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[TIMEATTACK][Shortform]Illustrator,GuillemDaudén Details

Illustrator, Guillem Daudén

Jump into the world of illustrated action
by drawing dynamic illustrations!

Learn the techniques Guillem has developed
from his years of experience working as
a manga artist. This includes a complete rundown
of everything you'll need to draw cool action scenes:
from poses, gestures, FX, perspectives,
kinetic lines, light & shadows, and more!


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Length:12 videos
(8h 26m)
Difficulty: Basic

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Video Details

Audio: English

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Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

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Working files (PSD)

Expert Illustrator
Guillem Daudén's Profile & Portfolio

Guillem Daudén

Hi! My name is Guillem Daudén.
I also go by the name Kenji_893.
I am an independent manga artist and Illustrator
who does a bit of freelance Concept Art on the side.
Before this, I worked as a Pixel Artist
and Animator for indie games.

My love for action movies, shows, and video games
started when I was a kid, and before I knew it
I found myself actively drawing
all my favorite characters and scenes.
I guess I haven't really changed much,
because I still do!

My most recognizable work to date are
my character redesign illustrations,
but a dream of mine has always been
to draw my very own manga.
Around 2020, I started pursuing that dream
by creating my first original manga, Warden!

In this class, I would like to share the fundamentals
of drawing dynamic action scenes,
all while walking you through the process I use,
as I share all the little tips and tricks
I have learned while creating my
illustrations and manga series.

Let’s do this!

background Image
Coloso Nicko Febriansyah
Guillem Daudén

Freelance Illustrator & Manga Artist

Projects & Awards

Webtoon: Warden
Collaboration project- Samurai Dragonball: The Way of the Saiyan


Class Highlights

FX Techniques & Actions

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. Using various FX and techniques can push your drawings to the next level.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

Dynamic Expressions

At the heart of every fight needs to be at least two characters. Posing them in a dynamic way that helps show their personality is a core element for creating a truly intense battle scene.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

Bring It All Together

There are many different elements you need to take into consideration when drawing an intense, action-packed scene. Effectively combining all these elements is the key to making the whole thing work.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

In-depth Look


1. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and softwares
SECTION 02. Expressing Movement

2. Fundamentals of Drawing Movement

  1. Line weight
  2. Hatching
  3. Kinetic lines
  4. Bending shapes
  5. Particles

3. Moving Things Around

  1. Applying previously explored effects to body parts and objects
SECTION 03. Posing Your Characters

4. Finding a Cool Pose

  1. Basics of human anatomy
  2. Finding a pose that fits your character
  3. Drawing interaction between multiple characters

5. Pushing it Further

  1. Gesture and rhythm
  2. Exaggerate without breaking a pose

6. Adding Effects

  1. Parts you should add effects to
  2. Primary and secondary movements
  3. Line variations
  4. Background interactions
  5. Facial expressions
SECTION 04. Using Perspective

7. Choosing a Shot

  1. Exploring different types of shots
  2. Basics of perspective
  3. Intent and direction

8. Playing with Perspective

  1. Multiple vanishing points
  2. Focal length
SECTION 05. Final Illustration

9. Sketch

  1. Composing the illustration
  2. Sketching the characters
  3. Choosing the focal points
  4. Deciding which effects to use and where

10. Lineart

  1. Cleaning up the sketch
  2. Drawing the final lineart for the characters
  3. Kinetic lines

11. Color

  1. Flat colors
  2. Adding shadows
  3. Adding lights

12. Final Touches

  1. Making small corrections
  2. Adding extra detail
  3. Color correction and adjustments

**The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

5 Class Exercises

with Expert Illustrator
Guillem Daudén

background Image
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

I've always loved watching fights and battle scenes in the media. It was fascinating to see how much emotion could be expressed through an otherwise standard physical conflict. That experience inspired me to make my manga "Warden" into an action series. My art stems from a genuine passion for cool fights and action scenes. I've been interested in this specific theme for so long that I'm sure I can offer students a unique approach based on my personality and experiences. We'll go through every step of my process while I share all the little tips and tricks I've learned over time.

What would be the most important takeaway from your class?

Similar to the fight scenes we'll be drawing, I believe challenging yourself and pushing yourself to try and be your best is one of the basics of being an artist. Drawing can be frustrating, and during the process, you might even feel like you're failing at times. But overcoming those moments are what lead to significant improvements. So let's have some fun while we draw a cool fight scene!

Who should take this class?

I created this class for beginner and amateur artists who want to learn new skills and improve. Plus, if you enjoy drawing action scenes this class will be perfect for you. I tried to provide a complete walkthrough: from understanding the basics of movement to adding the finishing touches to your fight scene. If you want to learn how to capture dynamic motion and action within a still image, check out my class and pick up some new skills with me!

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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