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Class Intro
Illustrator, Hyulla

People who dream of becoming an illustrator
worry about the charm and the direction
of their own drawing as they build experience
and approach practical work level.

But what they worry about the most is
usually related to understanding the theory
and expressing the details.
Therefore, it is very important to point that out
and guide them in the correct direction.

Coloso Hyulla Create Captivating Characters with Detailed Expressions

This class is where you can gain
deep knowledge of 3D, perspective, light,
and characteristics of color from a visual aspect.
You can learn about impression and motion
that are given by the features of
each body part, as well as the instructor's
unique expressions on detail.

Create a high-quality illustration
through a class with a
step-by-step curriculum
available for a lifetime.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 27 videos
(Duration 24h 6m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

Work process (PSD files)

Expert Illustrator
Hyulla's Profile & Portfolio



Hello, I am Hyulla.
As a concept artist and illustrator,
I have participated in several projects,
including Destiny Child
Currently, I'm working on Project Blood
as an executive director.

You will face worries as you make progress,
even if you love drawing. As you move on,
there are tons to learn and master,
including the skills to create unique
and trendy designs, direct, composite, etc.

I believe that an artist needs two things;
steady progress and affectionate interest.
An artist gains the strength to draw
out of the happiness that comes from progress.
And of course, steady progress
should be supported by
a deep understanding of basic knowledge.

In this course, I'd like to help you understand
the essentials of illustrating characters
by demonstrating the visual principles
and teaching you my ways of expressing
the details, which also helped me a lot
when creating my unique characters.

Background images
Coloso Hyulla

Line Games 'Project Blood' - Director

Projects & Awards

Shift-up "Nikke: Goddess of Victory" - Art Director
"Destiny Child" main screen - Main Illustrator

Tencent "The Arena of Valor"
Aplibot "Rogue Degree - Gangster"
NCsoft Blade Soul Mobile (Battle Sword) Nexon "D.O.S"
And many other projects


8 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

Advance Your Skills by Deeply Learning about the Basics

In addition to basic knowledge such as perspective and light, deepen the visual theory underlying all expressions, such as the advanced human body detail expression method and object expression theory, and broaden the scope of expression through practical examples.

Coloso Hyulla Introduction

Tell a Story by Showing Detailed Character Characteristics and Screen Composition

Learn how to compose a character with a clearer story by learning the feeling of visual images for each face, body type, and concept, and learn how to compose a character that gives a cool sense of space to the screen and subject and expresses the intended atmosphere in an attractive way.

Coloso Hyulla Introduction

Express the Details of Objects and Characters in an Attractive Way

Learn how to express the human body and design know-how to properly capture the character's personality and charm, as well as how to describe objects that can bring the design to life.

Coloso Hyulla Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Hyulla's Class
Recommended by Experts in the Field

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro to the Course and Understanding the Objectives

01. Classification of Game Illustrations

  1. Course orientation
  2. Classification according to the purpose of the illustration
SECTION 02. The Basis of Design - Perspective

02. 3D and Distance 1

  1. Understanding perspective - mechanism of the eye, which perceives objects

03. 3D and Distance 2

  1. Tips on effectively emphasizing the perspective
SECTION 03. Understanding the Light and the Color System

04. Light and Color 1

  1. Learn about the characteristics of light
  2. Understanding the spectrum
  3. Understanding colors through the three primary color(RGB) system

05. Light and Color 2

  1. Action of light ①: Reflection - regular reflection, irregular reflection, diffused reflection, laws of reflection

06. Light and Color 3

  1. Action of light ②: Penetration and refraction - laws of refraction, total reflection, the Fresnel effect

07. Light and Color 4

  1. Action of light ③: Scattering, dispersion, diffraction - chromatic aberration, lens flare
SECTION 04. Understanding a Captivating Character through Face, Body Type, and Concept

08. Captivating Character Design 1 - Face

  1. Expressing the face shape of a character
  2. Expressing the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears of a character
  3. Expressing the eyebrows and facial hair of a character
  4. Expressing the skin texture and accessories of a character

09. Captivating Character Design 2 - Body type

  1. Expressing the body type of a character
  2. Expressing the angle and motion of a character

10. Captivating Character Design 3 - Concept

  1. Elements of a character - Surroundings and personality
  2. Visually shaping according to the concept design
  3. Tips on costume design and coloring
SECTION 05. Tips on Illustration Picture Composition

11. Composition in a Game Illustration

  1. Importance of the draft work
  2. Things to consider in a picture composition
  3. Compositional methods and tips on object placement
SECTION 06. Understanding Detailed Depiction of a Character

12. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Head 1

  1. Depicting the face type
  2. Depicting the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears
  3. Useful tips for depicting the face

13. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Head 2

  1. Formative understanding of hair
  2. Understanding hair in detail
  3. Expressing eyebrows and hair on the side

14. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Upper Body 1

  1. Formative understanding and expression of the neck, clavicle, and shoulder

15. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Upper Body 2

  1. Understanding the basic form of the chest
  2. Tips for expressing the chest according to different situations and styles
  3. Formative understanding and expressing the underarms

16. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Abdominal Region 1

  1. Understanding the basic form of the abdomen
  2. Abdomen expression tips according to movement

17. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Abdominal Region 2

  1. Expressing the abs and the belly button
  2. Expressing the abdomen according to body fat and muscle mass

18. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Lower Body 1

  1. Expressing the hips, the groin, and thighs

19. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Lower Body 2

  1. Expressing the calves, knees, and the back of the knees
  2. Expressing the lower extremities by body fat and muscle mass

20. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Hands

  1. Formative understanding and expression of the arms
  2. Formative understanding and expression of hands
  3. Tips for expressing hands according to different motions

21. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Feet

  1. Formative understanding and expressing feet

22. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Skin 1

  1. The principle of tone formation seen through the structure of the skin
  2. Difference of skin tones by part
  3. SSS(Subsurface Scattering) - Depicting internal scattering light

23. Detailed Depiction of a Human Body - Skin 2

  1. Detailed skin depiction including moles, blood vessels, hair roots, cellulite, etc.
SECTION 07. Understanding Expression Methods of Various Objects

24. Expressing the Texture - Metals

  1. Understanding the reflective features and colors of metals / Expression of metals in consideration of surface textures

25. Expressing the Texture - See-through

  1. Expressing see-through, vinyl material, and stockings

26. Expressing the Texture 3 - Transparent material

  1. Transparent materials
  2. Waterdrops, the surface of water, flowing water

27. Expressing the Texture 4 - Composite material 2

  1. Coated materials - Eyeballs, enamel material, etc.
  2. Expressing the objects layered with a permeable material on top of a non metallic material

with Illustrator Hyulla

Background images
What do you think is a good character design?

I believe the way to deliver something should clearly appear in the design. A character's job, personality, tendency, surroundings, and relationships should be seen through the character's color, body type, hairstyle, face, costumes, and specific objects. It will be a great help once you take note of the effects that are implied by certain visual information.

What is most important when it comes to picture composition?

Building a line of sight through lines and planes, density and perspective is the most important. Line of sight tends to flow from above to below, and from left to right. If you build directionality using lines and planes, the line of sight will follow that direction. You can naturally guide the line of sight by appropriately placing high-density parts and low-density parts.

What is the strength of this class that makes it different from others?

The fact that this class logically approaches the charm of a character through detailed analysis. If you learn about detail through understanding the fundamental structure that begins with physics, you will be able to depict the human body in any way that you want with much more depth. So, I will teach you about perspective and light with a basis on a more fundamental understanding of physics.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.


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