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Mastering Game Art: Pro Tips on Creating Dynamic Characters

Illustrator, Artofjuu

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  • Basic
  • Total 24 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

Illustrator,Artofjuu Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Introducing your instructor - What you will learn - Helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    • 02. Basic Principles of Character Concepting- Why is concept design an important part of the process - Defining worldbuilding aspect & character story - Explanations of principles to consider

    • 03. Drawing Fundamentals- Human body form observation - Basic human anatomy & proportions - Application of volumetric form

    • 04. Gesture and Contrapostal Flow Strategies- Gesture drawing and main line of action - Balance and symmetry (or lack of, asymmetry) - Dynamism (right angle vs obtuse/acute) & S/C/Str curves

    • 05. Shape Design in Character Proportion- Shape and volume design - Applying form and shape language to muscle mass - Different Range of Stylization: Cartoony, semi-realistic, and realistic

  • SECTION 03
    Creating Expressive Characters
    • 06. Creative Process & Design Thinking- Specified reference gathering (Pureref interface) - Maximizing time efficiency - Defining goals and the design criteria

    • 07. Silhouette Design- Primary Focus: Hotspot of the design - Secondary focus & creating areas of visual interest

    • 08. Acting & Posing- Applying the 'Big-Med-Small' strategy - General vibe/emotion of character

    • 09. Design an Appealing Face- Face anatomy - Exploring and modifying facial features to suit the personality - Facial planes

  • SECTION 04
    Development of Character Design
    • 10. Facial Expressions- Defining basic expressions and commonly used emotions - Exaggerating or balancing facial structure to enhance expression - Eyes and eyebrow placement

    • 11. Hands as Storytelling Element- Learning basic hand structure - Hand gesture, placement and finger motion

    • 12. Enhance Volumetric Vision of the Design- Push and pull, awareness of the form - Twisting of major and minor forms to enhance design - Tangents, exaggerations and lack thereof

    • 13. Hair Flow and Fashion Design- Exploring hair types, lengths and depicting flow - Applying research of history and contemporary fashion - Material and texture

    • 14. Characterization: Props and Materials- 4 basic prop types and their utility in game design - Concepting supporting props for the character & enhancing story (visual information)

  • SECTION 05
    Refining and Rendering for Your Character Sheet
    • 15. Lineart Refinement and Local Color Schemes- Detailing and information placement - Lineart tips & color fill methods - Experimenting with color schemes

    • 16. Character Rendering for Marketing Purposes- Linework practice - Basic shading techniques that bring extra refinement and maximize time - Final touches for the rendered full-body design

    • 17. Gearing It up for Your Portfolio Presentation- Form rendering & applying lighting to create mood - Material rendering to convey design information - Setting out of the finalized character sheet

    • 18. Setting Out Character Sheet & Tips for Managing/Cutting File for Animation- Presentation layouts and tips - Cutting a file for After Effects or Spine2D/Live2D animation - Managing files will help a LOT!

  • SECTION 06
    Creating an Illustration That Resonates with the Audience
    • 19. Composition and Storytelling (Drafting Stage)- Thumbnail sketching - Silhouette process - Storytelling thought process

    • 20. Lighting Setup and Color Theory Application- Applying value/lighting conditions & color schemes - Color psychology and respecting cross-culture - Contrast, detailing, and controlling visual focus and visual information placement

    • 21. The Final Rendering Process (Part 1)- Rendering tips and tricks - Material rendering - Linework consistency

    • 22. The Final Rendering Process: Final Detailing and Post-processing (Part 2)- Refining of detail - Post-processing: Subtle final touches that add to the piece and bring life

  • SECTION 07
    • 23. Turn Your Character Design into Chibi-Style and Proportion: Merch Design- Applying strategies on making illustrations for merch & what kind of merchandise? - Layer management - Common file handover specs

    • 24. All about Merch!- Different ways to draw chibis and their proportions - Chibi anatomy and simplification of form - Coloring and rendering approaches

    • 25. Career Pathways: Freelance vs Corporate- Personal tips on work discipline, routines and attitude - Tips on developing portfolio for game art industry - Goodbye and good luck

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