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Class Intro
Pastry Chef, Sejung Kim

Are you going through a lot of trial and error?
Or does your scone always
come out dry and only taste like flour
every time you bake them?
If so, this is the class that you are looking for!

Coloso Sejung Kim Bake the Best Scone with Sejung's Golden Recipe

Scones are desserts that even beginners
can easily challenge. But it's difficult
to make the perfect one with a rich flavor.
In this baking class, you'll be able to
learn basic baking principles,
combinations, and processes that
you can apply numerous times
based on your preferences,
as well as techniques for shaping
and decorating baked goods.

Learn four types of scone doughs,
five types of spread & filling,
and 12 best-selling scone recipes
from Pastry Chef Sejung, who has
written a success story with "Spread,"
a dessert shop specializing in scones.

If you want to know what makes
"Spread's" scones unique,
join Sejung in this adventure to make
the perfect spread, filling,
and scones with rich flavor.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 12 videos
(Duration 4h 53m) Difficulty:Intermediate

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Create 12 different types of desserts
12 recipe cards provided separately

12 Class Exercises


Sejung Kim
Pastry Chef

Hello, I'm Sejung Kim,
Pastry Chef of Spread.

For a long time, I enjoyed baking
as a hobby, and after earning
a national certificate, I gained experience
working at various dessert shops
before enrolling in the master class
at Ecole Lenotre to learn more about baking.

After graduation, I wanted to study
more about plating desserts,
so I worked in the dessert department.
Based on fond memories
of baking scones or cookies
for chef friends, I opened a small
dessert shop called "Spread."

In this class, you'll be able to
learn the principles of baking and
carefully selected recipes from "Spread."
These guidelines will help you
apply the recipes in various
combinations to discover your
very own scone recipe at the end.

background images
Coloso Sejung Kim
Pastry Chef,
Sejung Kim

Owner & Pastry Chef of Spread

Projects & Awards

Completed patisserie course at Ecole Lenotre
Featured in Super-coper


Class Highlights

Learn about the Best Scone Shop “Spread’s” 12 Signature Scones Recipes!

Check out the actual recipes for popular scones. From basic scones, which are the basis of all scones, to apple cinnamon and wasabi scones, which are popular all year round. Learn all the details and enjoy them everywhere, anytime.

Coloso Sejung Kim Introduction

Learn Everything about
Scones by Understanding the Principles Optimized for Flavor and Texture

Scone is easy to make compared to other desserts, but it's difficult to meet the requirements for butter temperature, flour type, and shaping method! Learn step by step how to make scones that never fail by using baking principles that determine the taste and texture of scones based on very small differences.

Coloso Sejung Kim Introduction

Learn to Make 5 Types of Delicious Spread & Filling to Bake Your Own Perfect Scone

Learn all about the basic combination of 5 types of representative spread & filling including jam, ganache, caramel, and frosting, that bring out the flavor of the scone, which can also be used to make cookies or pound cakes. You can also learn about the stabilization method, eye-catching decoration methods, and tips on how to create a harmonious taste.

Coloso Sejung Kim Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn


In-depth Look

Section 01. The Fundamentals of Making a Basic Scone Dough

01. Basic Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. The texture of basic scones varies depending on the method of preparation and the ingredients used.
  3. 1. Basic scone 1: Scone dough that is made as it is made in "Spread"
    2. Understanding the variation of texture with different types of flour and butter
    3. How to make a delicious and aesthetically pleasing scone

02. Jam Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Jam scones with the basic scone as the base and raspberry jam on top
  3. 1. Basic Scone 2: Simple and easy to make scone dough
    2. Spread & filling 1: Raspberry jam
    3. How to keep the jam on a scone from running down
Section 02. Perfect with Black Coffee: Sweet and Tangy Scones

03. Lemon Pistachio Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is a scone made with fresh lemon and savory pistachio, perfect for the hot summer season
  3. 1. Spread & filling 2: Lemon filling
    2. How to create a flavorful combination of fresh lemon and savory pistachio
    3. How to make a perfect lemon curd

04. Apple Cinnamon Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This scone is best served with black coffee because of its rich cinnamon and apple flavor.
  3. 1. How to make a scone with whole wheat and cinnamon
    2. How to make a crunchy crust on a fluffy and moist scone

05. Black Forest Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is a scone that uses a square mold and cacao scone as the base. You can feel the contrast of flavors from the layers of cherry jam, creamy cream cheese, and crunchy crumble
  3. 1. How to make cacao crumble that can be used in a variety of ways
    2. How to make a scone using a mousse mold
Section 03. Loved by All: Sweet and Salty Scones

06. Maple Bacon Gouda Cheese Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. A unique combination of sweet maple syrup, salty bacon, and gouda cheese. This is your typical sweet and salty scone.
  3. 1. How to blend each ingredient while keeping the flavor
    2. How to decorate with maple glaze
    3. How to use bacon the right way

07. Squid Ink Camembert Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is a contrasting-colored scone where you can enjoy the white camembert that pours out when you split it, mixed with savory squid ink
  3. 1. How to make a scone using squid ink
    2. How to fill your scone with the filling

08. Onion Soup Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. The soup's thick flavor is embodied in this scone, allowing you to enjoy sweetness and saltiness at the same time.
  3. 1. How to caramelize onions
    2. How to blend caramelized onions into the dough without lumps.

09. Wasabi Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is a scone made with sweet yogurt and tangy sour cream topped off with a hint of wasabi.
  3. 1. Spread & filling 3: How to make wasabi ganache
    2. How to use ingredients with a strong color
Section 04. Everyone's favorite: Nutty Scones

10. Hazelnut Cacao Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is a scone with savory hazelnuts, the rich flavor of hazelnut praline, and the bitterness of dark chocolate.
  3. 1. Spread & filling 4: Dark chocolate caramel
    2. How to make chocolate caramel
    3. How to decorate your scone to make it look extra delicious

11. P.B.J Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Anyone will love this scone made with nutty peanut butter and tangy raspberry jam.
  3. 1. Spread & filling 1: Raspberry jam (*Chapter 2)
    2. How to make a scone dough with peanut butter

12. Whole Wheat Fig Cream Cheese Scone

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. This is an organic whole wheat scone baked with chunky figs and topped with cream cheese and roasted pecans.
  3. 1. Spread & filling 5: cream cheese frosting
    2. Find out the proportion of whole wheat to regular flour that makes the scone less dry and more flavorful

with Pastry Chef Sejung Kim

Background images
What are the pros of scones?

Scone is a light dessert that goes well with other desserts and can be enjoyed in various ways depending on the base dough or different spreads and fillings. It's easy to make at home and if you own a shop, you should also try serving it with drinks like black coffee.

What are your strengths as
the Pastry Chef of Spread?

Since I was also a home baker myself, I'm well aware of the concerns of Pastry Chefs. Such as why the texture is different for each scone, how to bake it in different ovens to make it have a uniform taste, etc. In this class, you'll be able to get a suitable solution for these problems, as well as various dessert shop experiences, and the tips I gained from running a dessert shop specializing in scones.

What are the key points
of this class?

Baking a scone is simple, but with so many recipes available, it can be difficult to find a good one. To help solve this problem, I've created recipes for various flavors of scones, such as basic scones, savory scones, fruity scones, and nutty scones. This curriculum is organized to teach you how to master the whole process of baking delicious scones.

Who would you
recommend this class to?

I would recommend this class to home bakers, people who have always wondered how to reduce trial and error, and cafe owners who would like to develop their signature menus. I hope these people will be able to learn all the secrets behind crunchy and fluffy scones by taking this class!


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