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Completing Your Journey of Character Creation and Illustration

Illustrator, Nana

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Illustrator,Nana Details

NANA 일러스트 이미지

Are you struggling with creating your own anime-style original character?
Or looking for ways to make your character stand out?
It's a step that can seem like a daunting wall, but no worries!
Nana will be here at Coloso to assist you in taking that step!

A beloved illustrator with 460K+ followers unveil the
treasure trove of her valuable tips and insights!

Build a solid foundation for your character design and illustration skills with
Nana's carefully designed class with her practical approach.


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Length: 19 videos
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: English

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Software Required

Clipstudio Paint
Adobe Photoshop

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4 Custom brushes
9 PSD files
3 Supplementary JPG files

Expert Illustrator
Nana's Profile & Portfolio

※ This portfolio includes fan art

Why Take This Class?

This class is designed to help you create your own characters using
a practical approach by covering essential topics and exercises.

Step by step, the trendy illustrator Nana will guide you through fundamental art techniques
and demonstrate how to apply them in creating an amazing character.

You'll learn how to use 'fashion' as a powerful tool
for character design, along with exploring various physical appearances.
Additionally, you'll gain insights into texturing different materials and skin.

By the end of the course, you'll have experienced
the entire character creation process alongside Nana, your guide.

Background Images

16 Class Exercises

Coloso Nana Exercises

Planning a Character

Coloso Nana Exercises

Basic Head Breakdown

Coloso Nana Exercises

Basic Body Breakdown

Coloso Nana Exercises

Male & Female Bodies

Coloso Nana Exercises


Coloso Nana Exercises

Stylization & Gesture

Coloso Nana Exercises

Color Picking

Coloso Nana Exercises

Clothing Folds

Coloso Nana Exercises

Finalizing the Plan

Coloso Nana Exercises

Diffused Reflection

Coloso Nana Exercises


Coloso Nana Exercises

Lineart Techniques

Coloso Nana Exercises

Base Coloring

Coloso Nana Exercises


Coloso Nana Exercises

Fine Tune

Coloso Nana Exercises

Post Processing

Coloso Nana Exercises

Final Illustration



Hello, my name is NANA!

Growing up, I've always been interested in trying out things but
never was passionate about anything.
That was before 2016 when I first discovered drawing on tablets!

I found drawing as an outlet during some really hard times,
then later started creating a comic as a self healing journey
and to tell a story close to my heart.
Eventually I became interested in the world of illustration.

Since then, my passion has guided me through my art journey.
I was able to improve and eventually take the next step into freelancing.

I'm glad that my art has been able to move people
or even just make their day a little better!
I'm very grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey
and especially to those who continue to do so!

Background Images
illustrator Nana
Illustrator Nana

Freelance Illustrator

Recognizable Projects & Awards

Crunchyroll games - [Grand Alliance] Character art design & illustration: Shin & Kazimir the Sovereign
Level Infinite, Tencent Games - [Nikke] Character Illustration PR
Hotta Studio - [Tower of Fantasy] Character Illustration PR

[FOUR QUARTERS] March 2016 - present, Webtoon | Original webcomic
[Arknights Illustration Fanbook] June 2020,
[The Various Sides of Nana] July 2022, Original Character Illustration Book"


Class Highlights

Learn Nana's Entire Process of Anime Character Illustration

You will gain knowledge and drawing skills for incorporating details of maturity, gender, and composition into character illustration. You will also be taken through Nana's entire process, from concept building and character design to the final touches.

Coloso Nana Introduction

Find Out How to Make Your Character Stand Out

You will embark on a journey to master the art of creating compelling atmospheres by infusing your characters with personality through their facial expressions and gestures.

Coloso Nana Introduction

Exclusive Tips from Trendy Illustrator Nana

When it comes to designing or illustrating characters, you may feel like something is missing. However, by learning the small details like bodyline anatomy and fundamental theories, you can boost your confidence in drawing and bridge that gap.

Coloso Nana Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Design & Idea Building

02. Moodboard

  1. Create a moodboard
  2. Basic story/background for character development
SECTION 03. Character Illustration Fundamentals

03. Breaking Down the Body

  1. Learning the basic features of character's face and head
  2. Anime style of face parts building

04. Breaking Down the Body II

  1. Learning the proportions of a character's body
  2. Simple placement of parts using shapes

05. Gender & Maturity

  1. Physical characteristics depending on gender
  2. Young vs. Mature

06. Expressiveness

  1. Stiff vs. Flow
  2. Express personality through body language and expressions

07. Basic Color Theories & Shading

  1. Basic color theories, theme
  2. Shading materials

08. Detailing the Character

  1. Hairstyle & clothing
  2. Defining traits & details
  3. Color themes

09. Lights and Theories

  1. Light Theories
  2. Light source examples

10. Composition & Perspective

  1. Different composition types, character perspectives
  2. Negative & positive space
  3. Mood: Color & light source
SECTION 04. Base Sketch

11. Illustration Planning

  1. Storytelling, mood or feature
  2. Feature: Characteristics/body parts
  3. Every piece can be used to grow your skill
  4. Putting everything together

12. Line & Base Coloring

  1. Clean vs. Sketchy lines
  2. Weights
  3. Tangents & omitted lines

13. Base Lighting

  1. Multiply layer for basic light
  2. Gradients & spatial coloring
SECTION 05. Rendering

14. Rendering: Eyes & Skin

  1. Review cel/soft shade vs. painting & techniques
  2. Rendering eyes, skin
  3. Skin: Blush, makeup, and ares of shading

15. Rendering: Hair & Clothing I

  1. Hair: Simple shading vs. My way of shading
  2. Clothing: Layering shadows depending on the type of fabric

16. Rendering : Hair & Clothing II

  1. Minor detail shadows
  2. Adding detailed characteristics

17. Background

  1. Color choices
  2. Tones & values
  3. Extra tips
SECTION 06. Finalizing

18. Fine Tune & Post Processing

  1. Using liquify & overpaint
  2. Adding finer details
  3. Overlay
  4. Tone curves, levels, ps camera raw filter
  5. Noise/grain & chromatic abberation

19. End Notes

  1. Referencing vs. Copying
  2. Artblock: Eye vs. Skill level
  3. PPP: Practive, purpose, passion

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
Expert Illustrator

background image
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes? & What makes your class different from other classes?

I know there are many like me who are self taught and not everyone enjoys or learns the same way. I wanted to create a class that teaches things in a way I learned to improve, in a very casual and fun way, skipping all the very theoretical stuff. I like to focus on the feeling and vibe of a piece and being able to express that through my art so I’d like to be able to help others convey that through their work too.

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

I went through a rough time when I decided to pick up drawing by making and posting a comic online. Art was the first thing I ever felt like connected with my inner self expression and my first real passion. As I worked on the comic I improved on my drawings then branched out to drawing pinups and illustrations. There was such a difference between comic art and illustrating and I wanted to get better with the latter after spending years on comic work.

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and what you see in the industry's future.

Industry wise, if we are talking about games and production it’s harder as someone not based in Asia or speaks the languages I would say, as there aren’t many companies that focus on the anime aesthetic outside of Asia. However, the anime community is amazing in the way that there are so possibilities, and there are many who admire and value the work artists put out and that creates so many different avenues for artists to branch out and grow their own brand. I feel like as time goes by, more and more are becoming aware of the industry and it’s growing rapidly. I hope that one day that the industry can expand more globally. But even without that, art is appreciated no matter the language barrier. People with enough passion will be able to create things and share what they enjoy and that just creates a bigger pond of growth.

Required Programs

This course will use Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Procreate Photoshop

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