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Class Intro
Art Director, Woosung Kang

"Bring your motion graphic skills to the next level.
Join my class and develop a keen eye
for design and a strong sense of animation."

Class Preview
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Chapter 02.
Interface basics: Quick guide on UI & Navigation

1. Basic features of Cinema 4D
2. Easy to understand interface guide for beginners
3. Viewport window: basic navigation & tips

Struggling to step up your game with free tutorials?

Start making the trendiest in motion graphics using
Cinema 4D, Octane, and After Effects
with pointers from an experienced Art Director.
This class covers everything from
MoGraph, modeling, texture, lighting,
and image manipulation to actual workflow in the industry.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 32 videos
(24h 26m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Cinema4D R23
OctaneRender 2020.1.4 R2
Adobe After Effects CC 2020

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

20 practice exercises
100+ 4K design pattern & texture package
28 C4D rendering files
9 AE files

Leading Global Art Director,
Woosung Kang's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Woosung Kang C4D Motion Training: From the Basics to Master Level
Coloso Woosung Kang C4D Motion Training: From the Basics to Master Level
Coloso Woosung Kang C4D Motion Training: From the Basics to Master Level

Woosung Kang
Art Director

Hi, I'm Art Director Woosung Kang.

From my time starting off
as a Lead Motion Designer
at the industry-leading company The Mill,
to becoming an Art Director there,
I've collaborated with global brands
such as Google, Amazon, and Samsung.

Aside from working in corporate,
I partook in various movies, music videos,
and video games like:
Ghost in the Shell (2017), Charlie's Angels (2019),
Apex Legends (2019), and Destiny 2 (2017).

I'm especially proud of my work
for HBO's True Detective 3
and my collaboration with JAY-Z
for his music video The Story of O.J.,
as they both went on to receive award nominations:
one was for Outstanding Main Title Design at the Emmys in 2019,
and the other at the Grammys for Best Music Video of 2017.

Background images
Coloso Woosung Kang
Art Director,
Woosung Kang

Art Director / Sr. Motion Designer Based in LA

Art Director at The Mill
Lead Motion Director at The Mill
Motion Designer at Bonfire Labs
Motion Designer at Dmax Imaging
Motion Designer at Enlisted
Freelance Motion Designer at Rabbit Walks

Projects & Awards


True Detective 3 - Title Sequence
The Americans - Season 5 Teaser
ICE - Title Sequence
Life of Kylie - Season 1 Promo Package

Red Notice - Motion Design
Ghost in the Shell - Title Design
Charlie's Angels - Main & End Title
Skyscraper - Opening Title

Google - Pixel 3: Childish Gambino
Playmoji, Here to Help: Take On the World
Amazon - 2020
Samsung - Soundbar Roket, Delight exhibition movie, CES in Las vegas OLED TV movie
LG - 3DTV Gustav Klimt CF
Gopro - Karma
IMAX - Transformers: The Last Knight, Cinema Reimagined
Playstation - "Days of Play" Horizon zero dawn
Audi - Manifesto
Honda - Fuel Cells
Lexus Forged from Passion
Super Bowl 2017 - Wealthsimple | Mad World
StubHub - Machines
Trello - Plan Together
Nestle Crunch Crisped Rice
Benefit Cosmetics - Benefit Brow Try-On
Patagonia - The Micro Puff Hoody
Nestle Crunch - Crisped Rice
Chobani - Food Fight

[Music Video]
JAY-Z – 'The Story of O.J.'
Pussy Riot - Hangerz
J Balvin - Azul

[Video Games]
Apex Legends - Season3 - Meltdown Launch Trailer, Season6 - Boosted Launch Trailer, Season7 - Boosted Launch Trailer
Destiny 2 - Beyond Light | Launch Trailer

[Short & Event]
OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles
OFFF 2019 Open Film ARXIV
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation - Losing Your Hair
Artemis AA 3057

EMMY Nomination - Outstanding Main
Title Design HBO True Detective 3
Grammy Nomination - Best Music Video: JAY-Z, ‘The Story of O.J.’
D&AD Awards - Graphite Pencil in Animation - 'The Story of O.J.'
D&AD Awards - Wood Pencil in Music Videos - 'The Story of O.J.'
Shots Awards - Music Video of the Year - JAY-Z – 'The Story of O.J.'
ILA - Gold - Music Video – Best Music Video: JAY-Z, ‘The Story of O.J.’
Ciclope Festival - Grand Prix winner : 'The Story of O.J.'
Monstra - Official Selection - Forest’
DeadCenter Film festival - Best Short Animation - Forest
FRFF - Official Selection - Forest
D&AD Awards - Wood Pencil in 'Special Effects for Film Advertising' - StubHub 'Machines'
Webby Winner: Imaginary Friends Society Featured Cinema 4D UK Motion Graphics Reel 2017
Featured MAXON Cinema 4D General Show Reel 2016
2016 AAU Spring Show VFX short film 2nd place
2015 AAU Spring show VFX short film award
2014 AAU Spring show Motion graphics 1st place
2013 AAU Spring show Motion graphics 1st place

2013-2016 AAU Spring show
GSF in the Marmara University
D-motion Exhibition
Etteda_2009, 2010

[Other Activities]
Interview for CA Magazine, MG 25
C4D Instructor at BALCHAGI
Artwork Published in CA - Creative Artworks 3


20 Class Exercises

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Design + C4D + OctaneRender

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Modeling Basics with Spline
& Spatial Composition

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Designing Volume Assets

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Texture Design

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Basic Animation Principles

Woosung Kang Class exercises

& Character Animation

Woosung Kang Class exercises

MoGraph & Field Animation

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Soft Body Simulation

Woosung Kang Class exercises

with a Custom Camera Rig

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Pose Morph &
Volume Animation

Woosung Kang Class exercises

Character & IK Joint Animation

Woosung Kang Class exercises

9 Practice Exercises


Class Highlights

Get your hands on a top Art Director's 4K pattern textures and custom camera!

Shorten your work time while creating high quality graphics. This course will provide you with a custom camera rig made by Art Director Kang Woo Sung, himself, and a package of more than 100, 4K design pattern textures, usable on every renderer.

Coloso Woosung Kang Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Best Student Work 2021

Background images
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In-Depth Look


01. Orientation & Introductions

  1. Instructor Introduction
  2. Class focus & syllabus review
  3. Helpful Websites & Software Program References
SECTION 02. C4D & Design Fundamentals

02. Interface basics: Quick guide on UI & Navigation

  1. Basic features of Cinema 4D
  2. Easy to understand interface guide for beginners
  3. Viewport window: basic navigation & tips

03. Modeling Basics: Polygon & Nurbs Modeling

  1. Polygon & Nurbs Modeling basics
  2. Primary Shapes & the Spline curve
  3. How to Use Subdivision and symmetry
  4. Spline and pen tool modeling

04. Design Basics: Spatial Composition using Primary Shapes

  1. Triangle composition
  2. Basic Tools for Modeling
  3. Operating MoGraph and Boolean
  4. Creating balance and adding details

05. Octane & Lighting Basics: Main features and Three-point Lighting

  1. Need-to-know basics for good lighting
  2. Octane Render basics
  3. Utilizing shaders
  4. Lighting basics and stylized lighting

06. Color Basics: Stylized Lighting using Basic Color Theory

  1. Understanding the color wheel
  2. Material & stylized color lighting with complementary colors

07. Setting up Octane Render

  1. Setting up Octane Render and its basic functions
  2. Setting up Multipass for Compositing

08. Compositing Basics: Using After Effects and Multipasses

  1. Introducing compositing samples
  2. Compositing with Octane Multipasses
  3. Light Pass animation with After Effects

09. Asset Design: Creating Design Assets with Volume and MoGraph

  1. Basics of volume modeling
  2. Making various shapes through MoGraph

10. Texture Design: Basics and Library Utilization

  1. Understanding texture
  2. How to Use the 4K Texture Package
SECTION 03. C4D Animation Basics

11. Animation Principles and Basic Shape Animations with Tension Part.1

  1. Understanding timelines and graphs
  2. Practicing the basics of animation
  3. Ball bouncing and shape transformation animation

12.Animation Principles and Basic Shape Animations with Tension Part.2

  1. Adding details to an animation
  2. Adding various objects
  3. Applying texture and lighting

13. Character Animation Using Deformers Part.1

  1. Deformer basics
  2. Character modeling & animating with deformers

14. Character Animation Using Deformers Part.2

  1. Adding different characters
  2. Spatial design using volume modeling
  3. Setting up loop animations
SECTION 04. C4D Animation Training

15. Realistic MoGraph and Rigid Simulations Part.1

  1. MoGraph and rigid body simulation
  2. Adding details with vertex maps and fields

16. Realistic MoGraph and Rigid Simulations Part.2

  1. Applying texture
  2. Setting up realistic lighting
  3. Multipass compositing

17. Soft Body and Pose Simulations Part.1

  1. Creating realistic lighting & moving shadows
  2. Multipass compositing

18. Soft Body and Pose Simulations Part 2

  1. Adding details through pose
  2. Creating lighting textures & moving shadows

19. Dynamic Custom Camera Rigs

  1. Basic features of a WS custom rig camera
  2. Dynamic camera movements with a custom camera
  3. Spatial composition with MoGraph
  4. Applying lighting texture

20. Character Modeling & IK Joint Animation

  1. Quick character modeling with volume and remeshing
  2. Binding character joints
  3. IK animation

21. Emitter Simulation and Spatial Design

  1. Spatial composition with different design assets
  2. Emitter simulations

22. Liquid Animation with Pose Morph and Volume

  1. Modeling with Voronoi Fracture and volume
  2. Animating with pose morph
SECTION 05. Industry Workflow

23. Day-to-Day Business Workflow

  1. Production process for business projects
  2. Workflow for personal projects
  3. Creating animatics & shot composition

24. Product Animation Training SHOT 01

  1. Tips on arranging animatics & shots
  2. Animating with custom camera rigs
  3. Understanding aspects of transition, timing, and lighting

25. Xpresso Basics for Easier 3D UI

  1. Creating a simple shape UI with Xpresso
  2. Applying shaders and lighting

26. Product Animation Training SHOT 02

  1. Animating with MoGraph and Effector
  2. Utilizing custom cameras
  3. Understanding transitions

27. Product Animation Training SHOT 03

  1. Animating through MoGraph
  2. Figuring out jumpcuts

28. Product Animation Training SHOT 04

  1. Animating with MoGraph (Flower Shape, UI Animation)

29. Product Animation Training SHOT 05&06

  1. Utilizing soft body and mesh tools
  2. Creating a mood with multipass compositing

30. Product Animation Training SHOT 07

  1. Pattern animation through MoGraph
  2. UI Animation with Xpresso

31. Transition SHOT 08

  1. Custom Camera/UI animation
  2. Generating smooth transitions

32. Transition SHOT 09

  1. Designing with deformers
  2. Lighting & transitions

with Art Director Woosung Kang

Background images
What are your strengths
as an Art Director?

As an Art Director and Motion Graphic Designer with a background in design and 3D, I've been able to partake in many projects and even take on VFX work. While my specialties are in animation and stylized designs, I've had hands-on experience with various diverse projects. I'd like to share my insights and know-how to help you make actual high-quality designs in the field.

What is the goal of this Class?

This class will awaken your inner motion graphic skills and train you for the field. I share personal tips learned from directing and working on numerous Hollywood projects so you can get a better grasp of design and motion graphics.

Why should I choose this class
on Coloso?

Unlike other tool tutorials, this Coloso class covers design & animation production for all kinds of projects. This curriculum is well-organized and packed with more than 20 practice exercises that will help you get used to the workflow while polishing up your designs.

Who can benefit from this class?

This class is for anyone who would like to up their design & animation skills for Cinema 4D, and great for those struggling with creating demo reel pieces. Designers of any level would enjoy this class since it starts with explaining the interface, goes into the basics of design/texture/lighting, and continues with various animation samples, allowing you to adapt to a real-world workflow.

Required Programs

This class will use Cinema 4D ver.R23, Octane Render ver.2020, and After Effects ver.2020. Please install the programs in the versions listed above.

* As the course will use the new "Remesh" feature, Cinema 4D ver.R23 is recommended. However, ver.20, ver.21, ver.22 will not be of problem.
* Octane Render ver.2019 or ver.2020, After Effects ver.2020 is recommended.

*Software and other materials are not provided as a part of the class.

Cinema 4D Octanerender After Effect


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