20. Good Luck and Goodbye- Personal tips on routine & efficient practicing method - Goodbye and good luck

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