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Class Intro
Pastry Chef, Ranlee Kim

Were you ever hesitant to learn
about delicious cakes because
of whipped cream?

Ranlee Kim, the owner-chef of Chamjota,
reveals various know-hows and
popular recipes for a more efficient and
systematic lesson on whipped cream cakes.

Coloso Ranlee Kim Easy to Learn Designs for Beautifully Detailed Cakes

Learn up to 8 different design skills!
From Genoise, used at "Chamjota"
to icing and piping techniques,
including the know-hows of
cream formulation and mixing color.
Understand all about whipped cream
cakes with the original, signature
recipes from "Chamjota," a famous
baking studio that holds fully-booked
Early Bird classes every season.

Join me in this journey about
whipped cream cake designs where the
contents will come in handy every year.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 10 videos
(Duration 4h 11m)
Difficulty: Intermediate

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3

Create 11 Different Kinds of Desserts
10 Recipe Cards Provided Separately

11 Class Exercises

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Ranlee Kim
Pastry Chef

Hello, I'm Pastry Chef Ranlee Kim
with 18 years of experience.

I have gained practical experience
in the field by working in the
cake designing department of
Paris Baguette from Samlip & Shany group
for 10 years since 2007.

After leaving the group, I've been
working at Chamjota,
offering a variety of baking classes.
I tried to break the prejudice
that cakes are always just sweet,
focusing on making cakes
that people of all ages enjoy, providing
a pleasurable experience
to both the mouth and the eyes.

In this class, we will learn about the
basics of heavy cream and
overcome the fear of using
whipped cream, and then
explore various cake designing skills
based on that knowledge.

Background Image
Coloso Ranlee Kim
Pastry Chef,
Ranlee Kim

Owner & Pastry Chef of Chamjota Baking Class

Projects & Awards

Cakes and Desserts Division at Distributor of SPC Paris Baguette('07-'17)
Migo Bakery Patisserie('04-'07)

Completed Nakamura Academy's Confectionery Course('17-'18)
Trained at Tokyo Confectionery School('14-'19)


Class Highlights

Whipped Cream Cakes
For Any Special Occasion!

Create a whipped cream cake with a simple design and a clear theme! I've included the recipe for the best-selling cake and know-hows that you can use every year, perfect for any anniversary.

Coloso Ranlee Kim Introduction

Revealing the Secrets to “Chamjota’s” Signature Recipes

In this class, Ranlee reveals all the signature cake recipes of "Chamjota" including the original recipe for Grapefruit Carnation (without the sheet) and Matcha Tree Cake, which more than 2,000 students have been curious about. Learn the secrets behind unique cake designs of "Chamjota," from handling the fruits to controlling the condition of fresh cream!

Coloso Ranlee Kim Introduction

How to Prepare and Apply a Whipped Cream Base That Suits Each Design!

Don't be afraid of whipped creams! Anyone can make it once you understand the density of cream and the skills necessary for whipping. I'll share the tips for mixing and creating different kinds of whipped cream including animal whipped cream. Find the right whipped cream for your design among original cream, purée/chocolate cream, and colored cream!

Coloso Ranlee Kim Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Coloso Cooking Class Details
Laying Out a Solid Groundwork Through Theory
Learning and Sheet Formulations

Genoise is the most basic stage but it's also a stage that people fail often. To help you learn from the basics, Ranlee reveals the sheet recipes used in 'Chamjota' with the theory behind them. In addition to using different weights and formulations depending on the height and shape, learn how to make accurate sheets, how to store sheets, and tips to use them in bakeries.

Coloso Cooking Class Details
Production of a Solid Foundation Whipped Cream Base That Starts with an Understanding of Animal Whipped Cream

If you're one of those people who think handling whipped cream is difficult, this will be an excellent chance to learn all about it. This class includes everything from the basic theory of heavy whipped cream to controlling the consistency, finding good combinations, and accurate icing directions. Let's take a closer step into whipped cream with the class of Pastry Chef Ranlee Kim and learn about every detailed knowledge she has on whipped cream, from the basics to application, all at once.

Coloso Cooking Class Details
Three-Dimensional Icing and Variable
Whipped Cream Decoration Techniques

Once you learn how to create the heart, the half moon, and the 2-tier cake by following this class, you'll master the icing skills you need for three-dimensional cakes in no time! With Chef Kim Ran's 18 years of experience, learn the icing and decoration techniques and a single standard piping tip in an easy way that can alter the entire vibe of the cake.

Coloso Cooking Class Details
Making Various Special Cakes
With Sugar Dough Decoration Tips

Are you only using cream to decorate your cake? I will to introduce you to the sugar paste kneading method, a versatile decor dough that allows you to create your decorations indefinitely! You can use it in various ways to create initial letterings and giant ribbons wrapped around cakes. Learn how to make the sugar dough that suits any cake, and make your cake stand out even more!


In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Laying the Groundwork for an Anniversary Cake without Failure

01. The Genoise Method & How to Apply Sheets

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Let's learn how to mix sheets of various flavors that are on sale, and make sheets of various shapes according to the design of the cake.
  3. 1. Always bake a sheet under the same condition
    2. Genoise in various flavors and formulations: vanilla, matcha, black tea, and for two-tiered cakes
    3. Sheets of various shapes: round, heart-shaped (vanilla sheet)

02. Recipe and Cream Suitable for Whipped Cream Design

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Learn about heavy whipped cream and create various cream bases to be used for each cake.
  3. 1. Make a "Teddy Bear Cake" with a standard whipped cream base
    2. Make a "Heart Dome Cake" with a whipped cream base using fruit purée
    3. Make a "Rainbow Cake" with a pigmented, smudge-proof whipped cream base
    4. Make a "Grapefruit Carnation Cake" with a whipped cream base suitable for citrus
    5. Learn the right cream base for a 2-tier cake
    6. Make a "Matcha Tree Cake" with a chocolate whipped cream base
    7. Cut the sheet and laying down the fruits evenly

03. Piping and Various Decoration Know-Hows for Event Cakes

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Learn basic decoration skills using three types of piping tips and apply decorations using dome cards and teaspoons.
  3. 1. Rose (Petal) Piping for the Tree Cake (#103)
    2. Round Piping for the Animal Cake (#807)
    3. How to use the Dome Card (Teddy Bear Cake)
    4. Ball-scooping technique for the 2-Tier Cake decoration

04. Sugarcraft Decoration

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Learn how to make a dough that can used for decoration, with a simple sugar paste dough.
  3. 1. What is a sugarcraft dough?
    2. Make modeling dough great for cake decorations
    3. Create cute decorations out of alphabet cutters
    4. Create clouds out of a cloud cutter
    5. Create a big ribbon garnish for the Heart Dome Cake
    6. How to make and store decoration sugar dough with good workability
SECTION 02. Event Cakes for Valentine's Day

05. Heart Dome Cake

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Learn how to make a "Heart Dome Cake" for Valentine's Day.
  3. 1. Make icing and frosting using fruit purée
    2. Cut the heart sheet into a dome shape, and ice the cake with fruits
    3. Make a 3-dimensional dome heart using a dome card, and ice the heart cake to a specific thickness
    4. Polish off the cake with a large ribbon made with sugar dough
SECTION 03. Event Cakes for Family Month

06. Animal Cakes

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Recipe Used: Cat Ears
    Learn how to make a "Teddy Bear Cake" aimed at Children's Day in May.
  3. 1. How to ice fruits on a vanilla sheet, and cutting a sheet into a dome shape
    2. Make soft frosting, and utilize dome strips when making frosting
    3. Make animal ears using round piping tip #807
    4. Complete the teddy bear's eyes and ears with smudge-proof cream
    *Recipes used are provided only as class materials, not through chapter demonstrations

07. Grapefruit Carnation

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. It's perfect for expressing gratitude and love on days like Mother's Day and Teacher's Day. Learn how to make the "Grapefruit Carnation", a cake that depicts grapefruit like a flower.
  3. 1. Make a black tea sheet that goes well with grapefruit
    2. Grapefruit handling know-how: peeling off the skin to make it taste and look better
    3. How to arrange the grapefruit into a dome for decoration purposes
    4. Tips on frosting whipped cream with a sour cream base
    5. How to arrange the carefully-handled grapefruit on the cake to finish it off

08. Rainbow Cake

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Recipe Used: Strawberry Tree Cake
    Learn how to make a "Matcha Tree Cake" that's perfect for Christmas.
  3. 1. Cut the matcha sheets with a circular cutter
    2. Ice layer by layer so that the fruits don't lose form
    3. Tree-shaped pattern piping using a lace piping tip (#103)
    4. Decorate with star candles and Christmas cake toppers
    *Recipes used are provided only as learning materials, not through chapter demonstrations

09. 2-Tier Fresh Flower Cake

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. It's an event cake suitable for anniversaries such as weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc, because of its high quality. Learn how to make the 2-Tier Fresh Flower Cake that's perfect for a memorable day.
  3. 1. Cake size(s) and frosting(s) suitable for 2-tier cakes
    2. How to place a 2-tiered cake in a balanced way
    3. How to decorate the cake with ball-scooped (ice cream scoop) cream using a teaspoon
    4. Polish off with decorations using edible flowers
SECTION 04. Event Cakes for the Christmas Season

10. Matcha Tree Cake

  1. [Key Learning Points]
  2. Recipe Used: Strawberry Tree Cake
    Learn how to make a "Matcha Tree Cake" that's perfect for Christmas.
  3. 1. Cut the matcha sheets with a circular cutter
    2. Ice layer by layer so that the fruits don't lose form
    3. Tree-shaped pattern piping using a lace piping tip (#103)
    4. Decorate with star candles and Christmas cake toppers
    *Recipes used are provided only as learning materials, not through chapter demonstrations

with Pastry Chef Ranlee Kim

Background Image
What are some key learning
points of this class?

I wanted to provide hands-on advice on how to make cakes with different themes for various special events. In particular, I made sure to include the details on the ratio of cream used and icing tips in each lecture. I'll guide you through the basics, share the cause of failure during trials and errors, and provide you with a solution. With enough practice, anyone can make a perfect cake alone!

Who would the target audience
be for this class?

I recommend this class to various people in different situations. It would greatly help those people preparing to open a cake shop or had already opened one. I would also recommend it to people curious about various icing skills, who are afraid of making whipped cream cakes, interested in learning about unique cake designs, and home bakers interested in cakes.

What difficulties might the
above target audience face?

Students who have difficulties making a cake could think whipped cream is difficult to use and find cake designs complex. They could also feel curious about various icing skills but are hesitant to try them out. Or they might wonder if handmade cakes will sell well and feel intimidated to explore. If you're one of these people, let me guide you through the fundamentals of baking a cake to overcome your fear of whipped cream and creating various cake decorations of your preference.

How are these difficulties
solved within the class?

I will help you overcome these stages by introducing you to the recipes and skills that would be perfect for everyone. It's a class to help you increase not only the sales; but to help you create simple yet delicious cakes that are pleasant to the eyes. The class curriculum is structured so students can learn the basics and apply them in various ways. It's a lecture designed to teach you everything about whipped cream cakes, down to the details. If you follow it as it is, you'll be able to make a cake with the best quality in no time.


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