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Class Intro
Media Artist, CLAUDE

Interactive art goes beyond simply playing a video
and provides an immersive experience to the audience,
presenting a completely different level of art.

Coloso CLAUDE Introduction to Real-Time Interactive Media Art

If you want to create these works of art
that are attracting the most attention in the present era,
this class provides a new solution
instead of complicated programming and coding.

Coloso CLAUDE Introduction to Real-Time Interactive Media Art

This class connects TouchDesigner and Notch VFX
to help create high-quality works
from the basics of interactive media art.

Through these two programs, we provide information
on how to operate a real-time interactive environment,
such as exhibitions and performances
without the hassle of complex programming.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 18 videos
(Duration 10h 33m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

TouchDesigner Pro, 2022.24200
Notch VFX Builder Pro,

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

TouchDesigner project files (toe, tox)
Notch project files (dfx,dfxdll)
3D models (obj)
Images (Art/Texture zip files)
Presentation files (PDF)

Media Artist CLAUDE’s
Profile & Portfolio

Gwanghwasidae: Gwanghwawon - Soundscape

The Ocean: Data Waterfall




Media Artist

Hello, I’m CLAUDE.
I'm a media artist from Korea,
and I have had a lot of performances and exhibitions at various festivals
such as Mutek, Artechouse Live, and Creative Coding Festival,
and I am continuing national projects and media exhibitions in Korea.

This class shares the basics of software
based on my experience and accumulated knowledge
while producing media art works like exhibitions, performances, and lectures.

Even if you have no experience in creating interactive media art,
you can learn in-depth from the basics
if you are just interested in this art.

The end of this journey
is to help you discover your style without difficulty
while creating media art works.

Background images
Media Artist,

Claude Studio CEO

Projects & Awards

The Hyundai Seoul - Bloom
Gwanghwasidae: Gwanghwawon - Soundscape (with D’strict, Young-gyu Jang)
Special Exhibit at the National Museum of Korea Asia Culture Center: Earth Hours - Largo (with GIANTSTEP)
Art Center Nabi: The Origin - Wave, Synapse
National Theater of Korea: Media Glass - The Ocean

Winner of the 2021 Online Media Award of Excellence by the Korean Culture and Arts Committee (with Hye-jin Shin)

Starbucks: Created Media (Apollon)
Samsung: Created Bespoke Home Hub Zone Media (Apollion, Seung-ji Moon)
CJ Powercast: Created LED.ART Media (CJ CGV)

D’strict: Lecture on TouchDesigner (2020-2021)
Dot.mill : Lecture on TouchDesigner and Notch (2021)
TDSW (Tokyo Developer Study Week): Lecture on Notch (2021)
Lecture for TouchDesigner Korea Creative Content Agency (2019-2020)


6 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

Building a Solid Foundation
Of Media Art Basics Using
TouchDesigner and Notch VFX

Learn the essential features of TouchDesigner and Notch VFX and learn the overall steps of media art production. Even if you have no previous experience with media art, you will learn the basics and a practical workflow in a simple, systematic way that’s easy to follow along with.

Coloso CLAUDE Introduction

Create On-Trend Media Visuals And Interactive Media Art

Through various exercises, you will learn to create work using technologies that are popular within the industry. In addition to producing real-time interactive visualizations, you’ll also be able to incorporate your own style to the applied work.

Coloso CLAUDE Introduction

Learn New Techniques to Expand Your Horizons

Through various exercises, you will learn to create work using technologies that are popular within the industry. In addition to producing real-time interactive visualizations, you’ll also be able to incorporate your own style to the applied work.

Coloso CLAUDE Introduction

Class Details
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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Basics of Media Art

01. Orientation

  1. Instructor Introduction
  2. The basic concepts of (real-time) media art and interactive art
  3. Introduction to interactive installation and the scope using TouchDesigner and Notch VFX
SECTION 02. TouchDesigner

02. TouchDesigner Basic

  1. Exhibitions using TouchDesigner and an introduction of performance examples
  2. The advantages/disadvantages of TouchDesigner and why we use it
  3. The basic interface of TouchDesigner

03. TouchDesigner Rendering

  1. An explanation of the basic rendering system of TouchDesigner
  2. High-quality, real-time rendering using PBR

04. TouchDesigner Particle

  1. The production of visualization through exercises using Particle and Instancing
  2. Particle creation done in various methods using Noise and Pattern CHOP functions

05. TouchDesigner Noise

  1. How to apply TouchDesigner Noise
  2. The production of short visualization with exercises using SOP/CHOP/TOP Noises

06. TouchDesigner Point Cloud

  1. Explanations and examples of visualizations made using Point Cloud
  2. Using Point Cloud to create visualization examples

07. TouchDesigner with Sensor

  1. Explanations and examples of sensors available for use on TouchDesigner
  2. The production of systems that respond to mouses or keyboards without using sensors

08. Notch VFX Basic

  1. An introduction to exhibitions and performances that have used Notch
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of Notch, and why we use GPU-based rendering
  3. The basic interface and rendering system of Notch

09. Notch Particle System

  1. Explanations of the features of the Notch Particle system
  2. Explanation of the Notch Particle rendering system
  3. Production exercises based around visualizations using the Notch Particle system
  4. Production exercises based around Particle visualizations using famous paintings and photos

10. Notch Procedural System

  1. Explaining the Notch Procedural system’s key features
  2. Production exercises based around fluid visualizations using the Melt and Fractal Noise features

11. Notch Field System

  1. Explaining the Notch Field system’s key features
  2. Production exercises based around gas visualizations using the Particle + Field feature

12. Notch Ray-Tracing Rendering

  1. Learn real-time Ray-Tracing rendering using modeling files (obj, fbx)

13. Notch VFX Visual Advanced

  1. Creating a visual control system using data such as OSC, Audio, etc.
SECTION 04. How to Set Up for Exhibits and Performances

14. Hardware & Software

  1. Hardware setup for exhibits and performances
  2. Explaining licenses according to software set-up and situations
  3. The optimization and stabilization skills required in the field

15. TouchDesigner Settings

  1. TouchDesigner settings required in the field
  2. Creating your own interface

16. Notch VFX Settings

  1. How to use Notch on media servers (TouchDesigner & Disguise)
  2. The optimization skills that are used in the field

17. Interactions Using TouchDesigner & Notch

  1. Opening the Notch Particle system in TouchDesigner
  2. Creating interactions using a mouse or keyboard
SECTION 05. Closing Comments

18. Closing Chapter

  1. Further tips about TouchDesigner and Notch
  2. The instructor’s views on the current state of media art and its future

Interview with
Media Artist, CLAUDE

Background images
What do you think viewers can gain by taking this class?

You will be able to build your own skills and broaden your artistic horizons to discover your own style in the field of media art. By creating various examples of a number of styles in this class, you will get the opportunity to reflect on the different techniques you’ve used as well as the way they’re applied.

How does this class differ from other classes out there?

Many software classes today are conducted with mere references and explanations. In this class, however, you will have the chance to not only follow along with the exercises but also explore endless possibilities by incorporating the latest technologies into your work. Also, you will get access to my own personal expertise and knowledge that I’ve gained from performances and collaborations in Korea and overseas.

What do you think of the marketability and prospects of media art?

Today’s art does not stop at the mere production of content; it’s entering the realm of direct experience. As seen through the emergence of immersive and realistic “experience centers,” the demand for media art that makes use of cutting-edge technology is rising. What’s more, the scope of the field itself is expanding to encompass commercial advertisements, exhibits, and public art businesses both in Korea and overseas.

Required Programs

This course will use TouchDesigner Pro, 2022.24200, Notch VFX Builder Pro, Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

- TouchDesigner Non-Commercial or higher, 2022.24200 or higher
- Notch VFX Builder Trial or higher, or higher

*With the TouchDesigner Non-Commercial version, you may experience a limited resolution of 1280*1280 pixels, and some features may be limited.
*With the Notch Builder Trial version, you may be able to open or modify projects but not be able to save them.
*The Notch Builder Learning version may not be compatible with the Base/Pro versions.
*For an optimized lecture experience, please use Windows 10 with an NVIDIA graphics card.
*With MAC OSX, some TouchDesigner features may be limited, or the use of Notch VFX may not be possible.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

TouchDesigner Pro Notch VFX Builder Pro

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