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Character Designs in a Fictional Universe

Concept Artist, KETO

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Concept Artist, KETO
Get an insider breakdown of everything
from generating original art sheets to
assembling a compelling portfolio.

Characters for an Imaginary World
In character concept art, aesthetics and eye-catching designs have their place, but the key to a successful transition into the professional world is how well you can express the game's story.
Illustrator keto
Follow the steps of KETO, an esteemed former concept artist for Dungeon & Fighter and a highly sought-after instructor, as she reveals her methods for designing distinctive characters who are deeply rooted in an immaculate, fictional universe.
Illustrator keto
Discover practical tips on how to transform abstract ideas into full-fledged characters, complete with guidelines on designing faces, hair, clothing, as well as symbols and props—elements often overlooked in other classes.

Don’t miss this immersive class where you'll gain hands-on experience in every aspect of professional character design, from generating character design sheet to assembling a compelling portfolio.

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Expert Concept Artist KETO's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Still stuck on creating just one design that fits your character concept?

Learn five key level design principles, including variations in silhouettes and depicting the passage of time, to enrich the creation of your characters. Explore advanced skills like specialized skill design, prop enhancements, and image adjustments—topics that can be challenging without practical experience form the industry. Discover what aspects to emphasize for impactful character design, along with intricate yet appealing details that can make all the difference.

Use this class to create industry-standard character design sheets and portfolio-ready character design sheets, and step up your game as a competitive concept artist.

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12 Class Exercises

Part 01. Basic Exercises for Crafting Unique, Stand-Out Characters

Part 02. Hands-on Character Design Exercises

Part 03. Structuring Character Design Sheets and Level Design

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Concept Artist

Hi, I'm KETO, a freelance illustrator and instructor.
Drawing is a field that's easy and fun to get into, but it's also full of stress and prone to artist blocks and plateaus. However, if you build your skills via a wide-spread foundation of art theories, your artistry will know no bounds, no matter what external pressures may come your way.

Through this class, which incorporates all the insights and expertise I've gained working as a concept artist for major gaming companies, I will teach you how to infuse your characters with your own unique style and elevate your drawing skills to the next level, as long as you’re ready for the work involved.

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일러스트레이터 에키나
Concept Artist, KETO

Instructor at Raum Academy
Freelance Illustrator

Projects & Awards

2017-2022 Neople Dungeon & Fighter Concept Artist

[Freelance Projects]
“ArKnights” Festival Artwork Commission
NetEase “Nightmare Breaker” Art Commission"


Class Highlights

Insider Tips From a Renowned Concept Artist

You'll learn everything from color theory to designing faces with expressions and personality, as well as clothing design. We'll go from rough sketches to establish a silhouette, to the final line art, overlays, and even backgrounds and special effects—just like the pros do.

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Industry-Favored Casual and Semi-realistic Style

This isn't just another class on traditional medieval or fantastical character design. We'll delve into character designs that combine current trends in both casual and semi-realistic styles.

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In-Depth, High-Quality Learning Materials

I'll share invaluable tips and a comprehensive class PDF that's so detailed, it leaves no room for questions. Plus, you'll get access to stylized anatomical guides, color schemes, PSDs for design exercises, concept illustrations, materials on the production process of character design sheets, and more.

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Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-Depth Look

Section 01. Basic Exercises for Creating Unique Characters
Section 02. Designing Characters
Section 03. Character Blueprints and Creating Character Design Sheets
Seciton 04. Level Design that Evolves Your Characters

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Interview with
Illustrator KETO

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What do you consider your strengths when you work?

I think my strengths lie in fine details, organization, and final touch-ups. When it comes to the drawing process, I really enjoy the finishing stages and often spend a lot of time perfecting them. My love for analysis and organization significantly helps me in structuring art-related theories.

How are your unique strengths incorporated into this class curriculum?

In professional settings, having a wide array of subjects you can draw means you’ll be at a major advantage. While preparing for this class, I aimed to showcase important elements in character design through a varied range of examples. You can use this to reaffirm what you already know and to incorporate aspects you might not have considered before.

What do you think differentiates this class from others?

The class includes various practical exercises and plenty of hands-on character design sheet training. We'll cover how to best approach each stage via hands-on tasks like concept drawings and character design sheet creation. I've prepared a detailed guide so you can achieve a clean finish and make adjustments, allowing you to easily apply these techniques yourself.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Adobe Photoshop 2023
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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