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Infusing Stylized Characters With Distinct Moods

Illustrator, Seoji

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Illustrator, Seoji
"Illustrations that convey the concept and mood solely through their poses and colors. You can create one as well."

How to Create High-quality Illustrations with Appealing Stylized Character
Popular instructor and illustrator Seoji, known for helping students transform their ever-changing drawing styles into a one-of-a-kind stylized character illustration style, is back with her second online class!
Illustrator, Seoji
This class is for those of you who have mastered sketching with the right balance of simplification and exaggeration but want to delve into creating high-density illustrations with intricate details.
Illustrator, Seoji
Starting with an application of light and shadow stylization in an animated way based on references, you'll then advance to accentuating dynamic motion through lines, creating beautiful color schemes, and ultimately finishing with lively, three-dimensional characters that burst with vibrancy.

Guidance will be provided on skillfully drawing character-optimized facial expressions, full-body poses, and even incorporating relevant props.

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Why Take This Class?

Masterful Coloring Techniques: Transforming Your Character from Simple to Eye-Catching

You’ve drawn your lines well, but do you find your drawing suddenly loses its luster when you add colors? Struggling to see improvement in your drawing skills?

Illustrator Seoji shares coloring tips for creating vibrant stylized character illustrations that consider the viewer's gaze, convey a sense of weight, and incorporate appropriate effects to make a stylized character illustration lively and captivating.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn in detail about selecting the overall color palette and accent colors that will determine a character's personality. Explore brush techniques and post-processing using Photoshop to enhance your illustrations.

With specific demonstrations of various mood expressions and exclusive coloring tips from an expert, Coloso brings you a unique blend of techniques you won't find anywhere else.

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9 Class Exercises



Hello, my name is Seoji, and I’m an illustrator.
I have been working in character design and illustration for several years, mainly on lively and colorful stylized character projects.

As an instructor, I also teach my unique style and techniques to my students at the academy.

In this class, I will provide solutions to common challenges, and address areas of interest that students frequently encounter when drawing stylized characters. My aim is to guide you towards a fulfilling and enjoyable drawing experience.

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Illustsrator, Seoji

Art in G Illustration Instructor

Projects & Awards

[Design and Illustration]
Netmarble Monster - Monster Taming,
Knights Chronicle
NINEARK - Undisclosed project

Netmarble Monster - Project P

Big Ball - Soccer Spirits
YooZoo - 少年三国志
tencent games - 白夜極光
Genius - Undisclosed project

[PR Illustration]
Meerkat Games - Royal Crown

[Card Illustration]
Rhaon Entertainment - TalesRunner
Ntreev Soft - PangyaM


Class Highlights

Enhancing Character Appeal with Dynamic Poses

Learn how to draw more dynamic and natural sketches with an emphasis on “motion,” the key element in expressing the situation and characteristics of a character, in order to maximize the sense of a character's personality.

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From Selecting an Eye-catching Color Palette to Actual Coloring

You will have the opportunity to explore color combinations that complement the character's mood, making the first impression of your drawing even more appealing. Practice the entire coloring process based on the character's concept, as you learn the actual working methods used by a professional artist.

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Finishing Touches that Improve the Quality, the Level of Completion and Details

You will not only learn how to quickly and accurately increase the density of stylized character illustrations, where subtle details can make a big difference, but also assess your own skills and focus on improving in areas where you may be lacking to achieve your goals in the drawing process.

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Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Understanding your Drawings

01. Identifying the Problems within a Drawing

  1. Comparing your work with the work of your favorite artist to set the direction
  2. Understanding the difference in the level of completion and quality
  3. When a drawing looks stiff/dull

02. Defining Stylization

  1. What is stylization?
  2. Object stylization through omission, exaggeration, distortion
  3. Drawing hair strands using stylization

03. Applying Stylization

  1. How to apply stylization to hats, tops, pants, and shoes
  2. How to truly embed your own style into your drawings

04. Imitating Photographs to Get the Feel of It 01: Drawing

  1. How to apply stylization to your sketches
  2. Animation-like omissions and exaggerations

05. Imitating Photographs to Get the Feel of It 02: Coloring

  1. Casual coloring using exaggeration and omission
  2. Finishing techniques to increase the level of completion
SECTION 02. Drawing Lively Characters 01: Sketch

06. How to Sketch Like a Pro

  1. Common mistakes when drawing human poses
  2. How to draw different poses
  3. Different sketches for different characters

07. Dramatic Poses and Natural Motions

  1. Expressing movement using the character’s design
  2. Objectively assessing your own drawings to make meaningful improvements
  3. Changing the direction of the view to make the angle more engaging

08. Character Sketches that are Full of Life

  1. The process and method of sketching while paying particular attention to motions
  2. How to edit motions after the sketch is done
SECTION 03. Drawing Lively Characters 02: Line Drawing

09. Line Drawing that Makes or Breaks the Illusion of Motion

  1. How to use lines elegantly
  2. Consistent lines with defined contrast
  3. Drawing lines in a semi-realistic way

10. Beautiful and Elegant Line Drawings

  1. Drawing three-dimensional lines
  2. How to make your drawing crisp from the line drawing stage
  3. Filling in the finishing details
SECTION 04. Drawing Lively Characters 03: Coloring

11. Color Palette that Suits the Characters

  1. Three ways of categorizing a color palette
  2. How to identify pretty color palettes
  3. How to use bright and clear color palettes

12. Understanding Light and Shadow, the Easy and Light Way

  1. Understanding how shadows appear based on the direction of light
  2. Boxing the character to identify identical sides
  3. Practicing shadow shapes based on the direction of light

13. Coloring that Improves the Quality of the Drawing 01

  1. Why it’s important to color bigger objects first
  2. Sticking with your selected color palette throughout the coloring process

14. Coloring that Improves the Quality of the Drawing 02

  1. How to add a color palette to diversify the mood
  2. Adding bold accent colors

15. Coloring that Improves the Level of Completion

  1. How to express a variety of color palettes
  2. Improving the level of completion by paying attention to details
  3. How to deal with areas that are no longer necessary

16. Portraying Details that Add Liveliness

  1. Elements that add liveliness to the character
  2. Using props to add a sense of space
  3. Guiding the direction of the gaze and enhancing the illusion of motion

17. Photoshop Corrections that Change the Mood of the Character

  1. Photoshop correction techniques
  2. Changing the color palette using Layer Blending
  3. Adding effects to the drawing using the Filter Gallery
Section 05. Drawing Serious Characters 01: Sketch

18. Setting the Situation and the Atmosphere

  1. Setting the situation using the character design
  2. Picking the right situation to convey your intent as an artist

19. Upgrading the Sketch: Composition and Props

  1. Using the grid to set the location of the props
  2. Choosing the right props
  3. Carefully filling in the density of the drawing
Section 06. Drawing Serious Characters 02: Line Drawing

20. Attention-Catching Character Drawing with Limited Motion

  1. How to use horizontal and vertical lines, and what to look out for
  2. Exaggerating and omitting according to the situation
  3. Drawing simple yet non-monotonous lines

21. Shaping an Attractive Face

  1. Drawing the eyes, the key facial feature
  2. Drawing the different facial features
Section 07. Drawing Serious Characters 03: Coloring

22. Using the Light to Accentuate

  1. Identifying the part you want to accentuate, after setting the situation
  2. How to use light to guide the direction of the gaze
  3. Using the contrast between light and shadow

23. Coloring Dim Drawings for Better Clarity and Transparency 01

  1. Learn the importance of saturation
  2. How to make your drawing brighter
  3. How to color to fix murkiness in a drawing

24. Coloring Dim Drawings for Better Clarity and Transparency 02

  1. Learn the importance of contrast
  2. Adding depth to the intensity of light
  3. Completing the drawing while maintaining saturation

25. Upgrading Low-saturation Drawings

  1. Adding brightness to increase contrast
  2. How to increase low saturation
  3. How to quickly add weight and increase the level of completion

26. Finishing Touches that Increase the Density of a Drawing

  1. Types of effects that counteract stillness
  2. A step-by-step guide to applying effects
  3. Defining the scope of correction
Section 08. Bonus: Coloring Techniques that Enhance Visual Appeal

27. Coloring Black and Silver Hair

  1. Understanding the importance of highlighting
  2. The quick and easy way to color black and silver hair

28. Accessory Stylization

  1. How to draw accessories
  2. Drawing with stylization techniques
  3. Coloring metal accessories

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Interview with
Illustrator Seoji

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How is this Class Different from the First Class?

The first class focused intensively on introducing a concept of character drawing that is based on the stylization theory. In this class, however, we will skip the fundamental theory and instead go through a step-by-step guide on how to infuse more dynamics into your drawings while intensifying the use of color. This class is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in the basics and not seeing progress, or if you've been looking for more in-depth and exercise-based practice with completing actual drawings.

What Do You Think Your Strengths are as an Illustrator?

I’m very good at expressing different body poses and motions, which I consider to be the core elements of character drawing. Not only that, the settings for my drawings are well-thought out, and the color palettes I use can grab the attention of the viewer in an instant. As I’ve given numerous drawing classes and have built a substantial background in training, I've gained a great deal of expertise in efficiently enhancing the level of completion and quality of character illustration, with a special focus on casual styles.

What Will the Students Gain from this Class?

The curriculum covers everything from sketching a stylized character according to the desired concept, selecting the right colors, and adding finishing touches to upgrade the drawing. Specifically, I will provide students with detailed guidance on what to watch out for, how to make corrections, and how to determine when a drawing is finished. This will help them develop a sense for drawing.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Adobe Photoshop 2022

Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized course experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.


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