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Create Your Own: Concept Art to Design

Illustrator, Zila Li

Class Details

Illustrator,Zila Li Details

Push Your Creative Boundaries with Illustrator, Zila Li
What makes your art unique? It's one of the questions we all ask ourselves as professional artists.

"Finding your original style" or "creating something of your own" is easy to say, but it's difficult to begin, especially because there isn't one right answer.
Illustrator Zila Li
Welcome to Zila's illustration class, carefully designed to help you explore and experiment with the concept and design.

Art is all about self-expression. Though it is nerve-breaking and challenging, "breaking conventions" comes with the process.

Join this class to push your creative boundaries in each illustration process, from ideation to using your design.

Class Perks
Special Gift from Zila Li

Expert Illustrator Zila Li's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

The goal of this class is to go over the essential skills to boost your creativity and design abilities.

Our focus is on two key areas: conceptualization and color theory. First, we will explore techniques to generate compelling concepts and develop a unique vision for your designs. Then, we'll analyze color theory principles and how to apply them in unconventional and unique ways.

By the end of this class, you will learn to create compelling and visually striking artwork and to use those designs to create your original merchandise.

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8 Class Exercises


Zila Li

Hello everyone!
My name is Zila Li, but you might know me better by my artist handle Eirlysie. I’m a freelance artist based in Canada, and I specialize in illustration and character design.

My main body of works surrounds surrealism, body horror and pin up. Thanks to Coloso, I will be able to share my experiences as an artist, my creative process and teach how to work with colors in both conventional and unconventional way. I look forward to meeting everyone!

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Illustrator,  Zila Li
Illustrator, Zila Li

Freelance Illustrator

Projects & Awards

- Collaborated with Aritzia for their Lunar Year 2023 collection
- Featured Artist on Girls Club Asia


Class Highlights

Conceptualize Your Illustrations

Creating a concept is like building a world around an idea. The denser the story is, the more persuasive the concept is. Though it sounds abstract, it's not once you get a hang of it. Learn how Zila builds her unique conceptual art from scratch.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Conventional vs. Unconventional

Have you ever thought that it's difficult to choose because there are too many options? Choosing the right color for an illustration can definitely give that feeling. In this class, you will learn the conventional and unconventional color schemes and how Zila makes unique color choices in her illustrations.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Explore & Experiment with Design

With your original and unique artwork, what can you do? Zila will share her knowledge and insights on creating merchandise with your illustration. From building the concept to packaging and presenting your merchandise, this is the time to make your original collection!

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look


01 Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Conceptualizing

02. Finding Your Subject Matter

  1. Understanding the artwork's usage and your audience: personal, commercial, merchandising, or studies/practice
  2. Finding references

03. Exercises for Your Creativity

  1. Mindmapping
  2. 20-40 quick thumbnail exercises

04. Character Stylization

  1. What to consider when stylizing the character drawing
  2. Drawing in Eirlysie's style pt.1: facial features
  3. Drawing in Eirlysie's style pt.2: body features

05. Putting Your Concept Together

  1. What to consider when choosing a thumbnail
  2. How to use references
  3. Refining the idea into a solid concept
SECTION 03. Coloring

06. Color Theory

  1. What is color theory, and why is it important?
  2. Understanding color harmony
  3. Understanding the color context
  4. Understanding color symbolism

07. Choosing Your Palette

  1. How to use color theory as a guidance
  2. Creating the mood and tone
  3. Finding references

08. Application of Color into Your Piece

  1. Trying out your initial ideas
  2. Mixing and matching colors
  3. Adding details to enhance the primary colors
SECTION 04. Experiments in Design

09. Adding a Background

  1. Why you should plan the background beforehand
  2. Adding typography
  3. Adding graphics
  4. Adding special effects
  5. Using your art to fill in the space

10. Designing Prints

  1. Standard dimensions for your canvas
  2. RGB, CMYK, and PMS color profiles
  3. To print locally or online

11. Designing stickers

  1. Different usages of stickers
  2. How to format your stickers
  3. Creating a collection

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Interview with
Illustrator Zila Li

Background Images
Why did you choose this specific topic?

I’ve often been told that my works are unique in the way I utilize colors and the concepts that I choose to explore. I believe that in my class, I can share the knowledge I have learned from experience and much experimentation. I’d like to encourage learning about the guidelines and techniques in art that has been passed down through history, but also be able to break them when necessary. Art, to me, is about innovation and breaking from norms to create something new, so I hope to teach my students how to balance the scale and to have fun!

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

I have always liked to illustrate and create art since I was a child. I used to frequent a lot of different art communities as a teenager, and I drew a lot with my online friends! Eventually, it became a career path thanks to the support and encouragement of my followers, friends, and family. I’ve been part of many projects in recent years, and I’m looking forward to more soon!

Please share anything you would like to add to your students.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my course and this interview section. Even if you choose not to be a student, I wish you the best in your endeavors and future as an artist, whether it remains a personal hobby or you decide to join the industry. If you ever feel lost or lonely, there are also many art communities and niches out there for you to explore and meet like-minded artists. You’ll learn a lot from them, and someone might learn a lot from you well. You might find your lifelong friends and partners in crime there as well! Remember to practice the fundamentals in art as well as the techniques you’d like to learn, and also let yourself have fun with your creative process. Talent comes from practice! You are your best teacher, so have confidence and enjoy your journey. I’ll be cheering for you!

Required Programs

This course will use Clip Studio Paint.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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