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Create Realistic Textures & Lighting with OctaneRender

Motion Graphic Designer, Jaeyeoun Lee

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Class Intro
Motion Graphic Designer, Jaeyeoun Lee

Are you having a hard time creating
realistic textures & lighting to express
objects and space in various concepts?

Master the fundamentals of expressing
lighting and texture, including the basic texturing skills
with base options and node structures, three-point lighting
to add depth to objects, and make detailed and extensive
lighting environments, to create your own marvelous artwork!


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Length: 25 videos
(Duration 16h 33m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Cinema4D R23
AfterEffects CC

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C4D Files
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Expert Motion Graphics Designer
Jaeyeoun Lee's Profile & Portfolio


Jaeyeoun Lee
Motion Graphic Designer

Hello, I am a 3D motion graphic designer, Jaeyeon Lee.
I made advertisements for Naver, Samseong, Kakao, KB,
and other major companies, the new media art that was
displayed at Incheon Airport, COEX, CENTERFIELD,
a music video for 'Far East Movement,' and
participated in other various projects.

Many beginners and professional artists using
C4D in their motion graphic artwork lacks practical
experience and understanding of texturing and
lighting, which prevents them from expressing
proper light and texture in their art.

I organized the curriculum of this class with
lighting and texturing theories, practical
Octane techniques, various rendering
methods to help you improve your
ability to freely express your
visions in any situation.

As you slowly proceed through this class,
you will be able to build a foundation and
grow as a motion graphic designer who
possesses the solid fundamentals to
express light and texture in your artwork.

Background images
Motion Graphics Designer Jaeyeoun Lee
Motion Graphics Designer, Jaeyeoun Lee

Freelance Motion Graphics Designer
C4D Korean User Group Moderator

Projects & Awards

GIANTSTEP Art Team 3D Designer

[Notable Works]
NAVER - Naver Connect 2021 XR
NAVER - My Competency Longboard ED
Shenzhen, China - Media Wall Video
CENTERFIELD - Media Wall Video
Hyundai Motor Company - IONIQ
Hyundai Motor Company - STARIA SNS Video
Toss - Credit Score Management Service
Toss <Step Counter> Video
Far East Movement - Instagram MV
Incheon Airport - T1 Media Tower
CGV - Kumho Tires Emergency Exit Video
KIA - K3
KT - 5G
SAMSUNG - Galaxy Note 20 COEX New Media
SAMSUNG - Galaxy S20 FE

[Personal Projects]
Graebar_Study Work (1)
Graebar_Study Work (2)
Energy Crystal_Study Work
Digital Tunnel_Study Work
Retrospect_Study Work
Birth of venus_Study Work
Extreme ATV_Study Work

Maru International - Interview


5 Themes & 53 Different
Texturing & Lighting
Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

OctaneRender Instructions

From the software and hardware properties to the various features and precautions, learn everything you need to use OctaneRender in the field.

Jaeyeoun Lee Class Highlights

3D Principles and Texturing
& Lighting Techniques

We'll learn what options we need to better understand materials, how to make textures with nodes, and various texture mapping methods. We'll also study lighting theories, the types of lights, and how to use them to get a better understanding of lighting.

Jaeyeoun Lee Class Highlights

Experience Various Artworks Based on the Situation and Concept

With the understanding of rendering properties, texturing, and lighting, we'll make multiple artworks with different situations, goals, and concepts. Experience explosive growth in making artwork by practicing repetitively in your own way.

Jaeyeoun Lee Class Highlights

Class Details
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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Class Introduction

  1. Curriculum Overview
  2. Instructor's Career: Job Preparation and Growth
SECTION 02. Getting Used To OctaneRender

02. Introduction to OctaneRender

  1. What is Rendering?
  2. OctaneRender

03. Octane Render Basic Options

  1. Live Viewer
  2. Kemal Setting
SECTION 03. Texturing

04. Octane Material 1: Properties to Understand Materials

  1. Diffuse Material
  2. Glossy Material
  3. Specular Material
  4. Mix Material

05. Octane Material 2: Utilizing Nodes and Mapping

  1. How To Use Octane Node Editor
  2. Understanding Octane Nodes
  3. Making Textures with Octane Nodes
  4. Studying and Using Various Texture Mapping Methods
SECTION 04. Lighting

06. Octane Light 1: Lighting Theory & Case Study

  1. Lighting Theory
  2. Lighting Case Study through Analyzing References

07. Octane Light 2: Different Types and Usage of Lights

  1. HDRI Environment / Texture Environment
  2. Octane Daylight
  3. Octane Area light
  4. Octane Targeted Area light
  5. Octane IES Light
  6. Octane Spot Light
  7. Emission texture Light
SECTION 05. Features & Options in Various OctaneRender

08. Camera & Tags

  1. Camera Imager: Adjust the Overall Image before Rendering
  2. Post Processing: Creating a Bright Glare Effect
  3. Effects and Usages of Octane Tags
  4. Motion Blur
  5. Visibility
  6. Object Layer
  7. Subdivision Group
  8. Hair

09. Render Setting

  1. Render Basics
  2. Understanding Multi-Pass
  3. Using Render Region / Network Render to Optimize Render Time
SECTION 06. Hands-On Exercise Theme 1: Basic Artwork

10. Basic Artwork 1

  1. Making Textures with Base Materials

11. Basic Artwork 2

  1. Making a Metallic Texture with a Glossy Material

12. Basic Artwork 3

  1. Making Emissive Materials with an Emissive Material

13. Basic Artwork 4

  1. Making Various Glass Materials with Specular Materials

14. Basic Artwork 5

  1. Making Various Stylized Materials 1

15. Basic Artwork 6

  1. Making Various Stylized Materials 2
SECTION 07. Hands-On Exercise Theme 2: Logo Artwork

16. Logo Artwork

  1. Exercise Review
  2. Using the Concept of Three-Point Lighting to Set the Lighting
  3. Finishing Off with Post-Production
SECTION 08. Hands-On Exercise Theme 3: Office Artwork

17. Office Artwork - Brush 1

  1. Exercise Review
  2. Lighting Setup

18. Office Artwork - Brush 2

  1. Applying Textures
  2. Finishing Off with Post-Production

19. Office Artwork - Main 1

  1. Analyzing References
  2. Lighting Setup

20. Office Artwork - Main 2

  1. Texturing
  2. Finishing Off with Post-Production
SECTION 09. Hands-On Exercise Theme 4: Empty Space

21. Empty Space 1

  1. Analyzing References
  2. Lighting Setup

22. Empty Space 2

  1. Texturing
  2. Finishing Off with Post-Production
SECTION 10. Hands-On Exercise Theme 5: Coloso Gas Station

23. Coloso Gas Station 1

  1. Analyzing References
  2. Texturing
  3. Lighting Setup

24. Coloso Gas Station 2

  1. Volume Light
  2. Finishing Off with Post-Production

25. Wrapping Up

  1. How to Effectively Review What You Learned
  2. Website Recommendations for Self Study & Personal Projects

Interview with
Motion Graphic Designer
Jaeyeoun Lee

Background images
What makes your class different
from other classes?

I prepared exercises in various styles to teach various practical texturing and lighting techniques. As we go through the exercises, you'll contemplate what to consider as we plan concepts, and how we implement those concepts to make the look we visioned, which is another distinct characteristic of this class.

Why do some people find it difficult
to do texturing and lighting?

It is likely that a person who doesn't have a good understanding of the Add, Multiply, and Gradient nodes, will find texturing and lighting difficult. As it is crucial to understand how they operate and learn to use them freely, we will study them together repeatedly throughout the class.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

I would recommend it to people who just started learning OctaneRender, artists who want to study again from the beginning to learn the correct theories, and anyone who wants to use texturing and lighting to create looks for various concepts. Through this class, I'll help you build a solid foundation to use various texturing and lighting setups in different environments and concepts.

Required Programs

This course will use Cinema4D R23, OctaneRender, After Effects CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*You may use other versions of OctaneRender and After Effects CC.
*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Cinema4D OctaneRender After Effects CC

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