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Class+: Designing Eye-Catching Anime Characters

Illustrator, Chyan

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Learn tips to enhance drawing quality!
Do you find that even after taking other courses, you lack some basic skills to design trendy anime characters?

In order to make this class more accessible to beginners, we’ve added ten more lectures to Chyan’s original character design course that focus on fundamental drawing techniques.
Illustrator Chyan
Learn the basic skills required for character drawing, and practice with examples using silhouettes to set tone, storylines, and effects through hands-on exercises.

What’s more, Chyan will share tips on how to take study notes to help prevent common drawing mistakes, as well as special learning materials so you can design your own eye-catching anime characters!

Expert Illustrator Chyan's Portfolio

5+ Class Exercises
To Create Your Own 2D Animations

Part 01. Character Drawing and Coloring

Part 02. Full and Portrait Illustrations


Part 03. Basic Skills and Theory for Drawing Body Parts and Character Elements

*These are sample images for better understanding.


In addition to the original course content, CLASS+ provides an upgraded curriculum and additional class materials

CLASS+ Chyan

4 Key Takeaways
From This Class

Coloso Chyan CLASS+
Basic Character Drawing

Learn the basic skills required to draw a character’s body, hair, and clothing before moving on to practice exercises.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+
Coloring Tips for Designing Trendy Anime Characters

Learn about colors frequently used in anime illustrations and how to blend them in order to enhance your work’s density based on your understanding of lighting.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+
Details to Enhance Quality and Tone

Practice creating detailed elements that take your character’s quality and vibe to the next level by using their gaze, silhouette, props, and spatial design to go beyond simple drawing and coloring techniques.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+
Drawing in Various Styles

Learn ways to set different tones by varying color and composition so you can create illustrations of various styles.

*Here are a few sample images to provide better understanding.

After Completing the Course

After learning the basic drawing techniques of character design,
you can create various styles of anime characters by practicing with hands-on exercises
and enhancing quality through attention to detail.

Coloso Chyan after class

Chyan’s CLASS+

Coloso Chyan roadmap

Class Highlight

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn how to take your own study notes that will help you prevent making the same mistakes.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+  selling point

Extra Class Materials, Only in CLASS+

In addition to the original class’s 2 complete works and 11 exercise files, CLASS+ will provide 5 exclusive PSD and drawing files.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+  selling point

Compositing and Editing to Add the Final Touches

Follow the step-by-step curriculum that will take you from basic, beginner-level character drawing and coloring to creating superb illustrations.

Coloso Chyan CLASS+  selling point

Freelance illustrator
Propic Academy lecturer

Projects & Awards

Azur Lane - Illustration
Divine Order - Illustration


Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look

Part 01. Character Drawing and Coloring

Part 02. Full and Portrait Illustrations

PLUS PART 03. Basic Skills and Theory for Drawing Body Parts and Character Elements

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Interview with
Illustrator, Chyan

background image
What are your strengths and what makes you unique as an instructor?

I want to help students who are unable to express themselves through their drawing skills. I plan to show my students a variety of ways to create amazing drawings with the skills they already have. I also prepared a number of actual drawing exercises to show students how to self-examine their work and provide their own feedback.

What makes this CLASS+ special?

While the original class mostly centered around illustrations, I focused more on the characters for CLASS+. I think this will make the class more easily accessible, even to those who struggled to follow the original course. Also, since it concentrates on the essential parts of characters—such as facial features, hair, and body shapes—I hope it will help those who are struggling to start drawing a character.

In what ways do you think students will improve through this class?

Interestingly enough, artists are more likely to repeat the same mistakes again and again rather than make new ones while drawing characters. That’s why this class explores aspects that one can easily get wrong, as well as those in which they may fall into the trap of subconscious, habitual drawing, and then how to deal with that. I believe this will allow students to improve their weak points and cut down on mistakes through practice.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Adobe Photoshop CC
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.
*Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Clip Studio Paint may also be used.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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