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5 Steps to Master the Core Principles of Light and Coloring

Illustrator, Gatan

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Illustrator, Gatan
Are you having a hard time studying coloring by just imitating without understanding the principles or having trouble with vague color theories?

Coloso Gatan 5 Steps to Master the Core Principles of Light and Coloring
Illustrator Gatan breaks down the core coloring theory into 5 steps to teach you with a systematic approach. New students can easily approach the basic theories of brightness, saturation, and colors as well as the 5 steps of coloring, and different ways of using light! If you just follow the coloring steps, you can build solid basic skills in light and coloring. Learn the coloring know-how from Gatan, who has worked in the game industry such as NCSOFT and Nexon, and built a career in a popular offline academy as an instructor. Complete your own full character illustration.

Expert Illustrator
Gatan's Profile & Portfolio


Hello, I'm illustrator Gatan.

I've worked for about 11 years as a concept artist including work at NCSOFT's <Blade and Soul> and Neople's <Dungeon & Fighter> teams. Currently, I'm working as a freelancer together with several companies in and out of Korea, and sharing my real work experience with students through my classes as an instructor.

Coloring and ways to use light are topics that most artists generally want to learn. However many of them have no idea how to start as well as how to wrap up and complete their work. I've prepared this class for those who are only drawing because they weren't able to jump over the wall of coloring.

Trust me and you'll naturally advance one step in coloring as you follow.

Background Images
Coloso Gatan

Freelance Illustrator
Propic Academy Instructor

Projects & Awards

Nexon-Neople 'Team Dungeon & Fighter'
Tencent 'The King of Fighters' Illustration
Smilegate 'Qurare' Illustration
O'ol Blue 'Black Survival' Illustration
NetEase 'Hero Wars: Nightmare Breaker' Illustration
NCSOFT 'Aion: Legions of War' Concept art and other several illustration projects

NCSOFT 'Team Blade & Soul'


12 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

Character Drawing Skills Learning From an Expert in the Game Industry

Learn from Gatan, who has experience in illustration work in renowned companies such as NCSOFT and Nexon. Start from essential fundamental drawing theories to know-hows on line drawing to greatly improve the 3D effects of coloring, and tips to easily boost your drawing skills.

Coloso Gatan Introduction

Systematic Coloring Learning Completed in 5 Steps

Learn the 5 steps in order: adding base color, two-tone, mid-tones, depicting light and darkness, and point coloration. If you learn the above steps, you'll be able to build up basic skills applicable for various real practices on light and coloring.

Coloso Gatan Introduction

Gatan's Special Class Materials To Master Coloring

Gatan's plentiful learning materials, which contain her practical experience and know-hows as an offline instructor are provided to aid the students' understanding. Apply theories that you've learned on practical examples to make them your own.

Coloso Gatan Introduction

Student Reviews

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You'll Learn

*These are sample images for better understanding.

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro to the Class and Frequently Used Photoshop Features

01. Introducing the Illustrator and the Class

  1. Introducing the illustrator and class objectives
  2. Connection to real illustration work
  3. Step-by-step learning milestones

02. Main Features of Photoshop for Effective Learning

  1. Core basic Photoshop features
  2. Features frequently used in class
  3. Effective work order
SECTION 02. Essential Fundamentals on Character Drawing

03. Learn the Basics of Drawing

  1. Using Lines: drawing lines, circles, and objects
  2. Basics and tips on gesture drawings
  3. Ways to practice drawing the human body

04. Basics of Human Muscles

  1. Big picture to understand the human body
  2. Understanding the main muscles
  3. Parts of the human body where students get easily confused

05. Understanding Human Body Perspective and Stylization

  1. Understanding the main features of the human body
  2. Technique of putting perspective into a body using human characteristics
  3. Body line that makes the human body flexible

06. Shortcut to Easily Mastering the Human Body

  1. Assisting tool that aids in making poses
  2. Application of different poses through a basic pose
SECTION 03. A Dynamic and 3D Drawing Method

07. 3D Drawing Know-how

  1. Expressing 3D through spaces between lines
  2. Expressing 3D through thickness and structure

08. Drawing Arrangement Know-how

  1. Arrangement method through layering

09. Adding Dynamics to Characters

  1. Relationship between illustration silhouettes and light
  2. Illustration silhouettes using props
  3. Illustration silhouettes using effects
  4. Setting poses that fit the character's personality
  5. Methods that give a sense of space
SECTION 04. 5-Step Coloring - Learning Know-hows

10. There is an Answer in Color

  1. Basic color theory
  2. Color changes under sunlight
  3. Cold/warm color placements and difference in color temperature
  4. Why do colors get 'burnt' as we color?
  5. Reducing work hours by assigning colors

11. What is 5-Step Coloring? Know-hows revealed

  1. Learning the color theory in 5 steps
  2. Understanding coloring through circle, cylinder, and cones
  3. Drawing theory with application of the 5-steps

12. Understanding and the Practice of Light

  1. Editing and producing a practice picture using an example
  2. Expressing wrinkles and lumps on clothing
  3. Ways to analyze light

13. Black&White Picture into Color

  1. Turning black&white pictures into color through examples
SECTION 05. 5-Step Coloring - Using Objects

14. Coloring Exercise 1 - Circle, Cone, Cylinder

  1. Coloring costumes using circles, cones, and cylinders

15. Coloring Exercise 2 - Costume

  1. Applying color onto different costumes
  2. Coloring detail - Shirt
  3. Coloring detail - Pants
  4. Coloring detail - Skirt
  5. Coloring detail - Jacket

16. Coloring Exercise 3 - Face1

  1. Basics of face coloring
  2. Eyes, nose, and mouth structure and applying brightness
  3. Omitting/emphasis depending on drawing styles

17. Coloring Exercise 3 - Face 2

  1. Coloring the face with different light directions
  2. Changing drawing styles through facial feature expressions
  3. Beautiful, detailed face coloring method

18. Coloring Exercise 4 - Hair

  1. Ways of coloring hair
  2. Wavy hair
  3. Braided hair

19. Coloring Exercise 5 - Body

  1. Understanding body-upper body color

20. Coloring Exercise 6 - Body

  1. Understanding body-lower body color
SECTION 06. 5-Step Coloring - Character

21. Types of Lighting and Their Roles

  1. Roles based on light placement
  2. Creating an atmosphere based on light color

22. Creating an Atmosphere using Outdoor Sunlight

  1. Color difference between fluorescent light and outdoor light
  2. Applying light placement and other outdoor lights on the character

23. Finishing Touches to Bring up the Feeling of Light

  1. Why the feeling of light disappears
  2. How to work and maintain the feeling of light
  3. Know-hows to boost the finishing quality
  4. Color correction as you're wrapping up
SECTION 07. Your Mind for Work/ Setting up the Environment

24. My Advice for Students

  1. Mental health care
  2. External elements that improve your skills
  3. 3 Reasons Why You Give Up Drawing

* Details of the curriculum may be subject to change before/after the class is opened.

with Illustrator Gatan

Background images
What difficulties did you experience working as an illustrator?

Changing colors was difficult. Coloring takes much more time than drawing, so if you continue working without realizing what's going wrong with your work, many times you tend to give up in the middle. You need to exactly figure out the light used in your illustration, and need to choose colors effectively to minimize mistakes. Through this class I will help you to solve these issues on coloring.

What do you think is the most important thing in illustration work?

In illustration, a character's attractiveness and the atmosphere of the whole picture is important. A character's attractiveness puts more weight on the drawing, such as body or facial expressions, but the atmosphere of the whole picture depends on light and how it's used. If we give light color, it's made possible to create a specific situation and atmosphere. In this class I'll teach you about lighting directions and effects, and a way to give light color as well.

What is your strength, or what differentiates you as an instructor?

Based on my experience on illustrating, I'll teach you skills and tips that are useful in real work. I'm currently working as a concept artist and an offline instructor at the same time. To help students understand, I've thought of a way to break down the coloring process into different steps. Even though you're having a hard time understanding coloring, your skills will naturally improve by just following these steps.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.
*You can take this class using other programs aside from the programs mentioned above.

Adobe Photoshop cc

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