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Ready, Action! Drawing Dynamic Battle Scenes from Scratch

Illustrators Gregor Kari, Guillem Daudén & Storyboard Artist, SolKorra

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Coloso Gregor, Sol, Guillem Ready, Action! Drawing Dynamic Battle Scenes from Scratch

If you want to draw action-packed,
dramatic battle scenes
that'll mesmerize any audience,
then check out this class
which combines in-depth insights
from 3 professional illustrators!

This course covers everything you need
to create a battle scene illustration,
from drawing human anatomy,
natural movement and gestures,
and FX techniques and actions that will leave
a strong impact on audiences.

You can also use the skills
acquired in the class to draw
what you desire regardless of the genre
using special techniques for drawing
the human anatomy, and transforming
rigid postures into naturally flowing movement
with a distinct energy.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 32 videos
Difficulty: Basic Level
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Photoshop CC
Or Any Other Digital Drawing Software

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Gregor Kari
12 Cheat Sheet Images

Class Homework pdf
Gesture Introduction pdf
Working Files psd

Guillem Daudén
Working Files psd

18 Class Exercises
Everything You Need to Draw
Original & Stylized Action Scenes

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Drawing a Simplified Head with
Basic Lines & Shapes

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Drawing the Eyes & Nose

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Drawing the Mouth & Ears

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Finalizing the Head & Body Proportions

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Basic Shapes & Torso Muscles

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Drawing Arms & Legs

Coloso Gregor Kari Class Exercises

Putting It All Together

Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises


Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises

Line Art

Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises


Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises

Simple and Stylized Anatomy

Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises


Coloso SolKorra Class Exercises

Movement Composition with Objects

Coloso Guillem Dauden Class Exercises

Understanding the Movement

Coloso Guillem Dauden Class Exercises

Actions & Reactions

Coloso Guillem Dauden Class Exercises

Characters in Actions

Coloso Guillem Dauden Class Exercises

Perspectives in Actions

Coloso Guillem Dauden Class Exercises

Final Illustration

*These are sample images for better understanding.

Core Skills
For This Class

*These are sample images for better understanding.

After Finishing This Class

This class offers a complete breakdown of a battle scene illustration,
from human anatomy to dynamic poses and FX illustrations.
After strengthening your understanding of human anatomy and character movement,
you'll learn every step behind completing a dynamic and action-packed battle scene!

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Get a Jam-Packed Guide to Battle Scene Illustration

Coloso Illustration Roadmap

This CLASS has been carefully constructed
by the education experts at Coloso to provide a curriculum
that will help customers prepare to enter the industry.


Class Highlights

Anatomy and Proportion

In this class, you will learn techniques that you can use to create any style, whether it's drawing anime or realistic characters. Learning how to draw the anatomy and proportion will help you improve your drawings greatly.

Coloso Gregor Kari Introduction

Movements and Gestures

Learn a different approach to art, focusing on energy, flow, and movement rather than structure or anatomy. We will recognize the forces involved in the movements and transform them into more natural and smooth action-in-drawing.

Coloso Solkorra Introduction

FX Techniques & Actions

Battle scenes should be more exaggerated and dramatic rather than ones with subtle gestures. In this class, you will learn how to use various FX and different tools that can take your battle scenes to the next level.

Coloso Guillem Daudén Introduction
Coloso Gregor Kari
Gregor Kari

Senior Concept Artist at RABCAT

Concept Artist at Mediatonic Games
2D/3D Artist at BlueByte/Ubisoft

Projects & Awards

Mediatonic, Ubisoft Bluebyte, Rabcat, Upjers, SquareEnix,
Lionhead, Jagex, Scopely, Aurorian Studios and Nightfall Games

Published tutorials for 3D Total

Coloso Solkorra
Storyboard Artist,

Storyboard Artist at Powerhouse Animation Studio

Projects & Awards

Background Concept Artist at Kraken Bit
Posing Card Character Artist at Coyote Sociedad Animada
Game Card Artist at Rooster Teeth / Arcane Wonders
Layout Artist at Titmouse, Inc.
Storyboard Artist at Titmouse, Inc.

Coloso Guillem Daudén
Guillem Daudén

Freelance Illustrator & Manga Artist

Projects & Awards

Webtoon: Warden
Collaboration project- Samurai Dragonball: The Way of the Saiyan


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In-depth Look

Course 01. Gregor Kari
Course 02. SolKorra
Course 03. Guillem Daudén

Interview with
Gregor Kari, SolKorra,
and Guillem Dauden

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Who Should Take This Class?

Young artists who are interested in creating their own characters or simply want to become better at drawing the human body. If they want to create a character from imagination without having to worry about finding the right reference, this class would be perfect for them.

I recommend this class to starting artists and students with some experience. Also, aspiring artists who struggle with rigid character illustrations and dealing with the frustration of slow improvement, as well as people working to improve action posing and anatomy would also benefit by taking this class.

Beginner or amateur artists who enjoy drawing action scenes and would like to learn new skills. To help them, this class has a complete walkthrough from the basics of movement to the finishing touches of drawing a battle scene.

What is the most important skill/section in your class?

The most important skill from this class is the ability to break down complex anatomy into simple volumetric shapes and use them to enhance your own creative process. Although we focus on anatomy on this course, but the same technique can be used in any other subject as well. Whether you want to draw animals, landscapes, or still life, the only limit will be your imagination once you are able to break objects down into their basic volumes.

Drawing gestures and studying movement is the most important skill in my class. To build these skills, we will cover efficient drawing, line economy, improving sketches, drawing movement, and how to convey emotions through the drawing.

In the final section we will combine all the skills learned during the class to create an intense fight illustration. Of course, each element of the class is important, but you need to combine them together to create one final scene.

Required Programs

This course uses Adobe Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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