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Creating Cute Pixel Characters and Animation

Pixel Artist, Arkneru

Class Details

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Class Intro
Pixel Artist, Arkneru

“I will teach beginner pixel artists
how to draw their favorite characters
and shape their own unique voices, styles,
and compositions, step by step.”

Pixel art may seem easy,
but because it’s drawn on a smaller canvas
than a conventional illustration,
it’s hard to draw without knowing the basics.

If you're not sure what details to express
and what to avoid, then this is
where you should to start.

Coloso Arkneru

I’ll teach you the basic settings of each tool
to enable you to draw great pixel art
and create simple animations
with any tool.

Create unique, vibrant pixel art
with drawing tips from Arkneru,
whose adorable, kitsch pixel art
has captured the hearts of people
all around the world.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 21 videos
(Duration: 07h 34m)
Difficulty: Basic Level
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

PaintTool SAI2 English Version (2021. 10.)

*Compatible Software
- Procreate
- Clip Studio
- Pixel Studio

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Class materials
Class exercise files

Expert Pixel Artist
Arkneru's Profile and Portfolio

Who Should
Take This Class?

Much like dot painting, pixel art makes it easy to express
still images when characters are not in motion,
but difficult to express
dynamic motions and images.

In this class, we'll go beyond
just making pixel art characters,
and make characters with changing expressions,
blinking animations using particles,
and loop animations
where characters strike different poses
then return to normal
to help breathe more life
into your pixel characters.

Dive in and learn about
Pixel Artist Arkneru’s tips
on creating adorable character animations.

Background Images

9 Exercises

Part 1. Introduction to Creating Your Own Pixel Character

Part 2. Creating Pixel Character Styles

Part 3. Developing Practical Pixel Character Designs

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Pixel Artist

I’m Arkneru, a freelance pixel artist
that loves making cute pixel art.

In the early days,
pixel art was developed to minimize the size of games
due to the limitations of computer graphic technology.

But now, with the development of technology,
these restrictions on colors and sizes
for pixel art have disappeared.

Now, pixel art is not only used for games
but also for illustrations.

I hope this class will spark more interest in this art form
and inspire people
to create and explore the world of pixel art.

Background Images
Coloso Arkneru
Pixel Artist,

Freelance artist

Projects & Awards


Class Highlights

An Introduction to Pixel Art
for Any Tool

Whether it be SAI, Photoshop, Clip Studio, or Procreate, you can jump right into pixel art with the tool of your choosing! I’ll teach you the basics, from setting up your tools to determining pixel size and adding shading.

Coloso Arkneru Introduction

Create Pixel Art That Varies
Depending on Size

Learn how a character's size affects their expressions and which size best matches your intent. Take your first steps into the unique world of pixel art, starting from a limited color palette.

Coloso Arkneru Introduction

Create Vibrant Pixel Art with
Simple Animations

Create simple movements like blinking eyes, repeating animations, glittering particle animations, and loop animations to create more vibrant artwork.

Coloso Arkneru Introduction

Class Details
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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Let’s Make Pixel Art!

01. Pixel Art: Where to Begin?

  1. Useful tips before getting started
  2. How to set up the pixel brush in Photoshop and Clip Studio, and an overview of mobile pixel art apps
  3. Setting up the canvas and resolution + things to avoid when making pixel art

02. Fundamental Pixel Art Skills

  1. Fundamental pixel art skills: Anti-aliasing, finding the shape, and shading
SECTION 02. Creating My Own Pixel Character

03. Practicing Character Stylization

  1. Practicing stylization that varies according to the resolution in sizes 32, 64, and 96

04. Creating Character Variations

  1. Applying various poses and facial expressions to your character

05. Finding Your Pixel Art Size

  1. Expressing an idea regardless of character size
  2. Searching for the best personal pixel size
SECTION 03. Let’s Create Pixel Character Styles

06. Using Colors and the Palette

  1. Extracting colors from the created pixel art to make a palette
  2. Using your palette to adjust colors
  3. How to easily change the colors

07. Creating Pixel Art with Limited Colors

  1. Drawing with a limited color palette like retro game graphics

08. Finding the Right Colors for Your Style

  1. How to create and use a color palette that changes according to a specific concept or style

09. Finding a Pixel Art Style

  1. Find the best pixel art style for you by considering various factors like the use of outlines, color, shape, and direction.

10. Designing a Character with Pixels

  1. Things to be aware of when designing a pixel character
  2. How pixel character designs differ from illustrated character designs

11. How to Draw with Pixels

  1. The difference between a 2D illustration and a pixel illustration
  2. The unique benefits and composition methods of a pixel illustration
SECTION 04. Creating Practical Pixel Character Designs

12. Practical Step 1: Determining the Concept

  1. Determining your pixel art concept
  2. Determining the approximate color palette and composition for your concept

13. Practical Step 2: Sketching

  1. Sketch your predetermined composition to determine the outlines
  2. Adjusting colors

14. Practical Step 3: Finishing

  1. Finishing with the appropriate character expression

15. Practical Bonus: Improving Quality

  1. Including elements like particles, backgrounds, props, and layouts to improve the character quality

16. Creating a Template Where You Can Combine Styles

  1. Creating a character template
  2. Creating the face, hair, and costumes based on a template, just like a dress-up game

17. Making an Idle Animation

  1. Making an Idle animation for the character you created

    * Using the Steam version of Aseprite

18. Making an Animation with Changes in Facial Expressions

  1. Making an animation where the character’s facial expressions change

    * Using the Steam version of Aseprite

19. Making Idle Animations +

  1. Loop animation with a slight pose change that resets back to original pose

    * Using the Steam version of Aseprite
SECTION 05. Improving the Animation Quality

20. Animating - Particles

  1. Making a wide variety of particle animations such as hearts, stars, music notes, and flowers

    * Using the Steam version of Aseprite

21. Animating - Advanced

  1. How to insert loop animation into pixel art
  2. Wrapping up the class

    * Using the Steam version of Aseprite

Interview with
Pixel Artist Arkneru

Background Images
Why should I take this class?

Most pixel artists study pixel art independently, but because pixel art doesn’t have as many big communities and learning institutes as other art forms, many learners don’t even know where to begin. This is a class that anyone can take as long as they’re ready to learn. Take the first step and get started drawing your favorite characters and finding your own unique pixel art style.

Which part do you think will be the most challenging for prospective students?

If you haven’t done pixel art before, you may not know where to begin because the artboard is so much smaller than what you’re used to in illustration. This class contains a step-by-step curriculum starting from the basics of pixel art, so I’m confident you won't have many issues getting started.

What is the aim of this class?

My goal is to help students learn how to create pixel art in their own unique styles and apply their skills to not just game graphics but also a wide number of fields, such a illustration and merchandise design. I hope more people will be able to learn about the appeal of pixel art and how to draw it so they can freely create their own pixel art.

Required Programs

This class will use the English version of PaintTool SAI2 (2021. 10.) and the English version of Aseprite on Steam.
Please purchase and install these programs for the best lecture experience.

*Procreate, Clip Studio, and Pixel Studio are also available for use in this class.
*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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