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Mastering C4D: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unleashing Your Potential

C4D Artists, Woosung Kang, Gryun Kim, Taehoon Park

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Class Intro
C4D Artists, Woosung Kang, Gryun Kim, Taehoon Park

Take a giant leap forward and maximize your abilities to create life-changing work.
Do you wish to independently produce short films with a Hollywood quality?

Are you having trouble locating the right place to acquire advanced C4D skills?
Look no farther if you want to further your career or if your goal is to work at an international studio. Work on the "Sci-Fi Short Film: WAI" project and gain practical knowledge of the whole production process from three C4D artists: Woosung Kang, Gryun Kim, and Taehoon Park.

It is advised that you watch this reel in full screen mode by clicking the YouTube link.
This class will walk you through the process of developing visually striking designs, using KitBash to create spaces and objects, character rigging, motion capture animation, and compositing in addition to high-quality texturing. Improve your C4D skills, produce unique pieces, and include them in your portfolio.
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Class Perks
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Who Should Take This Class?

Intermediate/Advanced/Pro level C4D users who are looking to upgrade their skill set for the best output possible

3D motion graphic designers who want to get an idea of how overseas studio artists work

Freelance 3D artists aiming to independently create a high-quality project from start to finish

Expert Art Director Woosung Kang's Portfolio

Expert Motion Designer Gryun Kim's Portfolio

Expert 3D Artist Taehoon Park's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Together for an Unprecedented Collaboration: Top-Tier C4D Artists in the Industry!

Do you want the quality of your projects to be equal to what you see in the clips played in theaters or TV ads? To determine what needs to be improved, compare your work to an actual production process that is openly exposed from beginning to end. Experience the expertise of world-class C4D artists such as Woosung Kang, Gryun Kim, and Taehoon Park, who have worked for some of the top studios worldwide.

The class covers a wide range of subjects, including creating realistic character designs, AE compositing, simulations, Octane texturing and lighting, and scene separation in addition to building an effective pipeline. Check out this engaging class that will help you improve your C4D abilities and develop the adaptability required to produce excellent 3D video content in a realistic, practical setting.

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15 Class Exercises

Part 01. Key Shots for Each Process

Setting up and designing the overall mood for the work

Part 02. Key C4D Skills

Creating key backgrounds, characters, props and more

Part 03. Final Video

Finalizing the project “WAI”


An AI robot, created during research that aimed to automate human behaviors, begins to experience identity confusion during the experiments as it starts to see hallucinations resembling human memories.

After years of research to find his identity, the robot finally awakens after secretly self-injecting the “WAI 00” capsule, the result of the first experiment ...

* Illustrated above is a sample of an exercise actually done in class.

A Step-by-Step Process for Each Scene

Coloso C4D 마스터 클래스 로드맵

* Total of 106 chapters. 31 chapters by Woosung Kang, 36 chapters by Taehoon Park, 35 chapters by Gryun Kim, 1 chapter by Taehoon Park & Woosung Kang, and 3 chapters by all three C4D Artists.

Illustrator Woosung Kang
Art Director,
Woosung Kang

Art Director and Senior Motion Designer

I have collaborated with a number of international corporations including Google, Amazon, and Samsung, and worked as an Art Director and Lead Motion Designer at a globally renowned video company, work that earned me the honor of being nominated for an EMMY Award.

Projects & Awards

Previous) Lead Motion Designer and Art Director at The Mill
Previous) Motion Designer at Bonfire Labs
Previous) Motion Designer at Dmax Imaging
Previous) Motion Designer at Enlisted
Previous) Freelance Motion Designer at Rabbit Walks

Amazon - 2020
Google Pixel 3 - Childish Gambino Playmoji
Google - Here to Help: Take On the World
Samsung - Soundbar Rocket
Samsung delight exhibition movie
Samsung CES in Las Vegas OLED TV movie
HP - Z
LG 3DTV Gustav Klimt CF
Gopro - Karma
IMAX - Transformers: The Last Knight
IMAX - Cinema Reimagined
Playstation - 'Days of Play' Horizon zero dawn
Audi - Manifesto
Honda - Fuel Cells
Lexus - Forged from Passion
Super Bowl 2017 - Wealthsimple | Mad World
StubHub - Machines
Trello - Plan Together
Nestle Crunch Crisped Rice
Benefit Cosmetics - Benefit Brow Try-On
Patagonia - The Micro Puff Hoody
Nestle Crunch - Crisped Rice
Chobani - Food Fight

EMMY Nomination 2019 - Outstanding Main
Title Design - HBO True Detective 3
The Grammy Nomination 2018 - Best Music Video - Jay-Z, ‘The Story of O.J.’
Ciclope Festival Grand Prix winner - 'The Story of O.J.’
Webby Awards Winner 2018 - Animation - Imaginary Friends Society ‘Losing Your Hair’

Motion Designer Gyrun Kim
Motion Designer,
Gyrun Kim

Lead Animator at Elastic

When I worked for the world's leading title sequence company, I was part of numerous motion graphics projects for Hollywood films and major corporate ads, and I also have a track record of winning prestigious awards.

Projects & Awards

Previous) 3D Art Designer at Giantstep

Amazon Prime - Hunters Season 2 – Main Title
CJ ENM - Logo Ident
HBO - The Gilded Age - Title Sequence, Main Title
Netflix - Return To Space - Main Title
Netflix - The Men Who Sold The World Cup - Main Title
HP Edge
Facebook Lab
HBO - His Dark Materials Season 2 - Main Title
HBO - The Swamp - Main Title
Nissan Next - Ident
Amazon Prime - Hunters Season 1 - Main Title
CNN - John Lewis - Main Title
Semi Permanent - Main Title
Man In Black International - Main Title
New Republic Pictures - Ident
OFFF Barcelona 2018 - Title sequence
Homage To Skyfall - Title Sequence
CineQ Movie Theater - Ident
PyeongChang 2018 - Opening And Closing Ceremonies

IF Design awards - Communication (Krell Automotive)
Cyber Film Festival - Award Winner (Asymmetry Title)
Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival - Semi-Finalist (Asymmetry Title)
Paris Film Festival - Award Winner (Asymmetry Title)
ADC Merit Awards - Finalists (The Swamp)
Communication Arts 2021 Design Awards (The Swamp)
Stockholm City Film Festival - Semi-Finalist (Asymmetry Title)
War of Films Festival - Award Winner ‘Best’

3D Artist Taehoon Park
3D Artist,
Taehoon Park

Parallel NFT and 3D Artist

I have been consistently active in the field since I started at the largest studio in the industry, and with just one personal project, I have earned recognition in 23 festivals, including Hollywood Gold Awards.

Projects & Awards

Previous) Freelance 3D Animator at Elastic
Previous) Lead Animator at The Mill
Previous) Worked at Giantstep

MARVEL - Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Design for Pitch)
HBO - The Gilded Age (Main Title Sequence) CJ ENM - Logo Ident 2022
Amazon Prime Video - Hunters 2 (Main Title Sequence)
Apple TV - Shining Girls (Design for Pitch)
Apple TV - Surface - (Main Title Sequence)
Apple TV - For All Mankind (Visual Infographic)
HP & Coachella - 2022 Coachella dome short film REGEN
Google - Here to Help : Take on the world
YouTube - Internal corporate video
Facebook - Friends Day 2019
Super Bowl 2019 - Doritos (Chance The Rapper x Backstreet Boys)
RK FILMS - Studio Logo
IMAX - Cross Plug Trailer
BUNGIE - Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Launch Trailer)
BUNGIE - Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (Reveal Trailer)
Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legend (Boosted Launch Trailer)
Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legend (Launch Trailer)
Forward Festival 2019 - The Odd One Out
OFFF Barcelona 2019 - ARXIV short film
Hyundai - Genesis X Concept 2 - door GT
NETFLIX - Red Notice (3D Infographic)

Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA)
International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival
AltFF Alternative Film Festival
New York Movie Awards Film Festival
Hollywood Gold Awards Film Festival


Class Highlights

A Start-to-Finish Production Pipeline Of the World’s Top Studio

Learn the overall production process of well-executed projects, and get an in-depth overview of advanced hands-on techniques, details, and effective work skills that were not covered in the basic class.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Tips on C4D Production to Bring Out Your Skills

Discover effective procedures and techniques for producing excellent 3D work, as well as typical errors and how to fix them with expert C4D Artists.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

How to Use KitBash and Assets to Increase the Efficiency of your Project

Learn how to use KitBash and footage, widely used in practice to quickly improve the quality of projects, as well as how to create assets from scratch for more effective and higher-quality results.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

More Useful Sources and Hands-on Exercise Files Than Ever

Students receive exclusive access to a wide range of practice exercise files and asset bundles. Motion capture data, procedural object modeling kit, custom rig camera, and sample files for placeholder 3D for the best possible output are all available.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Collaboration Challenge
WAI Collaboration Ver.

The Ultimate Outcome Has Been Revealed!
Collaborative Challenge with Leading C4D Artists: Artworks Produced After Class Completion

*Please note that this collaboration artwork was only created in Korea.

Class Details
You'll Learn

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지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.
** Class videos may be seperated for a more streamlined viewing experience

Interview with
C4D Artists
Woosung Kang, Gryun Kim, Taehoon Park

Background Images
What Motivated You to Prepare This Class?

The three of us have always dreamt of collaborating on projects, since we worked at the same company together. We were lucky to be given this great opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind class that allows us to combine our specialties in 1-minute 3D motion graphics to help students maximize their C4D skills and get a better sensibility and idea of the C4D field. We will be sharing exclusive advanced techniques and scene-specific production processes that were not yet covered anywhere else.

What Do You Think Your Strengths Are as C4D Artists?

What sets us apart is the experience we've gained at the highest levels and in the most advanced realms of the C4D field, based on which we plan to guide the students through all the processes required to produce high-quality results. The interactive assignments in this class will help you grow the skills needed to tackle any kind of project with ease and confidence, and the flexibility to modify and develop without being limited to a few aspects.

What Will the Students Gain from This Class?

What sets us apart is the experience we've gained at the highest levels and in the most advanced realms of the C4D field, based on which we plan to guide the students through all the processes required to produce high-quality results. The interactive exercises in this class will help you grow the skills needed to tackle any kind of project with ease and confidence, and the flexibility to modify and develop without being limited to a few aspects.

Who Is This Class Recommended For?

This class is recommended for students who are looking to kickstart their career as top-tier artists creating high-quality projects, as well as advanced C4D users interested in learning the techniques and efficient workflows for high-complexity realistic short films, and also for all 3D artists who want to achieve their dreams as motion graphics designers.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Cinema 4D R26
- Adobe After Effects 2021
- Octane Render 2021.1.5
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

[Other Plugins and Software]
– Marvelous Designer Version 10 (Version 10 or higher/free 30-day trial version acceptable)
– X-Particles (Latest version preferred, previous versions/free trial version acceptable)
– Pyro Cinema 4D 2023.1.0 or higher
– Sapphire AE plugin (Latest version preferred, free trial version acceptable)
– Neat Video: Reduce Noise v4 AE Plugin
– Maxon One: Magic Bullet Suite (Latest version preferred, free trial version acceptable)
– C4D Plugin: Merk Vilson Respline 1.3 (Some paid features will be used)

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects Octane Render

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