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Character Fundamentals: Expressive Anime Illustration

Illustrator, LEW

Class Details

  • Beginner
  • Total 22 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

Illustrator,LEW Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Welcome!- Brief introduction - What you will learn - Helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    • 02. Hop into CSP and Start Painting- Setting up your canvas - Using and modifying brushes to your taste - Differences between CSP versions

    • 03. Must Use Features to Improve Your Workflow- Essential CSP features that will help you

    • 04. Using References to Your Advantage- Why should you use references? - References can help your art - Learning through references

    • 05. Perfectionism Is Your Worst Enemy- Your mindset affects your productivity - Keep consistent progress - There is no right answer in art

  • SECTION 03
    Dabble In
    • 06. Anatomy Is Not That Scary!- Gesture drawing - Transforming the human body into simple shapes - Making your drawing look tridimensional

    • 07. Draw Perspective That Fits Your Character- Introduction to anatomy perspective - Drawing characters from creative angles

    • 08. Draw a Face That You WANT to Look At- Drawing a cute face - Face perspective - Common mistakes and how to avoid them

    • 09. Drawing Hair That Enhances Your Character- Fundamentals on drawing hair - Convey movement through the hair

  • SECTION 04
    Adding Details
    • 10. Drawing Hands and Feet That Make Sense- Fundamentals on how to draw hands and feet - Turning them into basic shapes - Making them look dynamic

    • 11. Convey Movement through a Good Pose- Principles behind a dynamic pose - Turn your stiff pose into dynamic moves!

    • 12. Drawing Realistic-Looking Clothes- Common mistakes when drawing clothes - Convey movement through folds

    • 13. Fundamentals of Color Theory in Anime Style Art- Shadows and how it affects different materials - Different shadows can portray different feelings

    • 14. Creating Compositions That Work- Basics of composition - Making a composition that works

  • SECTION 05
    Character Drawing
    • 15. Planning an Illustration- Thumbnailing - Layer managing

    • 16. Silhouettes Tell a Lot About Your Character- The silhouette communicates more than you think

    • 17. Getting Better at Line Art!- Helping you improve your line work - Learning to draw dynamic line art

    • 18. Simplifying the Coloring and Shading Process- My process of coloring and shading - Finding ways to make the process less overwhelming

    • 19. Completing a Character Sheet for Your Portfolio- Drawing a pose that portrays your character's personality - Expressions that better represent your character

  • SECTION 06
    Career Insights
    • 20. Managing Your Social Media- Making your art get noticed by other people - Creating an audience

    • 21. Getting Commissions and Working with Clients- Getting your work noticed by future clients - Pricing your work - Communicating with clients

    • 22. Final Thoughts- Message to aspiring artists

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