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The Fundamentals of Men's Hair

Hairstylist L

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Class Intro
Hairstylist, L

Do you ever find yourself thinking,

“Why am I not getting any better at this?”
“I want to learn new techniques, but I never have the time.”

Say hello to one of the best in the hairstyling industry!
She’s here to clear up any of your doubts.
Hairstylist L is ready to let you in on her expert tips
from years of real-life experience.

Aside from courses related to becoming
a nationally certified beautician,
up until now there have been NO online courses
made specially for hairstylists in the field.
With Director L of Aheadsman,
you will be able to improve your practical skills
anytime, anywhere, all at your own pace.


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Length: 20 videos
(3h 51m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Audio: Korean
Subtitles: Chinese (Traditional)

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L's Profile & Portfolio

Who Should
Take This Class?

This class encompasses the basic rules
of men’s hair styling as defined by Director L.
It also includes her own philosophy for perfect haircuts,
rules for perms by volume levels,
and her exciting concealing perm technique.

This class contains practical insight that traditional courses for certification lack.
This content is for anyone who is passionate about the hairstyling industry,
from hairstylists in the field to staff members working in hair salons!

You can meet with the best in the field of men’s hair styling on your own terms.
The opportunity to make this expert’s knowledge your own
by learning whenever and wherever is right for you is available only here on Coloso.

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Director L (Miyoung Lee), the CEO of Aheadsman,
is an unrivaled expert in the field of men’s hair
with years of research and practice in cuts, perms, and styling.

Thanks to her concealing perm technique,
she has even been nicknamed “the hope for a thousand balding men”
by middle-aged men suffering from hair loss.
Dedicated to helping her clients,
she has overcome the limitations of the conventional hairstyling industry.

Through practical online content made especially for hairstylists in the field,
she presents breakthroughs
to problems that the industry hasn’t been able to solve.

This course involves the basics of men’s hair styling
as well as the application of Director Lee’s very own concealing perm technique.

Background Images
 hairstylist L

CEO of Aheadsman
Director of Aheadsman,
a men’s hair salon

Director of EVANSTYLE

Projects & Awards

2018 Launched Aheadsman haircare brand
2018 Invited to speak at Media Dragon City, Taiwan
2018 Appeared on MTV Miss Beauty, Taiwan
2017 Spoke at the Beauty Department of Tongmyong University, Busan
2017 Appeared on MBC Tonight Live
2017 Appeared on SBC Today Live
2017 Appeared on MBC Morning Wide
2017 Gave an in-house lecture at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Suwon
2013-2017 Interviewed by magazines including CeCi, Graphy, and others
2013-2017 Held a nationwide tour for styling lectures
2013 Appeared on the Cul Two Veranda Show on MBC


Class Highlights

Boost your income by gaining skills and experience related to your profession.

When a new technique comes out, you need to be quick to learn it, make it your own, and master it. Persistent effort and learning are what contribute to your real skills. Coloso is here to help!

Coloso L Introduction

Precise and detailed lessons on men’s hair essentials in practice from A to Z!

The most widely used concepts in hairstyling practice are all here! This course features all the fundamental skills required for men’s hairstyling. Join us in order to build a solid foundation in men’s hairstyling!

Coloso L Introduction

An easy-to-understand course with concepts that anyone can grasp!

This course contains only the carefully-selected necessities so that you can quickly apply what you’ve learned in real life. Soak up Director L’s top-secret techniques like a sponge and turn yourself into a skilled hairstylist.

Coloso L Introduction

The secret to hairstyling according to hair loss type revealed!

It’s not easy to add volume to hair when working with clients who suffer from hair loss. This course contains Director L’s secrets for covering up signs of hair loss so that you will be able to confidently style any client! Join us now!

Coloso L Introduction

Class Details
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Recommended by Hairstylist L’s students!

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. The Basics of Hairstyling

01. The Volume of the Head

  1. What’s more important than executing a great hairstyle is identifying the base that you’re working with. In this lesson, we will discuss how to create a balanced hairstyle by considering a person’s head shape, overall volume, and volume in each section.

02. The Basic Elements of Hairstyling

  1. Interestingly, men’s hair differs from women’s hair in several ways. In this lesson, we will dig deeper into the basics of men’s hair styling by identifying the point, line, and zone in a new way.
SECTION 02. The Big, Wide World of Men’s Haircuts

03. A Haircut’s Big Picture

  1. Before starting a haircut, it is important to take a good look at the areas that need to be trimmed and start to get an idea of the big picture. A haircut can be divided into eight steps. In this lesson, we will learn how to systematically draft the big picture before getting started with the cut.

04. Creating a Rough Sketch

  1. After drafting the big picture of the haircut, it’s time to sketch it out. There’s a saying that goes, “A haircut is not about what you cut. It’s about what you leave.” In this lesson, we will explore the importance of filling, weighting, parting, and sectioning.

05. Adding the Finishing Details

  1. After drafting the big picture and creating a rough sketch of the haircut, it’s time to add the finishing details. This lesson will walk you through the details of the base, length, texture, and styling of the hair.
SECTION 03. Analyzing the Down Perm

06. The Basics of the Down Perm

  1. In this lesson, we will learn the principles and purpose of the down perm as well as how to make zone divisions based on head shape. Through this, we will dig deeper into identifying the ideal way to style each head shape.

07. Hair Condition and Practical Application

  1. The down perm is not simply used to press down the hair but rather for creating an ideal balance. We will examine how to apply the theory of the down perm in practice.
SECTION 04. Rules for Style Perms

08. The Three Principles of Style Perms

  1. Style perms are all about three essential conditions: volume to complement facial contours, curl to define the overall image, and direction to give a finished look to the hairstyle. We will take a closer look at these three principles.

09. The Spin Swallow Perm

  1. In this lesson, we will take a detailed look at how to wind the hair to successfully execute the spin swallow perm. The spin swallow perm is characterized by waves that are rough but still voluminous. We will learn through real practice what to keep in mind when performing this type of perm.

10. The Spring Perm

  1. The spring perm maximizes volume for hair that is thin and flat. Its name comes from being wound in the shape of a spring on the rod. This lesson digs deep into the spring perm technique.

11. The Dandy Volume Perm

  1. You could say that the dandy volume perm is the most basic perm of all, but it is also most difficult because you have to bring out the best of a person’s head shape without many curls to work with. In this lesson, we will learn how to execute the dandy volume perm.

12. Parted Perms

  1. With parted perms, the hair is moved to the side. That’s what makes controlling the direction of where the hair falls is so important. In this lesson, we will discuss the essentials of the parted perm through practical application.

13. The Regent Perm

  1. The regent perm is a style that confidently lifts up the bangs. In this lesson, we will take a look at how to perform a regent perm. We will learn useful techniques, including the three points to consider when winding up the hair.
SECTION 05. Rules for the Concealing Perm

14. The Concealing Perm’s Secret Weapon

  1. We will take a look at the concealing perm, the fruit of Director L’s tireless research. The concealing perm adds volume to thin hair through four key points that we’ll tackle one by one.

15. M-Shaped Hair Loss

  1. Many Korean men suffer from an M-shaped hairline, with only slight differences in how far the hairline has receded. If you learn how to work with an M-shaped hairline, you will be able to satisfy a great deal of clients.

16. O-Shaped Hair Loss

  1. In this lesson, we will discuss using the concealing perm to cover up O-shaped hair loss. With O-shaped hair loss, the balding starts from the highest point of the head. Let’s learn how to cover up O-shaped hair loss through real application.

17. U-Shaped Hair Loss

  1. Many Korean men suffer from an M-shaped hairline, with only slight differences in how far the hairline has receded. If you learn how to work with an M-shaped hairline, you will be able to satisfy a great deal of clients.

18. Combination Hair Loss

  1. In this lesson, we will learn how to style combination hair loss. Combination hair loss is especially hard to style, because it is a combination of the M, O, and U-shaped hair loss types. Let’s try our hands at this technique and apply what we have learned.

19. Sideburns / The Back of the Neck

  1. Although not common, you may see cases where a person does not grow sideburns or hair on the back of the neck. In these cases, we need to effectively cover the sideburns and the back of the neck with a special cutting technique.

20. Outro: Seeing the World with a Different Perspective

  1. Reflecting on her journey as a hairstylist, Director L shares a few thoughts for hairstylists in the field. Get acquainted with her mindset and insight as a professional hairstylist.

Interview with
Hairstylist L

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What stands out
about this course?

This course consists of twenty lessons and includes all the essential elements for working with men’s hair such as styling basics, haircuts, down perms, and style perms. Since each lesson covers both the theory and practice of each technique, you’ll be able to apply all that you learn in the field. What stands out about this course is nothing other than the concealing perm technique. This technique contains everything you need to know about concealing hair loss depending on the type of balding.

What do you think is the most
important skill to have as a hairstylist?

The first is skill. Having excellent skills is the key to achieving success as a hairstylist. You also need to be aware of changing trends and work on mastering new techniques. The second is branding capability. The world won’t notice you just because you have good skills. You need to use many different methods to advertise what makes you unique to as many people as you can. The third is personality. It’s very important to show that you have good character.

What makes this course so
special for you?

I have been fortunate enough to receive a lot of attention and recognition for my expertise in the concealing perm for men’s hair, especially from those suffering from hair loss, but I didn’t want to settle with just that. I am always thinking about what new challenges I can take on in the hairstyling industry. In that sense, creating this online course with Coloso is very special for me. It gives me an opportunity to share my achievements and experience with the world. I consider it a special blessing to be able to give someone hope and inspiration.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to in creating this course with Coloso?

Staying true to their motto of “Online education with the best in the field,” Coloso is addressing issues that the conventional beauty education market has failed to solve. As I present my online course with Coloso, I am excited and thrilled to reach so many people and be able to help them without being restricted by time or space. I have held nationwide tours and overseas seminars for years. I am excited that now even more hairstylists can receive high-quality education with this online course.

Is there anything you would like
to say to your future students?

In preparing this course, I utilized the materials that I personally created over several years and use for training in my salon. I am hoping that this course will help many who are struggling in the hairstyling industry. I created this course with many different students in mind. Novice stylists, experienced stylists who left the industry to take care of their children, beginners just getting started in the hairstyling industry after making a career change, and even hair salon owners are all encouraged to take this course.


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