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Stylized & Rendered: Digital Portrait Painting

Illustrator, DarkTownArt

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Illustrator,DarkTownArt Details


"Create high-quality semi-realistic
and photo-realistic digital portraits"

Are you looking to jump into the world
of digital portraits but not sure where to start?

Learn the fundamentals of portraits,
how to brainstorm ideas, create diverse portraits,
render materials, and add texture
to your digital drawings with DarkTown Art.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 24 videos (Duration 8h 43m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC
Procreate (optional)

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Custom brushes
PSD files

Expert Illustrator
DarkTownArt's Profile & Portfolio



Hi, My name is Anne Pogoda a.k.a DarkTown Art.
I am a freelance artist and instructor.
My client list includes clients like
Phoenix Film, Teamworxx, FremantleMedia,
UFA Film & TV GmBH, Huion, XP-Pen,
Frictional Games, Ubisoft, and more.

About two years ago I had the idea
to use Instagram to share my warmups
and portrait illustrations.

Back then I didn't think too much of it.
I love painting portraits and I was looking for
a place to collect them.
Within a year, I gained a massive following
and started receiving questions
about my techniques daily.

It has always been my dream to design
a video based class about portraits only.
So I am delighted to be able to
present this gem to you!

Each illustration has been created
with the goal of sharing the techniques
that you see daily on my Instagram.

Background images
Coloso DarkTownArt

DARKTOWNART - Concept Artist, Figure Painter / Colorist (Jan 2014 - Present) - Product Designer & Illustrator (Aug 2014- Present)
DarkTownArt.De - Illustration & Design, Concept Art, Project Management (2009- Present)
Ballistic Media - Editor, Project Manager, Author, CGSWOrkshop Instructor (Mar 2010 - Present)

Projects & Awards

Frictional Games - Concept Art, Project Management, Photoshooting, Beta testing (Dec 2014- 2018)
UFA Film & TV Production GmbH - Talent, Creative Lead, 3D Animator, Concept Artist, Project Manager, Game Designer (2010- 2014)
Berliner Technische Kunstschule - Lecturer- Digital Illustration (2009- Sep 2013)
Sauerländer Verlage AG - Art Director/ Creative Lead (Oct 2012- Feb 2013)
Imagine Publishing, Rage Publishing, Focal Press, Falkemedia, IMAGINE FX - Author & Illustrator (Feb 2006- 2011)


3 Class Exercises

From Mercury inspired beauty
to red hair and butterflies.
After this class you'll be able to make
portraits like this all on your own.

*Images straight from sample materials created in the class.


Class Highlights

Rendering Texture

Rendering makes all the difference when you want something to look realistic. During this class you will learn how to render in a way that helps create a portrait that stands out.

Coloso DarkTownArt  Introduction

Color and Light

The right grasp for color & light is very important when we want to trick the eye into thinking that we are looking at a real character. Throughout the class you'll learn the importance and thought process behind choosing the right color and lighting.

Coloso DarkTownArt  Introduction

Edge Control

Often underestimated in figurative work, edge control is the tool that makes things look semi or photo-realistic. This class will show you how to make the elements in your portrait look crisp and clean.

Coloso DarkTownArt  Introduction

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programs
SECTION 02. Portrait / Drawing Fundamentals

02. Software Setup, Canvas Size, Custom Brushes

  1. Setting up Photoshop
  2. Setting up Procreate

03. Face Simplified

  1. How to simplify the face before we stylize it

04. Studying a Face

  1. Understanding the drawing fundamentals of a face
SECTION 03. Brainstorming Ideas

05. Sketching Ideas / Moods

  1. Brainstorming ideas in loose sketches
  2. Setting up the mood for an illustration

06. Lighting Basics 1

  1. Understanding the environment
  2. Basic light settings for character environment
  3. How materials react to environmental light
SECTION 04. Creating Butterfly Girl

07. Custom Brushes & Color Blocking: Lighting Basics 2

  1. Coloring vs. Painting
  2. Understanding color blocking
  3. Colors & lights

08. Color Blending & Hair Basics

  1. Color blending
  2. Creating nice textures
  3. Creating basic hair

09. Edge Control: Skin & Butterflies, Liquifiy / Warp Tool

  1. Planning and adding to your painting
  2. Working with shapes using lasso tools
  3. Using smudge tool for edge control

10. Adding Highlights

  1. Linear dodge tool
  2. Adding life with highlights
  3. Creating interesting textures
SECTION 05. Rendering Materials

11. Painting The Butterflies

  1. Planning shapes before painting
  2. How to add shine to your painting

12. Painting Gold: Earring & Rose

  1. How to avoid a plastic look
  2. How to paint gold in an illustration

13. Painting The Blue Jacket / Choker

  1. Painting different materials

14. Hair: Blue Short Hair

  1. How to render hair
SECTION 06. Light: Creating Mercury Girl

15. Make Up 1

  1. Adding makeup to the portrait (sparkly makeup)

16. Different Light Moods & Layer Effects

  1. Using layer effects and color to change the mood

17. Sharpen, Noise, Chromatic Abberation etc

  1. Filter effects to add realism
  2. Special tips: How to add glam
SECTION 07. Procreate Extra: Red Girl Portrait

18. Procreate: Color Blocking & Blending

  1. Understanding the difference between PR and PS brushes and smudge tool

19. Procreate: Hair: Long Red Hair

  1. How to paint hair with Procreate

20. Procreate: Lips, Eyes

  1. Adding life: Eyes & lips
  2. Adding different types of makeup
SECTION 08. The Finish

21. More Textures For Her Skin

  1. Useful brushes for skin textures
  2. Skin texture: Freckles, highlights and sparkles

22. Sharpen, Blur, Chromatic Abberation, Noise

  1. Tools for final adjustment
  2. Useful tools to make your painting more realistic
SECTION 09. Conclusion

23. My Advice on Career & Social Media

  1. My experience with social media
  2. Things to keep in mind as a professional

*The release date of this class, curriculum images,
and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

with Illustrator DarkTownArt

Background images
Is there a specific reason
why you chose this specific topic/themes?

I enjoy painting portraits the most. Faces, especially eyes, fascinate me. I wanted share what I enjoy the most, so more people can enjoy painting portraits with me.

What makes your class different
from other classes?

The heavy focus on creating satisfying results in a semi-realistic and photo realistic digital portrait.

Please share your thoughts on the job market of the industry

We live in an era of change that offers more power to individual creators. As an influencer on Instagram, I was offered many interesting opportunities to create the art that I wanted with different brands—such as XP-Pen and Ubisoft. I love this type of work since it is giving me a lot of freedom, fun teams, and motivated people to work with.

Please share anything you would like to add to your students.

Work smart not hard. Practicing daily for 20 minutes yields better results than practicing 8 hours a day, once a week. The human brain learns from repetition and when given time to process what it has learned. This is why it's important to make it a habit to train daily. Study lots of things—from nature to photos, and always have your trusted anatomy book ready so you can look up things whenever needed.

Required Programs

This course will use Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

This class also contains additional instruction for Procreate (edited)

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Photoshop Procreate

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