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Creating Your Own Unique Characters

Illustrator, Gharliera

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Class Intro
Illustrator, Gharliera

"This lecture includes all the effective ways
to build an audience, achieve desired results,
and generate profit."

Want to create a unique universe
through your illustration?
Find out how to make your illustration
stand out amongst the crowd!


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Length: 18 videos
(13h 12m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

Gharliera's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters
Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters
Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters
Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters
Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters
Coloso Gharliera  Creating Your Own Unique Characters


Hello, I'm illustrator Gharliera.
I've made a name for myself
in the cyberpunk genre for my ability
to harmoniously combine
humans with machines.

I started off my career drawing
original game illustrations at Nexon,
cooperating with Riot Games,
and then working on Cyberpunk 2077.

I am currently working as a freelancer,
making a profit from working
with companies, and selling
merchandise goods.

While working at a company,
I realized that it was difficult
to draw the illustrations
that I wanted to draw.
So, I started thinking about ways
I could transition my career
into freelance work.

I left the company and went on
to successfully position myself
as a freelance illustrator.
I want to share more than just how
to draw unique illustrations;
I want to offer insights on improving
oneself as a freelance artist.

Background images
Coloso Gharliera


Projects & Awards

Nexon New Employee Open Recruitment - Dungeon & Fighter (Team 2)
Riot Games - League of Legends (Illustration)
CAPCOM - Resident Evil: Undisclosed Project (Character Concept Art)
Square Enix - Final Fantasy: MOBIUS (Character Illustration)
Tencent - Undisclosed Project (Character Concept Art)
CD PROJEKT RED - Cyberpunk 2077 (Official Promo Illustration)



6+ Class Exercises

Gharliera  Class exercises

Using References

Gharliera  Class exercises

Understanding the Cyberpunk Universe

Gharliera  Class exercises

Character Skeleton Setup

Gharliera  Class exercises

How to Use Lines

Gharliera  Class exercises

Depicting an Attractive Face

Gharliera  Class exercises

Depicting Clothing Material & Form

Gharliera  Class exercises

Mechanical Drawing

Gharliera  Class exercises

Decal Coloring Technique

Gharliera  Class exercises

Combining Contrasting Elements

Gharliera  Class exercises

Detail Work

Gharliera  Class exercises

Producing the Album Art

Gharliera  Class exercises

Producing Merchandise With Your Artwork


Class Highlights

Building Your Own Universe

Find out how to create an expansive universe and balance your characters with other elements that fit your vision

Coloso Gharliera  Introduction

How to Beautifully Combine Different Elements

Learn how to draw characters and machines within the cyberpunk genre and harmoniously combine the human body with machines.

Coloso Gharliera  Introduction

How to Survive as a Freelance Illustrator

Get insights on how to realize clients' needs, advance into the overseas illustration market, and make a profit by means other than outsourcing.

Coloso Gharliera  Introduction

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Before Getting Started

01. Artist Introduction

  1. What was the drive behind leaving the company?
  2. Growth process until finally debuting as an artist

02. Before Starting an Illustration

  1. Finding your definition of "beauty"
  2. Basic explanation of works from "Gharliera"
  3. How to beautifully combine contrasting elements
  4. Using "heterogeneity" to give illustration a nice twist

03. Creating Your Own Universe Through References

  1. Guide to finding references
  2. Drawing in your own style while using references

04. Visual Understanding of the Cyberpunk Genre

  1. Examining the visual aspects of cyberpunk illustrations
  2. Understanding the cyberpunk universe through media material
SECTION 02. Designing a Stylish Character

05. Creating the Skeletal Foundation of a Character

  1. Applying the ideal body proportions to my drawing
  2. What makes up an attractive posture?
  3. Rough sketch

06. Discovering Your Very Own "Drawing Style"

  1. Using lines in drawings
  2. What does "using good lines" mean?
  3. Drawing skillfully and beautifully

07. Depicting an Attractive Face

  1. Finding & analyzing references
  2. Understanding basic face proportions
  3. About omission and emphasis

08. Drawing Outfits

  1. Simple way to draw trendy outfits
  2. Expressing the material, shape, and wrinkles of an outfit
  3. Adding individuality and details with accessories

09. Depicting Mecha

  1. Fundamental understanding of mecha
  2. How to depict mecha in an easy and simple way

10. Coloring and Finalizing

  1. Color combinations and coloring methods to make your character stand out
  2. Enhancing detail quality by utilizing decals
SECTION 03. Get Started: Drawing Professional Illustrations

11. The First Step to Becoming a Professional Freelancer

  1. A to Z Process of Collaborating with Famous Musicians
  2. How to Effectively Collaborate with Artists
  3. Figuring out the Needs of Clients and Working on Drafts

12. Professional Illustration Work 1

  1. Applying details to a draft
  2. A work process that can satisfy both the client and yourself
  3. Drawing that frames the illustration

13. Professional Illustration Work 2

  1. Creating completed album art
  2. Wrap up your work by fitting the needs of a client
SECTION 04. Designing a Signature Layout

14. Reference Check for Designing a Trendy Layout

  1. Font, shape, icon, language, etc.
  2. Creating your own signature design

15. Applying a Layout

  1. Apply a layout using the illustration from episode 4 of this lecture
  2. Producing merchandise using collaboration art

16. Designing a Suitable Layout

  1. Poster
  2. Album
  3. Illustration
  4. Other miscellaneous products
SECTION 05. Branding and Monetization for an Illustrator

17. Branding Yourself as an Illustrator

  1. Getting your first outsource work
  2. Becoming a popular artist by utilizing social media
  3. A more effective way to attract the public

18. Commercializing your work

  1. Producing and composing products that capture the artist’s universe
  2. Doing business overseas without the trouble of complicated distribution and delivery management
  3. Wrap up

with Illustrator Gharliera

Background images
Why have you specifically chosen
the cyberpunk genre?

The overall cyberpunk market—with its high demand and low supply—is a blue ocean. The cyberpunk genre emerged from non-mainstream status after the release of cyberpunk games like "Cyberpunk 2077" and Lady Gaga's use of the theme in her album.

Is the cyberpunk genre the only subject taught in the lectures?

This genre is only a means of differentiating myself. I've composed the curriculum so that anyone from beginners to amateurs could take this class. You can learn the basics of character design, balance, and even designing a trendy layout to make your drawing stand out. You can also learn how to commercialize and promote your drawings.

What do you put the most time into when creating an illustration?

The balance between machinery and the human body is important since "cyberpunk" is a genre in which machinery is used for certain parts of the body. The character does not look appealing when it is excessively composed of machinery, and it loses its uniqueness when the human body takes up too much of the composition.

Is there any reason for using lines instead of having no outlines at all?

Drawing without outlines takes a long time, with having to keep drawing over the template, then carving and tidying up. I chose to minimize the time put into the process, and maximize the beauty by using special lines and coloring methods. With time being money for an illustrator, I had to find a way to shorten the time spent on the process.

What was the greatest reason behind your decision of becoming a freelancer?

While working for a company and doing outsourced work as an illustrator, I realized that I could not draw the things I wanted to without changing something. I wanted to make a profit from something I was good at and wanted to do, so I chose to become a freelancer.

What would be the three main things that could be learned through the lectures?

You'll learn how to create your own artistic universe, develop a unique drawing and design style, and how to brand your artwork for commercialization.

Required Programs

This course will use Wacom Intuos and Adobe Photoshop CC. Please purchase and install the latest versions of the programs for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.



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