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Class Intro
Illustrator, Rinotuna

Is it difficult to draw
an original character that fits
a new theme and elements?

Including several illustration-related publications
such as <Kind Coloring> and <Dynamic Drawing>,
Rinotuna is a popular instructor at Arteum
and a master of ideas.

Step by step, he will teach you
how to effectively visualize
abstract thoughts such as
ideas and keywords.

Coloso Rinotuna Express Yourself with Character Creation Ideation

From collecting inspiration from broad areas
and reference analysis methods,
and through a curriculum where students
can try out designs of
different directions themselves.

Complete a brand new
character illustration
where rich imagination
and colors stand out!

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 26 videos
(28h 45m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

Layer properties preset PSD
for expressing detail
Original work PSD to check
work procedure and layers

Expert Illustrator
Rinotuna's Profile & Portfolio



I am illustrator Rinotuna.

I am currently teaching Human body
drawing/Illustration classes in Arteum Academy,
as well as working as a character designer
who creates characters with different concepts
in social media and several game projects.

I believe that people who draw
will inevitably want to create
their own characters at some point in their lives.
And I often saw people who were upset
when the results came in lower than expected.

We will learn about the process of character design
from observation to completion in this class,
and we will help you feel more confident
so that the challenges of character design
feel more liberating and exciting.

Background images
Coloso Rinotuna

Arteum Academy
Class instructor (Human body drawing Illustration)
Freelance Illustrator

Projects & Awards

Written Composition: Kind Drawing
Kind Coloring
Dynamic Drawing
Kind Light and Color

SHIFT UP Destiny Child Illustration


9 Class Exercises

Rinotuna Class Exercises

Your Own Illustration

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

3 Years of Being Waitlisted!
Make Rinotuna’s Drawing
Know-How Yours

It's about time to get off the waitlist! Learn the drawing know-how from the popular instructor, Rinotuna, You can learn the drawing know-hows from a popular instructor, Rinotuna, online for a lifetime as much as you want.

Coloso Rinotuna Introduction

Starting from Zero,
Beginner’s Guide To
Character Design

Are you feeling lost about where to start your character design? Join this class to learn how to express your ideas easily and effectively by following a step-by-step process from ideation to completion.

Coloso Rinotuna Introduction

Trendy Silhouette and Coloring Using the Visual Design Theory

Make your own character design that anyone can relate to through logical visual design theory and sensible coloring methods such as understanding, analysis, depth, and color. Create your own character design that anyone can relate to using logical visual design theory and practical coloring methods such as comprehension, analysis, intensification, and color.

Coloso Rinotuna Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Class Orientation

01. Setting Up an Optimized Environment for Drawing

  1. Orientation: What you can learn from this class
  2. Description of Photoshop shortcuts and work environment
SECTION 02. Character Drawing Focus

02. Shaping the Basic Human Body

  1. Human body proportions and basic shaping
  2. Using elements to express 3-D

03. 3-D Composition and Expressing Motion

  1. Expression by using motion and center of gravity
  2. Expression by using camera angles

04. 3-D Expressions of Major Joints such as Hands and Feet

  1. 3D expression of neck, shoulders and pelvis
  2. Naturally drawing hands and feet

05. Ways of Expressing Different Characters

  1. Stylized human body according to gender and body type
  2. Head shape and physique expression for character impression
SECTION 03. The Point in Coloring a Character

06. Understanding Core Light Theory

  1. Organizing basic light theory
  2. Organizing important terms

07. Understanding Core Color Theory

  1. Organizing basic color theory
  2. Looking into the basics of color scheme

08. Shadow Colors as Affected by Lighting

  1. Applying light and color theory
  2. Coloring methods according to lighting environment
SECTION 04. Beginning Character Design

09. Design Ideas and Collecting Reference

  1. Organizing inspirations for character design and ways to think of ideas
  2. Effective method of collecting reference

10. Actualizing Design Ideas

  1. Organizing idea analysis and keywords
  2. Actualizing ideas

11. Switching into different design elements

  1. Applying props on base costumes
  2. Developing base character design
SECTION 05. Core Theory for Character Design

12. Silhouettes and Compositions for Character Design: Understanding

  1. Visual balance utilizing area and line
  2. Utilization of symmetry, asymmetry, and spatial proportions

13. Silhouettes and Compositions for Character Design: Analysis

  1. Understanding static and dynamic design
  2. Understanding the position of the center of gravity and the flow of the eyes

14. Silhouettes and Compositions for Character Design: Intensive

  1. Simplify and emphasize connection and separation
  2. Edge and transition

15. Silhouettes and Compositions for Character Design: expression

  1. Knowing various color schemes
  2. Effect of color scheme
SECTION 06. Applying Designs to Characters

16. Design Sketch

  1. Design sketch to show keywords and props well

17. Tips for 3-D Design

  1. TIP 1 : Utilizing space
  2. TIP 2 : Emphasizing silhouette
  3. TIP 3 : Comparing and analyzing the good and bad examples

18. Organizing Character Draft

  1. Working on character draft
  2. Planning the direction of development based on the draft
SECTION 07. Production Process of Creative Character Illustrations

19. Sketch and Organizing Lines, Painting the Base Color

  1. Things you need to be careful with in the sketch and organizing lines stage
  2. Painting the base color planning the separation of details

20. First-Coating the Color of Shadow Based on the Lighting Settings

  1. Picking illuminance based on the theory of light and color
  2. Picking a color for the dark part based on the lighting

21. Actual Depiction 1 : Depicting Large Parts

  1. Expressing the structure of a large object
  2. Expressing skin
  3. Expressing costumes and wrinkles

22. Actual Depiction 2 : Depicting Small Parts

  1. Depicting props and small objects
  2. Depicting facial features, hairs, and hands
  3. Clearing up the basic depiction and adjusting the tones

23. Additional Depiction : Knowhow to Raise Details

  1. Methods and orders for raising the details efficiently
  2. Depicting the details of the human body and facial structure

24. Additional Depiction: Expression of Materials and Light

  1. Checking up on the tone, reflected light and closed shadow
  2. Applying highlights and effects depending on the material

25. Finishing the Painting : Correction and Wrap-up

  1. Explanation of major correction functions in Photoshop
  2. Cleaning up the painting to raise perfection
SECTION 08. Finishing The Lecture

26. To Everyone Who Loves Painting

  1. Attitude to study painting
  2. Things to prepare to become a freelancer

with Illustrator Rinotuna

Background images
What are your intentions of planning
this course?

The goal of this class is to complete an original, satisfactory character design. I'd like to explain the broad process of making a character that people can sympathize with, and come by with a story within the character's props and silhouette beyond simply drawing a great character. I will explain in detail based on my skills and technique learned from actual illustration work, so you'd be able to create higher quality work.

Which point differentiates this course
from others?

I believe it's the ability to tolerate various tastes and genres, and then reinterpreting them into one's own style. When you're designing different characters, I believe one has an advantage when he/she has widespread interests. I too have discovered different charms from surrounding objects, animals, and plants, and then sympathized with the tastes of people around me. That has led me to get inspired from much more places. Through this class, I want my students to have the eyes that observe the world, and grow one's curiosity as an artist as well.

What can students gain
from this course?

Students can gain overall skills in character design, where you can check for yourself room for improvement, and make the illustration better. As you study you will have moments when you'll have to depend on feelings, such as design and color. If you lack certainty here, your artwork will only seem passive. It is necessary to have experience from lots of work and intense theoretical lessons to develop your artwork in your desired direction, and that's exactly what I want you to gain from this class.

Required Programs

Information about programs used in this class.
This class is taught using programs listed below.
Please install the latest program version(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

Adobe photoshop CC (US version)
* These program(s) and/or materials will not be provided with the class.
* Compatible lower versions : Adobe photoshop CS6 or higher

*Clip Studio, Procreate users may take the class as well, but the lectures are based on Photoshop.
(Some features used in exercises only exist in Photoshop and the instructor's brush options and shortcuts are also set up for Photoshop)

Adobe photoshop cc

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