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Character Illustration Masterclass: Drawing Attractive Characters

Illustrator Rinotuna & Concept Artist Soyoong

Class Details

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Master the Techniques of Skilled Instructors
From Character Design Theory to Practice

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong Design Class to Learn to Enhance the Attractiveness of Characters

Do you want to start character drawing but don't know how?

Meet the character design all-in-one class,
where you can master the full process of character drawing,
from how to create characters with your own unique style,
to practical tips for how to grow as a designer.

In addition to visualizing the concepts in your head,
you can learn about essential elements in character design
and experience practical work in the field!

This curriculum specialized in character design,
from master teachers Rinotuna and Soyoong
is now available at Coloso.


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Length: 47 videos
Difficulty: Basic Level
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

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Class exercises

Practice With Step-By-Step Examples
To Create Unique Characters

Part 01. Complete Your Own Unique Character
Illustrator Rinotuna

Part 02. Learning the Workflow of a Character Designer
Concept Artist Soyoong

Final Outcome

*These are sample images for better understanding.

Core Skills
For This Class

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong
Core Expressions and Manners of the Human Body, Composition, and Coloring

You'll understand the basic fundamentals of the human body, learn how to represent it three-dimensionally, and understand approaches to coloring as well as color arrangements that differ depending on lighting.

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong
Visualizing Design Concepts with Various Ideas and References

You'll bring references and concepts to life, include them in illustrations, and develop character designs based on visual design theories.

콜로소 일러스트 이미지
Character Design Course for Highlighting Aesthetic Themes

You'll find out how to effectively communicate the subject by identifying the target audience in multi-faceted ways and applying an expression method that fits your character.

콜로소 일러스트 이미지
Tips for Enhancing Quality and Practical Techniques in Character Design

You'll learn tips for refining designs to enhance illustration quality and look into the character drafting and character sheet processes.

After Finishing This Class

After learning from the basic theory
of character design to drawing methods,
you will be able to create an appealing character
that fully represents your originality.

Background images

A Complete Guide to Character Illustration

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong Roadmap

This CLASS has been carefully constructed
by the education experts at Coloso to provide a curriculum
that will help customers prepare to enter the industry.


Class Highlights

All About Trendy Character
Design Starting From Scratch

Look no further if you are trying to figure out how to start character design! From understanding theory to completing the illustration, you'll find a way to transform the ideas in your head into drawings step-by-step.

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong Introduction

The Practical Process of Becoming a Character Designer

Through silhouette, color contrast, point transformation, etc.,
you'll learn how to accentuate a given theme and apply it to your illustration,
in the process learning portfolio composition in a practitioner's field.

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong Introduction

Lifetime Access to Drawing Skills and References From Skilled Instructors

With just a single purchase, you can have lifetime of the class where outstanding character design insights is shared by Rinotuna, whose classes are on standby for three years, and Soyoong, a skilled instructor who always has a waiting list at Propic Academy, as well as abundant class materials that help with continuous learning.

Coloso Rinotuna & Soyoong Introduction
Coloso Rinotuna

Arteum Academy
Human Body Drawing/Illustration Class Instructor
Freelance illustrator

Projects & Awards

[Book publication]
<Friendly Drawing>
<Friendly Coloring>
<Dynamic Drawing>
<Friendly Light and Color>

[Projects participated in]
Illustration work for Destiny Child of SHIFTUP

Coloso Soyoong
Concept Artist,

Instructor at Propic Academy
Freelance concept artist

Projects & Awards

2017 - 2019 Netmarble Monster [Knights Chronicle]
2017 Line Plus

[Projects outsourced]
2021 Studio Amber, Ash Arms Character Design, Illustration
2021 Studio TourDog, Alchemy Stars PR Illustration
2020 Netmarble Nexus, Seven Knights Illustration
2019 YOSTAR, Crack in the Ark PR illustration
2016 ATEAM, Three Kingdoms Smash, ZEONIX, Fantasy Masters II


Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

Coloso Rinotuna

Part 01. Ideation and Expression Techniques for Character Creation
Illustrator, Rinotuna

Coloso Soyoong

Part 02. Character Design and Illustration with a Focus on Themes
Concept Artist, Soyoong

**The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
Rinotuna and Soyoong

Background images
What Particular Strengths and Unique Elements Do You as an Instructor Bring to These Lectures?

Technique is key to drawing various tastes and genres of illustration and reinterpreting them in your style. I also gain inspiration from objects, animals, and plants ; i empathize with the tastes of people around me, and find inspiration from various sources. Through this course, I would like to teach the learners to develop an eye to observe the world and curiosity as an artist.

I thoroughly share the insights I've gained from seven years as a concept artist so that complicated character design can be approached in a fun and entertaining way. I also demonstrate a design direction that can be obtained while working in the field. I put everything into this course, including my study tactics that I discovered after a lot of 'trial and error' and the mindset to continue my career as a practitioner.

What Is the Overall Purpose or Unique Selling Point of This Course?

You can learn the fundamentals of character design to review how to fix difficulties in your own illustration work. For you to develop a quality illustration, it is crucial to try drawing a lot first, and deepen your experience and theory. I hope you can learn a lot from this course.

This class provides a practical guide on what and how to draw so students can achieve their goals instead of getting lost. You'll learn to create character designs and portfolio work more easily and enjoyably.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.
*Clip Studio, Procreate may also be used, but the class is taught with Photoshop. (Certain features taught in the class are only availabe in Photoshop. Brush options and shortcuts are also based on Photoshop)

Adobe Photoshop CC

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