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Daily Life in Anime Background Design

Illustrator, Luc

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In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • Orientation- Meet your instructor and learn about the overview of this class.

  • SECTION 02
    Basic Painting Techniques
    • Handling Brushes- Explore and get accustomed to your tools, and experiment with creating your own.

    • Coloring within the Environment- Learn how colors behave in the environment

  • SECTION 03
    Learn the Organic Elements
    • Expressing the Sky- Learn to draw clouds and the sky

    • Mountains- Learn ways to express mountains in the landscape

    • Trees- Learn how the trees work in the environment illustration

    • Trees in Groups- Learn how to illustrate trees in groups

    • Grass - Explore how to draw grass, capturing the gradient

    • Bushes and Plants - Learn the various ways to express foliage

  • SECTION 04
    Painting a Cityscape
    • Introduction to City - Learn the thought process that goes behind designing cityscape

    • Setting the Environment- Set the base colors and lighting source to enrich your drawing

    • Rendering Shapes - Learn ways to render shapes and solid objects

    • Buildings and Skysrcapers - Explore and experiment the basic steps to drawing buildings and other city objects

    • Detailing and Foreground- Learn how to add highlights and details to your environment design

  • SECTION 05
    • Weather Variation: Rain- Learn ways to express rainy weather in a scenery

    • Time Variation: Evening - Learn how the light and color changes in evening

    • Time Variation: Night- Learn how the light and color changes at night

  • SECTION 06
    • Moving Forward- Last advice before you move forward

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