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Creating Adorable Character Illustrations with Vivid Colors

Illustrator, ne-on

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Illustrator,ne-on Details


Class Intro

Illustrator, ne-on
Everything you need to know about drawing cute and vibrant illustrations from A to Z.

Create Vivid Illustrations
from Step 1
Learn how to create characters with clear, translucent eyes and skin, and convey a refreshing mood!

Illustrator ne-on, known for her unique and lively artworks, shares her character drawing methods from the basics and beyond..
Illustrator ne-on
ne-on discusses the fundamentals of character design, such as creating an attractive face and hair, balancing depictions of the human body, and semi-translucent techniques.

These techniques will help you add a "refreshing" charm to the character and explore color adjustment methods using blue tones.

Even if you are new to drawing character illustrations, you can easily create an adorable and beautiful illustration.

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Why Take This Class?

This course will teach you how to draw appealing characters using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

We will mainly focus on learning a wide range of methods. These include establishing necessary concepts and compositions, posing figures in accordance with their environment, using other expression techniques, and selecting colors in a unique way.

By the end of this course, you will also learn how to finalize your work with blue tones, completing your very own character.

8 Class Exercises

Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Methods of Depicting Faces
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Methods of Depicting Hair
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Coloring Methods for Different Body Parts
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Character Design Tips
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Expressing through Pose & Concept
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Drawing Realistic Rough Sketches
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Coloring Techniques for Light and Shadow
Coloso ne-on 講座例題
Adding Finishing Touches


Hello, this is freelance illustrator ne-on.
I mainly create illustrations for social media games, and have recently been working on a number of illustrations for VTubers.

In this class, you will learn how to draw cute character illustrations that I taught myself to create while working.

Additionally, I will provide tips to address the concerns of newcomers to illustration.

Background Images
Coloso ne-on
Illustrator, ne-on


Projects & Awards

Numerous Virtual YouTuber Character Designs and Merchandise Illustrations
Numerous Mobile Game Character Illustrations
Numerous Light Novel Cover Illustrations
Numerous TCG (Trading Card Game) Illustrations


Class Highlights

Draw Stunningly Adorable Female Characters

Illustrator, ne-on will provide a clear and concise explanation of the basics of drawing cute female characters. This includes tips on how to balance their facial features and create attractive hairstyles. In addition, she will provide detailed instructions on essential elements for creating a cute character, such as charming expressions and selecting props and costumes that fit their concept.

Coloso ne-on 講座のポイント

Character Expression Through Pose & Concept

You will acquire a range of skills starting from the preparatory stages, such as establishing scenarios or compositions. This includes setting appropriate character poses for scenarios and mastering the art of conveying suitable gestures. Additionally, you will learn the key points of coloring each part through realistic physical expression methods.

Coloso ne-on 講座のポイント

Creating an Illustration That Really Pops

ne-on will share tips on how to create a clear and clean illustration of female characters. Specifically, she will explain how to choose and adjust colors that make the illustration feel fresh, how to utilize translucency characteristics to create visual effects, and how to finalize your work by using blue tones.

Coloso ne-on 講座のポイント

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Overview of the class
  2. Mindset for drawing illustrations
SECTION 02. Basics of Drawing Cute Characters: Face

02. Achieving Facial Harmony

  1. Balance: front view & side profile
  2. Balance: diagonal view

03. Drawing Faces from Different Angles

  1. Face viewed from above (downward angle)
  2. Face viewed from below (upward angle)

04. Drawing Pretty Hairstyles

  1. Basic approach to hair depiction
  2. Drawing hair practically

05. Coloring Face and Hair

  1. Line art before coloring
  2. Face coloring
  3. Hair coloring
SECTION 03. Basics of Drawing Cute Characters: Body

06. Balancing the Body

  1. Balance: body depiction
  2. Suitable body balance for characters

07. Highlight Character Features with Color

  1. Full body coloring
  2. Coloring the collarbone and abdomen
  3. Coloring armpits and hands
SECTION 04. Basics of Drawing Cute Characters: Expressions and Costumes

08. Creating Captivating Expressions

  1. Trying out various expressions
  2. Drawing expressions suitable for the situation

09.Designing Costumes and Props

  1. Selecting costumes and props to add cuteness
  2. Tips on character design
SECTION 05. Creating Illustration Compositions Through Concepts

10. Composition: Environment and Lighting

  1. Environment
  2. Lighting

11. Composition: Cute Poses and Gestures

  1. Poses
  2. Gestures

12. Illustrating a Background

  1. Pros and cons of illustrations with backgrounds
  2. Creating a background that highlights the character
SECTION 06. Rough Draft Creation

13. Rough: Realistic Body Expressions & Poses

  1. Preparing references based on concepts
  2. Drawing rough character sketches while considering realistic body expressions and poses
SECTION 07. Coloring

14. Base Color Work Before Coloring

  1. Setting up lighting based on the concept
  2. Applying shadow base color

15. Character Coloring

  1. Coloring hair and skin
  2. Costume coloring
SECTION 08. Finishing Touches

16. Choosing Colors to Express a Vibrant Look

  1. Color selection for conveying a fresh vibe
  2. Adjusting overall color tone

17. Enhance Your Work With Finishing Touches

  1. Finishing work with translucency in mind
  2. Finishing work using blue tones

18. Highlighting the Character

  1. Maintaining perspective
  2. Adjusting lines
  3. Adjusting hair, highlights, & adding details

19. Background and Effects

  1. Background blur effect
  2. Adding overall effects
SECTION 09. Supplementary Chapter

20. Supplementary Chapter

  1. Drawing standing CGs
  2. Path to improve illustration skills

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Interview with
Illustrator ne-on

Background Images
What would you say are your strengths or distinguishing features compared to other classes?

I often receive compliments on my illustrations for their "airy and ethereal quality," so I think that might be my strong suit. In this course, I have focused on sharing techniques to bring out that ethereal essence in your artwork. I have added tips to help you make noticeable progress in an easier way.

What are the challenges faced by those studying this field, and how will they be addressed in this class?

Capturing characters in accurate, three-dimensional drawings can be difficult. In this course, we prioritize creating illustrations using references rather than solely relying on drawing techniques. This approach can help reduce concerns in that area. Drawing from my experience of receiving evaluations on my illustrations, I aim to assist those who feel frustrated by a lack of recognition despite their skill in drawing.

What are your thoughts on the marketability and future prospects of the illustration field?

With the growing discussions about the utility of AI, I believe that its use in streamlining processes like aligning client expectations can save time and prove convenient. However, I don't think that AI will eliminate the need for illustrators and with the rise in smartphone use among youth, people may find the transition to digital illustration much easier, so it's likely that the number of aspiring illustrators will continue to increase in the future.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Photoshop 2022 (Ver. 23.5.3)
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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