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“Master the 2D VFX artwork used
when working on large-scale productions"

It might be hard to believe,
but the high-quality motion graphic work
seen on projects for broadcasters and corporations
is usually made with After Effects.

It might seem difficult and time-consuming,
but did you know there's also
a faster, much easier way to create them?

Learn the 2D VFX motion graphics insights
that will help improve the quality of your work
while reducing work time by using common
plugins and a variety of effect application methods.

Hyunji has worked at GIANTSTEP for the past 7 years
and has collaborated with large corporations
such as Samsung, Hyundai Motors, and LG,
as well as broadcasters such as JTBC and tvN.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 34 videos
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe After Effects CC
Red Giant Complete

※ Free trial plugins are used in this class

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15 Class exercises
Brush sources

Motion Designer
Hyunji Yoon's Profile & Portfolio

15 Class Exercises
With 5 Different Themes

Hyunji Yoon Class exercises

Theme - Water

Theme - Fire

Theme - Air

Theme - Earth

Theme - Universe


Hyunji Yoon
Motion Designer

Hi, this is 2D motion graphic designer Hyunji Yoon.

I am currently working as a visual artist at GIANTSTEP,
collaborating with media companies
for TV commercials, viral advertisements,
music videos, movies, shows, and other projects.

I mainly work on creating key visual artwork
as well as motion graphics, and always aim to make
high-quality artwork quickly and easily.

For this class, I chose to provide students
with insights based on the knowledge
I have accumulated from my days
as a student, up until now and other special tips
that I have learned through R&D.

I hope that throughout this lecture, you will be able
to learn about the infinite possibilities of After Effects
in a way that's both fun and efficient.

Background images
Coloso Hyunji Yoon
Motion Designer,
Hyunji Yoon

GIANTSTEP Visual Artist

Projects & Awards

[TV Shows]
JTBC’s "My Wife is Having an Affair This Week" - Title Sequence & Social Media Content Production
tvN’s "A Wife That I Know" - Title Sequence Production

[Music Video & Entertainment]
Lee Seung-hwan - God of Money
T1 - Runner
Woo!ah! - Debut Film Teaser

Korean Air in-flight video - 2D Section (UI, Graphic)
Louis Vuitton Pop-up Store - Projection Mapping & Kiosk Production

[Media Wall]
Pyeongchang Winter Olympic's "Peaceful Land, Baekdudaegan Mountain Range"
Opening Ceremony - Projection Mapping Pyeongchang Winter Olympic's Medal Award Ceremony - Projection Mapping
Galaxy S10 5G - Outdoor Advertisement

+ Client projects, including TV commercials and other projects


Class Highlights

From the Basics of AE
to Free and Paid Plugins

If you understand the principles of effects, one effect can take many different shapes. Based on your understanding, you can take full advantage of this tool. From how to use effects easily, to the ability to figure out how to match effects with your intended tasks, you can learn it all while creating 15 of your own artworks.

Coloso Hyunji Yoon Introduction

Compositing and Work Process Insights For Creating Appealing Artwork

As a designer, creating "good work" is essential for growth. Learn not only how to apply effects, but also the artistic expression needed for enhancing the quality of your work. Produce work more efficiently by learning the first steps of artwork: planning and conception, and how to nail the details.

Coloso Hyunji Yoon Introduction

Learn How to Produce VFX Sources and Apply Them to 2D/3D

Use After Effects to create various sources with a "cel" feel for more vivid 2D and 3D images. During this class, you'll practice how to make sources for each of the following five themes: water, fire, air, earth, and space, then learn how to use them with different themes and situations.

Coloso Hyunji Yoon Introduction

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In depth-Look

SECTION 01. Basic Understanding of Effects

01. Intro

  1. The reason I'm covering effects
  2. How to learn effects

    * For this class, order doesn’t matter. Choose what you want to learn according to your needs.

02. After Effects Work Settings & Useful Tips

  1. Preferences for work settings
  2. Using default options
  3. Introducing Plug-ins and Scripts
  4. GIF settings (Notes provided)

03. Principles of Effects 1

  1. Learn about Fractal Noise

04. Principles of Effects 2

  1. Learn about Wave Warp (Sine Graph)

05. Principles of Effects 3

  1. Discover the types of effects used for particles
  2. Examine each function

06. Waves 1

  1. Create wave shapes using Shape Layer and Wave Warp
  2. Learn about Mask Path Animation
  3. Tips for adding cel animations

07. Waves 2-1

  1. Create wave shapes using Shape Layer and Particle
  2. Learn how to implement Liquid Animation
  3. Learn which plug-ins are used for Taper Strokes

08. Wave 2-2

  1. Create background waves using Wave Warp
  2. Create screen transition waves using Shape Layer and Script
  3. Learn how to control Paths with Null Layers

09. Backgrounds Within Water

  1. Make a background in water using effects
  2. Add lighting for liveliness

10. Objects in Water 1 (Character)

  1. Express movements in water using Layer Emitter and Difference Matte in Particular
  2. Tips for detail work and using Shape Layer for character movement

11. Objects in Water 2 (Fish)

  1. Making water droplets and a school of fish using Particular
  2. Differences between Particular Light(s), Emitter, and Motion Path

12. Fire 1

  1. Using Wave Warp to make three different kinds of fire

13. Artwork Compositing Using Fire

  1. Learn composition skills using intro scenes from "Blow" (Personal Project)
  2. What you need to synthesize 2D VFX on a video you worked on with 3D
  3. Useful Tips for 3D Layer and Collapse Transformations

    *"Blow" brush sources included

14. Fire 2-1

  1. Use Particular to make fire with a brush-like (textured) feeling

15. Fire 2-2

  1. Use CC Particle World to make fire with a brush-like (textured) feeling

16. Smoke 1-1

  1. Implement different types of smoke with 3 effects
  2. Create smoke with Wave Warp

17. Smoke 1-2

  1. Implement different types of smoke with 3 effects
  2. Create smoke with Particular

18. Smoke 1-3

  1. Implement different types of smoke with 3 effects
  2. Create smoke with Stardust

19. Smoke 2

  1. Implementing smoke to create a sense of speed
  2. Create smoke using Fractal Noise
  3. Creating a sense of speed by synthesizing a 3D image with smoke
  4. 2D VFX compositing tips

20. Shields & Explosions

  1. Create a shield using Fractal Noise
  2. Compositing using effects

21. Desert Road (Path) Artwork: Backgrounds

  1. Create detailed backgrounds using Fractal Noise
  2. Utilize Layer Styles

22. Desert Road (Path) Artwork: Objects

  1. Create a well-trodden path
  2. Create smoke

23. Snowy Road (Path) Artwork: Backgrounds

  1. Create detailed backgrounds using Fractal Noise
  2. Utilize Layer Styles

24. Snowy Road (Path) Artwork: Objects

  1. Create a tree
  2. Create a cloak that blows in the wind
  3. Create footprints

25. Water Road (Path) Artwork: Backgrounds

  1. Create background details using Fractal Noise
  2. Create a water surface using effects

26. Water Road (Path) Artwork: Objects

  1. Create lotus leaves
  2. Create a lotus
  3. Create a ship
  4. Create water surface details

27. Sky Road (Path) Artwork: Backgrounds

  1. Create background details using Fractal Noise
  2. Learn about the types of effects used for gradation

28. Sky Road (Path) Artwork: Objects

  1. Create clouds
  2. Create an airplane
  3. Create smoke

29. Speed Line Zoom: Backgrounds

  1. Create detailed backgrounds using Fractal Noise
  2. Learn the types of particle effects used to create speed lines

30. Speed Line Zoom: Objects

  1. Create a trail using the Z-axis movement of a ball and Particular

31. Shooting Star 1

  1. Create falling stars using Stardust
  2. How to control the time of elements that affect Particles
  3. Learn which effects are used to place stars in a 3D space

32. Shooting Star 2

  1. How to utilize 3D objects using Stardust
  2. Create details for each character
  3. Adding small details to a star
  4. Create a shield
SECTION 07. Summary of Useful Tips

33. Outro 1

  1. Tips for finding references
  2. Efficient workflow organization, folder organization, shot list creation
  3. Things you need to grow as a designer

34. Outro 2

  1. "Blow" 2D VFX workflow
  2. How to frame your overall style and the importance of key visuals

with Motion Designer Hyunji Yoon

Background images
Is There a Specific Reason Why You Chose This Specific Topic/Themes?

In this lecture, you will learn 2D VFX. 2D VFX has the advantage of being compatible with 3D work as well as motion graphics to perform various tasks. I prepared this lecture so that those who want to add more colorful and fun elements to their videos can learn what kind of work processes they need to go through to get the desired output. Furthermore, with this curriculum, I hope that people will better express themselves in their own artwork which will lead them to fall in love with this field.

How Unique Is This Class?

This class allows you to actively use every effect. The reason for using effects is that it saves time and allows you to create quality work. When you study effects-related tutorials, you tend to become bound by the numbers and follow even the smallest of details. To prevent such difficulties from occurring during this lecture, we provide time to understand the principles of effects and use them in various tasks through repeated exercises.

Who Do You Recommend This Class To?

Those who think that their motion graphics video looks dull or of low quality. Those who have a sense of motion to some extent, but have difficulty finishing their work on time or inefficiently. Those who know how to create 3D artwork, but want to enhance it with 2D-like cartoon effects. Those are who I recommend this class to the most. After you master the basics, if you improve on the details using AE, you will be able to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing.

Finally, Do You Have Anything to Add for the Students?

After Effects is a program that allows you to create stunning and limitless artwork beyond your imagination. In this lecture, I plan to provide my own tips that I have learned while studying on my own, as well as insights I have accumulated while working in the VFX field and since my days as a student, so I hope you all look forward to it.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe After Effects CC, Red Giant Complete, and Stardust.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.
*Red Giant Complete is available for purchase at
*Stardust can be purchased at

After Effects  Red Giant Complete

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