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Claz'room College: Let Your Journey Begin in Anime-Style Rendering

Clazroom Instructor, Kazeo

Class Details

  • Basic
  • Total 22 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

ClazroomInstructor,Kazeo Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Meet your instructor and learn about the overview of this class.

  • SECTION 02
    The Basics & Tools
    • 02. Let's Begin!- Motivation & Consistency - Things you should avoid

    • 03. What Is Anime Style?- Cell shade vs. paint over

    • 04. Getting Your Tools Ready- Understanding your software - How to navigate around and useful shortcut keys

  • SECTION 03
    The Fundamentals
    • 05. Element of Art: Color & Value - Recognize color by Hue, Value & Saturation - Color combination

    • 06. Light Theory- What is light, and how it behaves - The edge control of light and shadow - How to calculate the area of drop shadow

    • 07. Basic Shape in Practice- 4 major brushes - Layer arrangement for basic render - Practice on applying shadow to form accurate shapes,

  • SECTION 04
    The Line Art
    • 08. Imitate to Improve- Steps to count proportion - Layer arrangement for basic render

    • 09. Line Thickness- Aspects that influence the line thickness - Line art demonstration

  • SECTION 05
    Rendering Pt.1: Characters
    • 10. Facial Feature- Color choice for skin tone - Step by step to render eyes & hairs

    • 11. Body Parts- Upper torso & lower torso - Arms & legs - Hands & feet

  • SECTION 06
    Rendering Pt.2: Clothings
    • 12. Basic folding- Clothing behaviour - How gravity & pose affect folding direction - Types of fold/shapes that occur & what to take care

    • 14. Pattern & Texture- How to create brush & repeating pattern - Free transform & wrap tool - The list of pattern in kimono cloth

  • SECTION 07
    Rendering Pt.3: ETC.
    • 15. Daily Props- Practice on drawing reflective props, food, and flowers in group

    • 16. Element- How to recreate the characteristic of elements

    • 17. Background- Taking care of space and depth - Demostration on mountain, cloud, forest, and buildings

  • SECTION 08
    Finalize a Illustration
    • 18. Blend Your Character into the Environment- Way to Identify light source color & environment color - Lighting & Color that create different atmosphere - Space & Depth Control

    • 19. Principle of Art & Composition- Art principles & Composition

    • 20. Finishing Touches- Finishing, use liquify if necessary - Adjustment layer to enhance overall appel - Applying gradient map to enrich colors

  • SECTION 09
    • 21. Way to get exposure- Being active in community - Promote yourself

    • 22. Tips for future career path- Adapting to new changes - Others Advice

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