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Fundamentals to Mastering Stylized Portrait Painting

Illustrator, Pluvium

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  • Beginner
  • Total 28 videos
  • English
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  • Class materials included

Illustrator,Pluvium Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Meet your instructor and learn about the overview of this class

  • SECTION 02
    • 02. Software and Setup- Look at common features and interface elements - Set up your workspace

    • 03. Brushes and Brush Making- Introducing some common brush settings - Choosing a brush - Make your own brush

    • 04. Layering (Or Not) and Layering Options- When do you use layers? - Understanding layer modes - Reasons I don't use layers

  • SECTION 03
    • 05. Lines- Brush settings for your lines - All about line quality - Focusing on line weight

    • 06. Shapes- Extracting shapes from a reference - Composing with shapes - Go through thumbnailing process

    • 07. Values- Studying values from a statue reference - Lighting methods you need to know - Using values to define edges - Working on texture detail

    • 08. Colors- Learn the basic color theory - Using hue and saturation as values - View saturation in different value ranges

  • SECTION 04
    • 09. Technical Reference- What to Look For: Clarity of subject - Form break-down

    • 10. Features- Studying body parts in isolation - Drawing facial features - About body parts and landmarks

    • 11. Figure Drawing- What to Look For: Avoid ambiguity - Referenced studies - Imaginative practices

    • 12. Facial Expressions- Sketching the eyes - Detailing on skin folds - How about mouth and lips? - Angle and lighting

    • 13. Designing Hair- Laying out the base of the hair - About hair sections - Expressing flow - Adding lighting

    • 14. Value References- What to Look For: Lighting type - Understanding dynamic range - Examine blocking

    • 15. Draw Along!- Pin up statue reference - Blocking major shapes accurately - Adjusting value ranges early - How about subtle forms?

    • 16. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Major Changes- Learn About: Lasso - Learn About: Liquidfy - Try repainting!

    • 17. Inserting an Object- Paint in objects with lighting consistency - How does surrounding object affect color and light? - Form collision and intersections

  • SECTION 05
    • 18. Mood Board and Main Reference- Analyzing a reference - Good vs Bad references

    • 19. Picking Your Focal Point- Remember to not pick too many! - Everything About: Design focus - Everything About: Lighting focus

    • 20. Intentional Deviation from Realism- What is important to you in an illustration? - Consistency in application - Exaggeration vs Understatement

    • 21. Draw Along!- Portrait reference - What are your lighting styles? - Keep an eye on saturation

    • 22. Self Critique- Isolate the good and bad parts - Making a plan to address them - Recording your own timelapse

  • SECTION 06
    Original Character Painting
    • 23. Original Character Design- Design with painting in mind - Inquire into main elements - Less is sometimes more!

    • 24. Painting Based on a Reference- Use the lighting and composition of the reference - Adding and matching features from your character - About the complexity of light - Modifying the lighting to accent your character's designs

    • 25. Finishing Touches- Check out layering (or not) - Pointing out the edge and details - Lens blurs, glare, highlight, and environmental light

  • SECTION 07
    Bonus: Finalization
    • 26. Shape Searching: Painting from a Void- See the overall balance - Texture and shape spam - Complete clean up procedure - Now, let's repeat!

    • 27. Adjustments and Clean Up- Adjustment explanation - Looking through filters - Uncommon filters and touch-ups

  • SECTION 08
    • 28. Portrait and Character Art Is Only a Part of the Whole- Applying the method to other subjects - Implementing it in your career - Don't stop, keep drawing!

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