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Class Intro
Pastry Chef, J'adore

Bake pretty desserts as a gift for someone special,
and give yourself some good time with baking!

Coloso J'adore Perfect Desserts for At-Home Bakers

In this class, you'll be able to learn to bake
desserts at home the easy way.
You can be a beginner and don't have to be
experienced in baking to start.
All you need are just ordinary ingredients
and tools available in everyday life.

I invite you to an unforgettable baking time
that will make your everyday special.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length:12 videos
(Duration 8h 7m)
Difficulty: Basic

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Create 10 different kinds of desserts
10 recipe cards provided seperately

10 Class Exercises

J'dore Class Exercises
Corn Cheese Financier
J'dore Class Exercises
Hazelnut Coffee Madeleine
J'dore Class Exercises
Chewy Butter Bar
J'dore Class Exercises
Salty Caramel Macadamia Cookies
J'dore Class Exercises
Black Sesame Cube Pound
J'dore Class Exercises
Matcha Milk Cupcake
J'dore Class Exercises
Tiramisu Tart
J'dore Class Exercises
Pistachio Berry Dacquoise Cake
J'dore Class Exercises
Soufflé Cheese Roll Cake
J'dore Class Exercises
Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake

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Pastry Chef

Hello, I'm J'adore, a pastry chef and dessert creator of
the YouTube channel "J'adore," with 450,000 subscribers.

In the past, I was just an ordinary office worker
and even when I first started baking as a hobby,
I had no idea that baking would
eventually, change my life.

A few years ago, while working,
I decided to complete a full-scale
confectionery school,
and that's when I fell in love with baking. It seemed like
I finally found a job that suited my aptitude for the first time.
On vacation, I went to Paris for a short-term training session.
After that, I wondered what I could do with the baking techniques
I acquired and decided to start my own YouTube channel.

Now I'm committed to only sharing baking processes
and recipes of delicious desserts with aspiring bakers!
And I'd like to invite all at home bakers
to an unforgettable baking class
that will make your everyday special.

background images
Coloso J'adore
Pastry Chef,

Running YouTube channel J'adore (affiliated to Sandbox Network)

Projects & Awards

école Bellouet Conseil, France (2018)
Completed Confectionary Course (Beginner)
from Nakamura Academy, Japan (2017)
Yonsei University Economics Graduated

Air Fryer Home Baking (2019)

Lecture at SMEG Korea (2019)
Lecturer at Starfield Goyang Academy (2019)
Lecturer at Shinsegae Department Store Cultural Center (2018~19)
Lecturer at Hyundai Department Store Cultural Center (2018)


Class Highlights

All You Need Is a Mini Oven
and a Regular Spatula

As a beginner home baker, I was overwhelmed with choosing the right tools. To help those who feel the same, I will introduce you to all the tools and equipment you need so you can choose the one that suits you in this class. I'll even give tips and know-how on choosing a good tool at a reasonable price. I have tested them before sharing them with you so, you can follow along with just a mini-oven and a regular spatula without any difficulty at home.

Coloso J'adore Introduction

Easily Obtainable, Familiar, & Inexpensive Ingredients!

Something I considered the most when preparing for this class was the versatility of the ingredients. When creating the recipes, I excluded unfamiliar ingredients that are difficult to obtain as much as possible. In this class, you can easily purchase most of the ingredients in the recipes and create delicious desserts with them!

Coloso J'adore Introduction

Popular Desserts
That Anyone Can Easily Make

Learn baked goods such as Madeleine, Financier, and Pound cake that anyone can easily follow even if you have never tried baking. I organized the curriculum in an easy and detailed manner, starting with basic baking skills so that you don't face difficulties obtaining ingredients or learning complicated techniques.

Coloso J'adore Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn


In-Depth Look

Chapter 01. Introduction to Basic Materials and Tools for Beginners

01. Introduction to Ingredients

  1. In addition to butter, sugar, eggs, and flour, the common ingredients of confectionery, we will also learn about the main ingredients used in this class.

02. Introduction to Tools

  1. In this class, I will introduce the oven and tools used and give tips on choosing inexpensive tools.
Chapter 02. Basic Recipes: 6 Very Easy Desserts That Anyone Can Follow Right Away

03. Corn Cheese Financier

  1. A financier where the savory taste of cheese and the subtle sweetness of corn blend harmoniously.
  2. For 12 servings.
  3. We will summarize the key points you should not miss to properly bake 12 pieces of financier, and learn about precautions and pretreatment methods when adding minor ingredients to baked confectionery dough.
  4. Even with the same recipe, the results vary depending on the process and cooking method. Understand that and learn how to transform it into the texture and flavor you want.

04. Hazelnut Coffee Madeleine

  1. A soft and moist madeleine made from hazelnut and coffee, which is one of the most compatible ingredients in desserts.
  2. For 12 servings.
  3. Learn more about how to make homemade praline using nuts that are used throughout 12 confectionery products and how to use glaze on the surface of madeleine to add flavor.

05. Chewy Butter Bar

  1. Let's make a butter bar, an authentic American dessert that has become popular these days, with simple ingredients that everyone has at home and easy process.
  2. Square Mousse Ring No. 2 (16.5*16.5 cm) for 1 serving.
  3. Learn how to maximize the flavor of butter and sweetness of sugar, and how to make a dough with a chewy texture.

06. Salty Caramel Macadamia Cookies

  1. These cookies are a French reinterpretation of American cookies that have been popular in Paris recently.
  2. For 6 servings.
  3. 6 pieces of unsweetened and moist cookie dough are topped with homemade caramel, macadamia, and caramel-flavored chocolate.
  4. Once you know how to make a flavorful caramel sauce that can be used for various purposes by adjusting the concentration, and how to make a strong flavor caramel sauce You will also learn how to caramelize nuts.

07. Black Sesame Cube Pound

  1. Black Sesame Cube Pound is a pound cake with a flavor full of the aroma of black sesame and a texture that melts in your mouth.
  2. For 6 servings.
  3. Learn how to make a soft texture pound cake with flour batter method and make a beautiful glaze.
  4. How to make black sesame paste that can be freely applied to the nuts you want, and how to make black sesame chocolate glaçage and sesame decorations.

08. Matcha Milk Cupcake

  1. A moist cupcake that combines the aroma of matcha, the subtle bitterness, and the sweetness of the milk.
  2. For 6 servings
  3. Learn about the light and moist kneading method, which is the basis of all cupcake variations, and how to apply it in different flavors.
  4. Learn to create moist vanilla milk cream that flows like sauce and matcha cream with a refreshing taste that keeps the greasiness and dryness away.
Chapter 03. Applied Recipes: 4 Types of Cakes & Tarts Made with Your Favorite Ingredients Such as Fruits, Coffee, Chocolate, Etc.

09. Tiramisu Tart

  1. This is a recipe that transforms traditional tiramisu into a tart form. The crispy tart and the moisture of tiramisu are combined to make it even more delicious.
  2. 1 tall tart mold size 2 (16.5 cm in diameter)
  3. Learn how to make a crispy tart shell for 1 serving & how to keep it crispy for a long time.
  4. Make a light biscuit, soak it with rich coffee syrup, and finish by adding a fragrant, rich cream with Anglaise cream and mascarpone cheese.

10. Pistachio Berry Dacquoise Cake

  1. This is a cake that combines the aroma of pistachios and the sweet and sour taste of seasonal berries with soft dacquoise.
  2. It is a recipe that is simpler and prettier than an ordinary cake.
  3. Round mousse ring No. 2 (diameter 18 cm) for 1 piece
  4. You will learn how to pipe with rich mousseline cream and decorate with fruit. I will also give you tips on how to apply each component made in this product to other products.

11. Souffle Cheese Roll Cake

  1. This cream cheese roll cake is a popular cream cheese roll cake that is similar to the popular convenience store mochi roll but has a much more luxurious texture, taste, and design.
  2. 1/2 bread pan (39*29*4.5cm) for 1 serving
  3. How to make a chewy and soft souffle roll cake sheet easier than the traditional souffle method, and beautifully roll with a refreshing and subtle cheese cream

12. Earl Gray Strawberry Shortcake

  1. A cake that combines the flavor and aroma of Earl Grey flavor cake sheet with Earl Grey chocolate cream, and fresh strawberries.
  2. No. 1 cake (15 cm in diameter) for 1 serving
  3. You will learn the Genoise technique of making a fluffy and soft cake, icing fresh cream cake, and how to decorate the top of the cake as if it flows naturally.

with Pastry Chef, J'adore

background images
Why are J'adore's recipes loved
by home bakers?

Many home bakers call me by the nickname 'J'adore never lets you down, and I think of it as a great honor and gratitude. Unlike a few years ago when I started baking, there are a lot of baking videos these days. Nevertheless, I think people still enjoy watching my videos because of my kind and detailed explanations. Fans who love my recipes commonly say; that there is no failure in J'adore's recipe. In this class, I have also explained the recipes kindly, including as much detail as possible. So I hope you can enjoy baking through this class.

What were the processes and difficulties you faced while learning baking, and how did you develop your current skills?

I wasn't a person with an innate talent for baking. I've ruined macaroons 10 times in a row, so I've thrown all of them away, and I've made bumpy, bubbly cakes countless times because I wasn't good at using fresh cream icing. However, after repeating these failures, I learned that, after all, the answer was steady effort. So until now, even if I make one product, I don't follow the given recipe as it is. Instead, I do a lot of testing to find out the role each ingredient and how the difference in the number, or measurements, will connect to the taste. I believe that this constant effort to find my answers and recipes has helped me improve my skills.

What led you to participate
in this lecture?

On YouTube, I have to show fun videos in a short time, so I always longed to create a long class to help beginners understand all the details when baking with me. Therefore, in this Coloso class, I created a curriculum that makes baking easy and fun for those who have previously made desserts through the channel of J'adore and those who are making desserts for the first time by providing more detailed explanations not shown on YouTube of each process.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

I recommend this class to those wanting to make beautiful desserts while efficiently reducing the cost burden. I prepared the recipes so you can learn about the most basic and popular baked goods items like Madeleine, Financier, Cupcakes, Tarts, and Shortcakes. All the products you learned in the class have a taste and completeness that you can even sell at a dessert shop. So, I highly recommend it to hobby bakers, at-home bakers, and pastry chefs who own their dessert shops.

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