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Master Anime Characters: from Basics to Paid Commissions

Illustrator, Niii

Class Details

  • Basic
  • Total 21 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

Illustrator,Niii Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Introducing your instructor and helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    Eyes, Faces and Hair
    • 02. Learning to Draw Faces from Different Angles: Avoid These Common Mistakes!- Details of facial features - Common mistakes in drawing faces - Techniques and considerations for drawing facial features from different angles

    • 03. Drawing Expressive Emotions: Shaping Characters and Stories- Depicting different levels of emotions - Designing expressions according to character's personality

    • 04. Mastering the Proper Hair Volume and Drawing of Hair Strands- Structure of hair - Shapes of hair strands - Techniques for drawing different hair styles

    • 05. Complete Guide to Coloring Face, Eye and Hair- Learning color theory - Picking the color for shading - Build up your own color library

  • SECTION 03
    Color and Light
    • 06. Exploring Color Choices and Using Color to Create Depth/Dimension- Details and common mistakes in drawing shadows - Different light sources - Application of shadows in composition

    • 07. Designing Light and Shadow: Learning the Handling and Application- Curves and structure of different body parts - Drawing techniques and common mistakes - Tips for drawing body perspectives

  • SECTION 04
    Body and Outfit
    • 08. Key Details and Tips for Drawing Body Parts- Techniques for drawing folds - Details and common mistakes in different clothing - Charming points of different clothing

    • 09. Clothing Details and Memorizing These Folds- Steps for coloring the body - Practice with different characters

    • 10. Pro Skin Coloring with Just Two Techniques and Five Steps- Steps for coloring different clothing - Practice with different characters

    • 11. Coloring Techniques for Four Common Fabrics and Clothing Folds- Light and shadow design for female bodies from a side view - Composition and scene design - Quick coloring

  • SECTION 05
    From Sketch to Completion: Quiet Beauty; Room Lighting; Close View
    • 12. Quiet Beauty: Sketching- Light and shadow design for female bodies - Composition and scene design - Quick coloring

    • 13. Quiet Beauty: Coloring- Coloring characters in room lighting

    • 14. Quiet Beauty: Simple Background and Fine Tuning- Coloring indoor scene - Drawing sweating bullets - Fine tuning

  • SECTION 06
    From Sketch to Completion: Bright Kawaii, Bright Lighting, and Front View
    • 15. Bright Kawaii: Sketching- Drawing flowing hair - Quick clothing sketching - Composition and scene design - Quick coloring

    • 16. Bright Kawaii: Coloring- Coloring characters in strong light

    • 17. Bright Kawaii: Simple Background and Fine Tuning- Coloring the sky - Coloring water surfaces - Fine Tuning

  • SECTION 07
    From Sketch to Completion: Captivating Figure, Colored Lighting, and Bottom View
    • 18. Captivating Figure: Sketching- Drawing exaggerated anatomy - Quick clothing sketching - Composition and scene design - Quick coloring

    • 19. Captivating Figure: Coloring- Coloring characters in colored lighting

    • 20. Captivating Figure: Simple Background and Fine-Tuning- Rendering colored lighting - Coloring indoor scenes - Fine-tuning

  • SECTION 08
    Achieve Social Media Success: Strategies to Launch Your Career
    • 21. Tips for Managing Social Media and Taking Commissions- Analyzing the elements of popular images on social media - Methods to increase exposure and follower count - Sharing commission content and pricing - Commission dos and don'ts & things to be cautious about

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