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All About Live2D Rigging for 2D VTuber Creation

Live2D Studio, Baily Studio

Class Details

  • Basic~Advanced
  • Total 39 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

Live2DStudio,BailyStudio Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Introducing your instructor - What you will learn - Helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    Software Preparation
    • 02. Importing PSD Files- Importing files - Introduction to the software and how to use each function - Shortcut key setting

    • 03. Introduction to Common Tools of the Interface

    • 04. Software Shortcut Settings

    • 05. Layer Order Organization

  • SECTION 03
    Efficient Eye Mirroring Techniques
    • 06. Head Z-Axis Rotation- Organizing the head layer by making a head Z rotation - How to make eyes - How to make a mouth - How to make eyebrows - Quickly achieve results by copying

    • 07. Eye Production/Eyebrow Making

    • 08. Mouth Production

    • 09. Efficient Eye Mirroring Techniques

    • 10. Enhancing Facial Dynamics with Physics-Based Binding

  • SECTION 04
    Head Rotation in X and Y Axes
    • 11. Layer Group Categorization- Explanation of the principle of perspective - Head nine-axis production - Head four-corner synthesis

    • 12. Principles of Perspective

    • 13. Explanation of the Principles of Perspective

    • 14. Head X Production

    • 15. Head Y Production

    • 16. Texture of Hair at the Back of the Head

    • 17. Function: Four-Corner Synthesis

  • SECTION 05
    Body X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis Rotation
    • 18. Tips for Creating Body X,Y,Z Axis- Hiding the head before making the body - Creating a Y-axis with a blend of shape inversion - Multi-Stage Body: Z-Axis Production

    • 19. Points for Making the Body Y-Axis

    • 20. Essentials of Making the Z-Axis of the Body

  • SECTION 06
    Overall Physical Effects
    • 21. 3 Factors Affecting Physical Aesthetics- The physics of building - Principles of pendulums

    • 22. Temporary Deformation

    • 23. Physical Methods

    • 24. Teaching Physics Pendulums

  • SECTION 07
    Keystroke Switching Emoji Creation
    • 25. Vertigo Eye Animation - Animated interface & points of reference - Common animation effects - Practical operation teaching

    • 26. Simple Animated Interface Introduction

    • 27. Getting Started with Simple Curves

    • 28. Inheriting Parts to Child Objects

    • 29. Extended Interpolation

    • 30. Transparency Switch

  • SECTION 08
    Document Cutting
    • 31. Face Line Color Separation and Face Shading- Cutting and checking documents - VTS settings and common problems - Head and face capture settings for rigging

    • 32. Blank Area Inspection

    • 33. Detailed Differences in Eyes, Mouth, Back Teeth, and More!

    • 34. Face Capture Settings

    • 35. VTS Shortcut Key Setting

    • 36. VTS Model Update File Override

    • 37. Rigging an Avatar

  • SECTION 09
    Bonus Section
    • 38. Working as a Studio- Pros and cons of working as a studio - How to start a studio of your own

    • 39. Explanation of Frequently Asked Questions- Answering questions

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