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Class Intro
Motion Designer, Yunho Park

"Make one-of-a-kind 2.5D animations
with the basics of After Effects."

Tired of repetitive tool tutorials
and outdated portfolio references?

Add originality to your designs
while getting tips on making
the trendiest 2.5D animations,
using solely After Effects.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(11h 21m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

After Effects CC 2019

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

6 practice exercises
10 sample After Effects project files
15 source files
6 C4D files
+ reference sites

Leading Global Motion Director,
Yunho Parks's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Parkyunho Create One-of-a-Kind 2.5D Motion Graphics with After Effects
Coloso Parkyunho Create One-of-a-Kind 2.5D Motion Graphics with After Effects
Coloso Parkyunho Create One-of-a-Kind 2.5D Motion Graphics with After Effects

Yunho Park
Motion Designer

Hi, I'm 2D Motion Designer Yunho Park.
I'm currently a 2D Designer & Animator
at Branding Agency WITHIN in New York.

I've engaged in multiple projects
with Global Businesses, such as Facebook,
Netflix, CNN, Samsung, and Hyundai.

Working with a unique, original design style,
I've achieved global recognition through awards
like Adobe Design Achievement Awards,
ADC Awards, and more.
My work was also published in "STASH",
the world's largest archive magazine
on motion graphics.

Background images
Coloso Parkyunho
Motion Designer,
Yunho Park

Freelance Motion Designer

Lead 2D Designer / Main Animator at Agency WITHIN LLC

Projects & Awards

Graphis New Talent Annual 2020 / Silver
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019 / Top talent (2)
The Young Ones ADC Awards 2019 / Finalist
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018 / Special Designation

SIBF 2020
Seoul International Book Fair - Online Motion Design Advertisement

American financial technology and services company Acorns - Multi-Platform Campaign Advertisement

Samsung TV & LG Smart TV App Intro Splash Animation Styleframe

BOLT24 Beverage Commercial Typography

Home game Documentary Graphics Frozen 2 Documentary Logo Animation & Graphics

HLN (Spin off Cable Channel of CNN)
HLN Original Crime Documentary Series 'Sex & Murder' Trailer
'Denise Ho: Becoming the Song' Documentary Graphics

Holiday Sale Campaign Video in 2D Animation

Billie Eilish Video Commercial Typography

National Voter Registration Encouragement 2D Animation

Samsung OLA Feature Video Advertisement

[Other Activities & Publishes]
Interview for LA Voyage Magazine
Published in Motion Graphics Magazine
STASH for Work featured in 2019


6 Class Exercises

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 1.
Endlessly Opening Doors

Use time remapping expressions to create loop animations.

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 2.
Rolling Coins

Create natural rotating animations by adding 3D layers and simple expressions.

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 3.
Floating Signboards

Design scenery with shape layers and learn to create depth using perspective.

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 4.
Hand Sharpening a Pencil

Separate & organize layers for animation effects and express subtle color changes with directional lighting.

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 5.
Head Replacement

Create simultaneous animation effects using Character Rigging.

Parkyunho Class exercises
Example 6.
Submerged Glass Boxes

Learn to set up imported Cinema 4D Models in After Effects to create dust, auroras, and illumination.


Class Highlights

Produce 2.5D animation
using only After Effects

No need for 3D tools, PhotoShop, or even Illustrator!
Learn to create 2.5D animations using only the shape layer, basic effects, and the C4D Lite functions built into the tool.

Coloso Parkyunho Introduction

Start creating trendy colors
& expressions through
6 practice exercises

Get insights about managing animation styles through scene composition, such as changing the color of a layer according to directional lighting, 3D layers, perspective and spatiality, and setting your own design direction.

Coloso Parkyunho Introduction

Working files from a top-tier industry leader

Gain access to a variety of 2.5D samples containing insights you can learn from and apply to your own portfolio.

Coloso Parkyunho Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Coloso Media Design Class Details
After Effects: From the Basics to Essential Features

Get a hold of the basics to become an AE Pro! From how to use pannels and 10 essential effects to compositions and layer editing keyboard shortcuts.

Coloso Media Design Class Details
Shape Layers & Loop Animation

Using Loop Animation with different types of layers and expressions.

Coloso Media Design Class Details
3D Layers and Simple Expressions

Create natural motions with index expressions, light simulation, speed lines, and other features.

Coloso Media Design Class Details
Color Expressions Based on Perspective and Lighting Direction

Express color changes according to depth and light, with camera lens blur & gradient fill.

Coloso Media Design Class Details
Character Rigging & Cel Animation

Implement smooth motions while adding a sense of speed, by dividing layers into the number of character joints, and rigging each layer separately.

Coloso Media Design Class Details
Syncing C4D Animaton and After Effects

Create animations by learning basic C4D UI, keyboard shortcuts, and importing external modelings.

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In-Depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Instructor Introduction: Portfolio & Aspirations
  2. Defining motion graphics & their application
SECTION 02. Basics of After Effects

02. Panels

  1. Explaining the 5 types of panels: project panel, composition panel, timeline panel, tool panel, work panel
  2. Main window default settings

03. Fundamental Features & Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Summary of timeline & work panel features
  2. How to use shape layers
  3. Shortcuts for using layers
  4. Graph Editor: Difference between value graph & speed graph

04. Essential Effects

  1. Practicing the 10 most used effects: blur & sharpen, color correction, distort, etc.
SECTION 03. Practice Exercise 1: Endlessly Opening Doors

05. Design

  1. Create 5 different types of doors with shape layers

06. Animation

  1. Keyframing 3D layers & shape layers
  2. How to use time remap expressions
  3. Animated speed lines for cartoon-like effects
SECTION 04. Practice Exercise 2: Rolling Coins

07. Animation Part.1

  1. Creating the second half of an animation first
  2. Creating coin thickness and natural rotating animations with index expressions

08. Animation Part.2

  1. Creating the first half of an animation
  2. Natural ball bouncing motions with velocity & X/Y position values
  3. Adding smoke effects for speed acceleration
SECTION 05. Practice Exercise 3: Floating Signboards

09. Design

  1. Designing scenery with shape layers
  2. Adding perspective with camera lens blur

10. Animation Part.1

  1. Adding animation & detail through expressions
  2. Creating water shadows & glistening lights with simulation effects
  3. Explaining various effects: fractal noise, displacement map, etc.

11. Animation Part.2

  1. Creating natural effects with previously practiced effects
  2. Using color correction to align Signboard & Scenery
SECTION 06. Practice Exercise 4: Hand Sharpening a Pencil

12. Design

  1. Separating & organizing shape layers for an animation

13. Animation

  1. How to use color changes based on the direction of light
  2. Expressing subtle color changes with gradient fill
SECTION 07. Practice Exercise 5: Head Replacement

14. Warm Up Example: Seesaw Animation

  1. Warming up for the practice exercise
  2. Using speed graph & velocity values
  3. Practicing simple cel animations

15. Animation Part.1 (Rigging, Seesaw)

  1. Dividing layers according to the number of character joints
  2. Simple rigging with basic After Effects features

16. Animation Part.2 (Ball Animation + Overall Summarization)

  1. Create complicated, simultaneous animation effects
SECTION 08. C4D Basics

17. C4D Basics

  1. Basic UI of C4D Lite for After Effects and keyboard shortcuts
  2. Practicing deformers & generators
SECTION 09. C4D Practice Exercise: Submerged Glass Box

18. C4D

  1. Explaining material options
  2. Creating easy examples with material luminance
  3. Setting lights with light effects: Key Light / Fill Light / Rim Light / Bounce Light

19. AE Animation

  1. Animating with imported C4D Models in After Effects
  2. Creating dust and auroras with fractal noise
  3. Creating animated illumination with trim path
SECTION 10. Field Experience Tips From the Instructor Himself

20. Industry Tips & Personal Insights

  1. Work process revealed & analyzing previous works of 2D Motion Designer Yunho Park
  2. Helpful motion graphic & color coordination reference sites
  3. Precautions for preparing to study abroad
  4. Tips on portfolios, websites, resumes / CVs, and interviews

with 2D Motion Designer
Yunho Park

Background images
What are your strengths
as a Motion Designer?

I like to grab people's attention with unique jaw-dropping animations and creative content that's both fresh and fun. I also enjoy creating squishy, sentimental animations that viewers can relate to and that help bring out certain emotions. Join me for a class where you can enjoy learning motion graphic techniques by practicing eye-catching design exercises.

What is the goal of this Class?

This class focuses on creating stylish, three-dimensional 2.5D animations with just the After Effects basics. By going over keyboard shortcuts and basic tools in class, beginner motion graphic designers can start making animated illustrations without external plugins and complicated expressions.

Why should I choose this class on Coloso?

While fluidly working on design and animation, we will go over the entire work process—step-by-step. Unlike other tool tutorials that focus only on techniques, this class will help you capture the details. By practicing 6 design examples, you will learn additional features, effects, and personal tips. I'll also teach you how to use and apply the practice exercises to your own designs.

Who can benefit from this class?

Beginners will be able to create different design samples with various design tools and functions on After Effects. I've included personal tips and insights throughout the class that will help you build a sturdy foundation of 2.5D motion graphics.

Required Programs

This course will use After Effects CC 2019.
Please install the program in the version listed above.

* Recent lower versions of CC or CC 2020 will also not be of problem.
* All programs and requirements will not be provided.

After Effects


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