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The Anatomy of Distortion

Illustrator, Somnath Pal

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Illustrator,Somnath Details


Class Intro
Illustrator, Somnath Pal

"Understand the inner workings of the body
to create more room for creative liberties as an artist."

Demand for digital illustration has been higher than ever
and drawing characters in different postures
or positions is a real pain that many artists face.

Learn how to use figure drawing, anatomy drawing,
and animation in Photoshop to draw different postures
and also break, deform, or distort the human body.

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Chapter 07.
Need some perspective

1. Understanding how a body is arranged in a space
2. Drawing mannequins from various angles


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Length: 25 videos
(52h 54m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Audio: English
Subtitles: English
(In Production)

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Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

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25 Class exercises
Open PSD files
Brush Pack

Expert Illustrator
Somnath Pal's Profile & Portfolio


Somnath Pal

Hi, My name is Somnath Pal.
Currently, I am an Art Director at ReDefine, DNEG.
Over the last 10 years, I have stepped into various shoes—
from storyboards and pre-production art in animation,
production design for a critically acclaimed live-action film,
and writing and directing my original short animation film.

Whatever I have undertaken,
the common thread was always drawing.
Figures will always be my first love,
and distorting them in unusual ways is something
I absolutely revel in.

Throughout this class,
I will guide you through the world
of human anatomy and distortion.
After taking this class, you will be able to apply anatomy
to your figures and distort them as you’d like.

Background images
Coloso Somnath Pal
Somnath Pal

Art Director at ReDefine
Artist at Superani Studio
Freelanced Illustrator, Animator, and Animation Filmmaker

Production Designer at ZOO Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
Associate Director at ACK Media
Senior Story Artist at ACK Media
Pre production Artist at Zee Network

Projects & Awards

Digicon Asia Gold Medal (2018) - Death of a Father (Animated Short)

[Animated Shorts]
Death of a Father (2017)
The Candy Tree (2012)

Court (2014) - Production Design


12 Class Exercises

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Observational Drawing

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Gestures 1

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Gestures 2

Somnath Pal Class exercises


Somnath Pal Class exercises

Anatomy from Photography

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Hands & Feet

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Head From All Angles

Somnath Pal Class exercises


Somnath Pal Class exercises

Deviant Behavior:
Breaking Rules

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Deviant Behavior: Fitting In

Somnath Pal Class exercises

Deviant Behavior:
Mixing Two Worlds

Somnath Pal Class exercises



Class Highlights

Get Comfortable
With the Human Figure

Have you been drawing figures all with the same pose? Have you been staring at photos wishing you could just copy and paste them onto your canvas? Expand your pose library! Learn to make the right pose for every composition.

Coloso Somnath Pal Introduction

Be Expressive

Body language is the most global and efficient language of all. You will observe different nuanced behaviors and subtle emotions and express them through your figures throughout the class.

Coloso Somnath Pal Introduction

Creatively Break Rules

Don't limit your creativity! Learn ways to think outside of the box. You will learn to break the figure drawing and anatomy rules creatively to make your drawing look creative, without it looking unfinished and unprofessional.

Coloso Somnath Pal Introduction

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programs
SECTION 02. Learning to Observe

02. Through the Looking Glass

  1. Observing your inspiration
  2. Learning through curiosity

03. Elementary, My Dear...

  1. Observing people for references
  2. Creating a visual Iibrary

04. 'Figure' it Out

  1. Building a hierarchy of information

05. Mime-Sublime

  1. Understanding the building blocks to being expressive
  2. Capturing human emotions
SECTION 03. Gesture + Form

06. Manne'queen' and Manne'king'

  1. Basic form and proportion.
  2. Basic mannequinization through geometric shapes
  3. Riley's cranial head method
  4. The older skull head method
  5. Other markers to understand proportions

07. Need Some Perspective?

  1. Understanding how a body is arranged in space
  2. Drawing mannequins from various angles in space

08. Do you Speak Body Language?

  1. Combine what you have learned in previous chapters (5-7) and convey more expressive forms

09. Fitting in…

  1. Understanding how forms interact with rigid and soft mouldable materials (ex: Curling up in a sofa, resting against a wall)
SECTION 04. Anatomy Pt.1

10. A Bone to Pick!

  1. Learning about bony landmarks, skeletal structure, simplification, and different kinds of joints
  2. Understanding how pieces are connected, and move

11. Spin(e) It!

  1. Thorax region and the muscles around it
  2. Observing different examples to understand the structure

12. Pelvis Presley!

  1. Pelvis and the muscles around it
  2. Learning how the muscles connect to the spine and femur

13. Limber Land

  1. Bones and underlying anatomy of legs and arms
  2. Supination
  3. Pronation
SECTION 05. Anatomy Pt.2

14. Paws and Claws!

  1. Underlying structure of the hands and feet
  2. Behavior of hands and feet

15. Heady Mix

  1. Understanding some of the facial and neck muscles
  2. Learning how they connect and behave
  3. Understanding how the muscles help in expressions

16. Fat-tery Settings

  1. A brief discussion on how some of the fat pads are arranged
  2. Incorporating the fat pads in your artwork

17. Skinned Alive!

  1. Understanding how the surface anatomy fits in to the gesture
  2. Understanding how the muscles guide the physical attributes
  3. Case studies in various angles
SECTION 06. Breaking the Rules

18. Deviant Behavior 1

  1. Understanding the limits of the body
  2. Borrowing properties from other materials to push boundaries further

19. Deviant Behavior 2

  1. Breaking the physical laws and pushing material properties further
  2. Distorting faces and body as per these new found laws

20. Deviant Behavior 3

  1. Forcing confinements and tweaking gestures into them

21. Deviant Behavior 4

  1. Incorporating your inspirations and fascinations into figure drawing
  2. Taking a disparate aesthetic and weave it into the figure

22. Deviant Behavior 5

  1. Breaking the bones
SECTION 07. Bonus: My Bag of Tricks and Process Videos

23. Tempering-Cooking-Garnishing

  1. Pose exploration
  2. Implementing the ideas

24. Sleight-ly Tricky!

  1. Sharing personal tips and tricks to understand anatomy, or lensing

25. Doll'em up!

  1. How clothings behave with respect to the body

*The release date of this class, curriculum images,
and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

with Illustrator Somnath Pal

Background images
Is there a specific reason
why you chose this specific topic/themes?

To discover a new language for ourselves we need to sometimes break existing rules, and think outside of the box. My attempt is to show one of the ways. Additionally, artists become overly dependant on reference images for their composition. The idea is to break out and be free.

What makes your class different
from other classes?

My class will go over some of the inner workings of the body rather than surface level anatomy. Hence, creates lot more room for creative liberties as an artist with the potential to create a new visual language. Over and above, I'd share some personal anecdotes to show how I overcame some of my bad habits and helped myself get better at the skills.

Please share your thoughts on the job market of the industry

The market has limitless potential for creative individuals who can stand out in a crowd. I see individuals with these skills pushing the potential of the market, and create newer avenues.

What do you think is the most important trait(s) to success in your industry?

Curiosity is one of the most important traits I can think of. One can slog for years and not get better as an artist, but if you are capable of asking yourself the right questions and are driven to find the answers for yourself, you'll create a niche irreplaceable voice for yourself. The second most underrated trait that I identify is having fun. If you are not having fun, create a way to have fun. I might be discussing some personal anecdotes to show how I overcame them.

Required Programs

This course will use Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.



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