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Intro to C4D & Octane: Creating Aesthetic Prisms

3D Graphic Artist, Heesoo Kim

Class Details

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Class Intro
3D Graphic Artist, Heesoo Kim

“I reveal my signature skills and
personal insights to creating
beautiful 3D artwork
with transparent and shiny
specular textures!"

Want to create your own visual style
for music videos and album art, while learning
work optimization techniques?

Don't hold yourself back with formal tutorials
and free assets used by everyone
with an internet connection.

Quickly master the C4D & Octane skills needed
for trendy artwork and build your own
distinct sense of design!

Learn Heesoo's signature style of using
light and color for polyhedron objects
such as glass and crystal, create motion posters,
and practice making realistic motion graphics.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 22 videos
(9h 30m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Cinema 4D S24
Octane Render 2020
Adobe After Effects 2021
Adobe Photoshop 2021

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

7 Class exercises
Modeling files

3D Graphic Artist,
Heesoo Kim's Profile & Portfolio

7 Class Exercises


Heesoo Kim
3D Graphic Artist

Hello, this is 3D graphic artist Heesoo Kim.
I'm currently running a one-person
3D graphic design studio called Cov Creative,
where I collaborate with famous artists from
H1GHR Music, 88rising, and groups like (G)I-dle.
I'm also working on projects with major companies
like Google, MCM, Adidas, etc.

I am mostly active in creating graphic art for
music videos and albums, while participating
in media art exhibitions and working as an artist.

With this class, even beginners to C4D or Octane
will be able to broaden their power of expression
via fantastic and beautiful texturing and lighting,
while establishing their own aesthetic artwork style.

Background images
Heesoo Kim
3D Graphic Artist,
Heesoo Kim

CEO at Cov Creative

Projects & Awards


[Music Videos]
(G)I-DLE, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – "HWAA" Remix Official M/V
EXN – Law of Gravity Music Video Director Markenlee – Sell Your Love Music Video
H1ghr Music – Compilation Art Film

[Graphic Design & Artwork]
MCM Hoilday - Project Collaboration

[Motion Design]
Google Play - G-Star 3DTeaser
Google Play - Best of 2018 3D Motion design

Collaborated with companies and brands
like H1GHR MUSIC, Google, MCM, SM, 88rising, Cube
on outsourced projects and other activities

Instagram >

Class Highlights

Create Beautiful Artwork With C4D and Octane Render

Together we will create fantastical specular-style artwork that helps you understand the entire process: From texturing and lighting to post-editing methods. These are skills needed to acheive a high degree of perfection starting from the first stage of work ideation.

Coloso Heesoo Kim Introduction

Find Your Own Style Using Modeling and Color

We will analyze and figure out the secrets and principles behind well-known artwork that has captured the public's attention, and apply techniques for creating artwork that are right for you.

Coloso Heesoo Kim Introduction

Discover Efficient Workflows
For Various Types of Artwork

We will teach you the production process while providing insights needed to create 3D artwork using 7 practice exercises containing materials that are highly useful in the field, especially for music videos and brand concept films.

Coloso Heesoo Kim Introduction

Class Details
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In-depth Look


01. Before We Start Creating

  1. Speaker introduction
  2. The overall plan and class direction
  3. About perspective and the inspiration for creating 3D artwork
SECTION 02. Warm-Up and Octane Basics

02. Warm-Up

  1. Cinema 4D default interface
  2. Octane installation and settings
  3. Octane review

    *Includes sample files

03. Light Production and Octane Lighting

  1. Octane lighting: 5 ways to express light
  2. Approach C4D like a drawing
  3. Optimizing Octane Render settings

04. Understanding Octane Textures

  1. MoGraph
  2. Diffuse, Glossy, Metallic Material

    *Includes sample files

05. Using Octane Textures

  1. Specular, toon, universal materials
  2. Unique use of image textures
  3. Octane camera tag: Add sensible lighting
SECTION 03. Graphic Motion Poster

06. Shapes and Colors for Better Looking Artwork

  1. Using Shapes for Screen Composition
  2. How to use eye-catching colors
  3. Colors that spark imagination

07. Motion Poster A

  1. Sketching for posters
  2. Composing a sculpture
  3. Practice creating transparent glass

    *Includes sample files

08. Motion Poster B: 01

  1. Applying a color chart
  2. Creating a poster using Photoshop

    *Includes sample files

09. Motion Poster B: 02

  1. Organic shapes using Volume Builder and Volume Mesher
  2. Create refraction by overlapping glass materials

10. Photoshop: Post-Editing for Artwork

  1. Tips to make your 3D artwork stand out
  2. C4D Multipath and Photoshop clipping mask
  3. Compositing and post-editing frequently used in artwork
SECTION 04. Metallic & Universal Texture Artwork

11. Make Flat Logos Three-Dimensional with Extrude & Chain Modeling

  1. Creating a three-dimensional logo
  2. Chain modeling using Matrix
  3. Lamp modeling arrangement and scene settings

    *Includes sample files

12. Using Universal Materials

  1. Practice using universal materials
  2. Applying lamp materials

13. Node Editor & Mix Material

  1. Creating Dirt material
  2. Cleaning up the node editor
  3. Mix Materials

14. Lamp Render Settings

  1. Camera movement
  2. Efficient render settings
  3. How to add details to tone-on-tone color scheme artwork
  4. Vibe creation with Camera Imager
SECTION 05. Specular Artwork

15. Coming up With Ideas for Creating Interesting Artwork

  1. The same ideas with a little twist
  2. Your own filter for topic interpretation
  3. Insights for developing a style

16. Glass & Camera

  1. Composing with sketches
  2. Compose using modeling
  3. Create bright and clean glass materials using the SPECULAR+ HDRI function

    *Includes sample files

17. Glass Camera: After Effects Post-Editing

  1. Frequently used post-editing techniques
  2. Discover the most useful types of render passes
  3. Color selection

    *Includes sample files
SECTION 06. Cartoon Texture Artwork

18. Toon Texture Artwork 1

  1. Learning about toon materials
  2. Roughness and Toon Light: The core of toon materials

19. Toon Texture Artwork 02

  1. Planning and placement: Scene composition
  2. Add sparkle to your Toon Render

20. Toon Texture Artwork 03

  1. Making a video
  2. Sound effects that augment visual effects
SECTION 07. Personal Branding and Q&A

21. What We’ll Create Going Forward

  1. What to do after the class is over
  2. Strategies for freelance PR

22. Bonus Chapter

  1. Q&A based on questions received in advance

with 3D Graphic Artist Heesoo Kim

Background images
What Are the Prospects
for 3D Graphics Artwork?

Words related to 3D technology are naturally blending into our daily lives, and the areas where 3D is used are gradually expanding, so demand is increasing accordingly. Therefore, I think the prospects are positive for 3D graphic artwork in which brilliant ideas lead to the creation of an infinite variety of visuals in various forms such as commercial branding, entertainment, and advertisements.

What Are Your Strengths
as a 3D Graphic Artist?

I think my strengths are in creating colorful materials and lighting for surrealistic and extravagant visuals. Since I enjoy creating my own abstract space by adding imagination to the world of 3D, I think I might be able to offer the most tips when it comes to re-creating textures and unusual artwork styles. In addition, I can explain the theories on modeling, color, etc. suitable for 3D artwork production.

What Are the Main Points
of This Class?

According to the curriculum we developed, you will learn the various expression methods of C4D and Octane so that you can directly realize the image that you have been imagining, practice all the processes for a unique style of artwork that breaks the standards, and obtain the keys to develop your own identity. You are free to experiment with new textures such as a brilliant specular and toon render with an added sparkle, so that you can expand your power of expression.

Who Would You Recommend
this Class To?

I recommend it to those who want to create something pretty and aesthetic, but have a hard time figuring out the right method, those who have difficulty arranging and displaying objects in an empty space, and beginners who want to learn C4D and Octane Renderer more easily and in a fun way. Above all, I want people to enjoy the thrill of creating a world with each different combination, and I hope that this class will allow them to fully express their unique imagination.

Required Programs

This course will use Cinema 4D S24, Octane Render 2020, Adobe After Effects 2021, Adobe Photoshop 2021.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*Cinema 4D S19-S23 versions are also ok, but for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, CC version or higher is recommended.
*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Cinema 4D Octanerender Photoshop After Effects

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