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Creating Aesthetic 2D Motion Graphics with After Effects

Motion Graphic Designer, Sungwoo Park

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Class Intro
Motion Graphic Designer, Sungwoo Park

“Learn more than just the functional
aspects of motion graphics,
get insights into the entire process."

Coloso Sungwoo Park Creating Aesthetic 2D Motion Graphics with After Effects

Sungwoo Park has been actively
working in various fields such as
advertising, game promotion,
and even broadcasting.

Does making great videos
with After Effects have to be
a difficult process?

With just the basic features of AE,
you can create aesthetic videos.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 17 videos
(11h 29m)
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

After Effects

(Chapter 15 only)

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Over 100 projects files (aep, ai, mp4, gif, png, jpg, psd)
Procreate files
Reference site list
10 Class exercises
& more

Motion Graphic Designer,
Sungwoo Park's Profile & Portfolio


Sungwoo Park
Motion Graphic Designer

This is Motion Graphic Designer Sungwoo Park.

I have experience carrying out
motion graphic projects for companies
like Samsung, CJ, Naver, and Nexon.

In addition to corporate projects,
I have produced various music videos,
game trailers for projects like Ghost in the Shell,
and other videos for broadcasters.

The curriculum for this class was structured
based on my techniques for producing
high-quality videos quickly and efficiently.

Background images
Coloso Sungwoo Park
Motion Designer,
Sungwoo Park

Creative Director at WOOT Creative

Projects & Awards

Toss App - 3D Artwork and Persona Character Creation
Talent TV - 2021 Renewal
IZ*one D-D-Dance - MV Production
Hyundai Motors Safe Care - Safe Car Campaign Video Production
Whistler Mind - The Gap Video Production
Paradise Resort - Projection Mapping Video Production
Samsung CES - Robot Pavilion Exhibition Video Manager
Shake Shack - Exhibition Video
Mysterico LATTE AI - Video Production
VIVO - Branding Film and UX Motion Guide
Aekyung Cosmetics - AGE20’s CF VFX Production


Class Highlights

Learn the Fundamental Properties of After Effects

You don't need to learn every single feature of AE to create something great. From the overall interface to animation and rendering, quickly learn the basic functions necessary for creating aesthetic work.

Coloso Sungwoo Park Introduction

Make Aesthetic Videos With
Just the Basics

Is being good at dealing with position, rotation, and scale really enough? By practicing the basics, you can learn how to streamline the process by using less functions while still creating videos that look as good as ones that use plug-ins.

Coloso Sungwoo Park Introduction

Check Out a Portfolio Made Using the Practice Exercises

Complete your very own portfolio using the practice exercises you complete throughout the class. Plus, get tips on how to manage your portfolio.

Coloso Sungwoo Park Introduction

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In-depth Look

SECTION. 01 After Effects Basics

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing the class and your instructor
  2. AE Use Cases for 2D Motion Graphics
  3. Things to keep in mind when installing After Effects (language, version, etc.)

02. Master AE Basics in Just 1 Hour: Part 1

  1. Understanding the basic structure of AE with a focus on panels (windows)
  2. Understanding layer properties and composition
  3. Useful shortcut keys
  4. Storage and file management

03. Master AE Basics in Just 1 Hour: Part 2

  1. Adding movement to a layer
  2. Using graphs to control speed
  3. Essential features in the animation process

04. Aesthetic Logo Animation

  1. Logo animation using only movement and design elements
  2. Setting up and using reference keyframe animations

    *Uses Adobe Illustrator

05. Adobe Software Link

  1. How to link Photoshop and Illustrator + precautions

    *Uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

06. Learn Masking and Texturing Through Aesthetic Motion Artwork

  1. Difference between a mask and track matte
  2. 4 ways to mask
  3. Creating aesthetic motion artwork using masking and textures
SECTION. 02 Practice After Effects Animation

07. Summary of AE's Frequently Used Core Effects

  1. Understanding the core effects of AE
  2. Venetian Blind, Motion Tile, Mirror, Wave Warp, Turbulent Displace, Transition, Distort

08. Creating 8 Kinds of Sound Visualization Assets Using Effects

  1. How to use various key effects
  2. How to make a video that perfectly matches the sound

09. Finishing Touches for Animation Production: Rendering

  1. Two commonly used rendering output modules
  2. Insights for reducing rendering issues

10. Aesthetic Kinetic Typography 1

  1. Simple and immersive kinetic typography
  2. Creating clean kinetic typography using basic effects
  3. How to move sources to Illustrator and After Effects
  4. Gap change: Align to path

11. Aesthetic Kinetic Typography 2

  1. Frequently used typing text
  2. Glitch animation to emphasize digital feel
  3. Glitch style changes: Manual & Automation

12. Aesthetic Kinetic Typography 3

  1. NIKE-style stretch animation with varying text length
  2. The process of planning shape changes according to the start and end of an animation

13. Creating Beautiful Line Animations

  1. Stylish line animations that can be created using only straight lines and curves
  2. How to animate the path of a line using a trim path

    *Uses Adobe Illustrator

14. Using a Parent Structure

  1. Linking the movements of a central element and child elements
  2. How to animate details that are easy to edit

15. Creating Aesthetic Cel Animations

  1. Using cel animation to improve quality
  2. How to create organic motion that's difficult to create using After Effects alone

    *Uses Procreate (iPad) and Adobe Illustrator
SECTION 03. Leveling Up Your Portfolio

16. Character & Looping Animations Created Without Plugins

  1. Create a character walk cycle without external plugins or character setup
  2. Create trendy looping animations
  3. Keyframe principles and work process

    *Uses Adobe Illustrator

17. Portfolio Creation Insights for 2D Motion Graphic Designers

  1. Case study using Sungwoo Park's portfolio
  2. Motion graphic production process
  3. Things to keep in mind when creating a portfolio and tips for finding a job

with Motion Graphic Designer
Sungwoo Park

Background images
What Is the Difference Between This Class and Other Classes?

My class provides students with a quick yet intensive instruction that covers the most essential functions used in the real-world. I guide you in making aesthetic examples by yourself, so that you can familiarize yourself with the process. I don't think the best answer is to go through all the boring functions, even ones you'll never use, or a lecture where you just superficially follow examples.

After Learning the After Effects Tool, What Can I Use It For?

After Effects is undoubtedly the most used tool in the field of motion graphics. For the majority of companies you'll work in as a motion graphic designer, you are most likely going to use After Effects. For collaborating on-the-job, After Effects is definitely the most useful program.

Is There Anything You Want to Say to Prospective Motion Graphic Designers?

Of course, it would be nice to know all the features of a tool to implement what you want to express, but I'd like to point out that you don't have to master all of them. This is because it is enough to learn the essential functions first and remember the keywords so you can find additional functions whenever you need them.

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Attitude That Motion Graphics Designers Need to Have?

It's about taking responsibility for your work. I believe that we should try to meet our deadlines and always do more than just produce consistent quality. There may be times when you have to compromise depending on the situation, but I want you to become a designer who makes an effort to produce the best possible quality.

What Are You Going to Cover in Your Lectures?

I plan to quickly summarize essential functions and provide insights for using After Effects. I want to pass on the knowledge I've acquired through extensive experience, in a way that makes it easy and fun to create aesthetic 2D motion graphic videos like the ones we often see on social media. In addition, I plan to go over an example which applies 2D motion graphics & cel animation—which many people are interested in.

Required Programs

This course uses mainly Adobe's Effects and Illustrator. Please purchase and install the latest versions of the programs for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.
*Chapter 15 contains a section where iPad Procreate is also used.

After Effect Illustrator

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