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The Ultimate Guide to Branding: From Sketch to Presentation

Brand Designer, Sasyk Mihal

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  • Basic
  • Total 27 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
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BrandDesigner,SasykMihal Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Who is Sasyk Mihal? - What is branding, and what will I be learning?

  • SECTION 02
    Setting Up in Figma
    • 02. Figma Fundamentals & Tips- Figma's benefits for branding - Basic skills, keyboard shortcuts, and useful plug-ins - Preparing a master template

  • SECTION 03
    Generating Ideas
    • 03. Where to Find Inspiration- Why we should start with reference images - Understanding clients' needs and preferences

    • 04. How to Create a Moodboard- The thought process behind moodboards - Gathering images, deciding on a name, and writing concept-related description tags

  • SECTION 04
    Constructing Brand Elements
    • 05. Overview: Deck Structure & Components- Overview of core brand elements and next steps

    • 06. Core Element 1: Designing a Logo- Choosing the right typeface, then adjusting the font for optical balance - Coming up with design ideas for the logo, then drawing it using various tools

    • 07. Core Element 2: Curating a Color Palette- Theory and psychology behind colors - Choosing a color palette and establishing a hierarchy of colors - Naming colors and using color codes

    • 08. Core Element 3: Customizing Typography- Exploring various approaches to typography - Introducing type adjusting tools and opentype alternatives

    • 09. Secondary Elements: Patterns, Icons & Illustrations

  • SECTION 05
    Completing the Client Presentation
    • 10. Mockups for Branding Applications- Preparing mockups to showcase branding applications

    • 11. Thought Process Behind Brand Sketches- Analyzing the thought process behind 4 more sample brand sketches, then finalizing the deck

  • SECTION 06
    Integrating Client Feedback
    • 12. Overview: Next Steps in Branding Process- What to do with client feedback

    • 13. Logo & Icon Refinement- Creating 5+ logo or symbol options - Adding recommendations for the client

    • 14. Color & Typography Refinement- Exploring other color and typography options - Organizing an overview slide with a list of alternatives

    • 15. Brand System Refinement- Revising brand slides to include new recommendations - Reviewing past projects for other clients by Sasyk

  • SECTION 07
    Exploring Brand Deliverables
    • 16. Overview: Final Assets & Deliverables- Updating the deck with final assets - Creating a template for deliverables

    • 17. Deliverables 1: Web Design Basics- Basic principles of web design - Sketching the website and designing basic UI assets

    • 18. Deliverables 2: Motion Design Basics- Introduction to motion design using Jitter - Setting up the motion design style and tone - Preparing still layouts and bringing the layouts to life

    • 19. Deliverables: Social Media Templates- Discussing various social media post formats - Designing social templates for the client

    • 20. Deliverables 4: Merch Design Variations- Brainstorming various merch options - Designing merch and creating visualizations in Figma

  • SECTION 08
    Establishing Professional Brand Guidelines
    • 21. Overview: Brand Guidelines- What are brand guidelines? - Creating a template for brand guidelines

    • 22. Logo Guidelines- Creating slides to showcase logo and icons - Establishing guidelines for safe zones, minimum sizing, and misuse of logos

    • 23. Color Guidelines- Creating an overview slide on color - Setting up color codes and talking about pantone - Adding a color usage and combination guide

    • 24. Typography Guidelines- Creating an overview slide on typography - Setting up type styles and establishing a hierarchy - Drafting a typeface combination, kerning, and lining guide - Adding a type misuse section

    • 25. Guidelines for Other Brand Elements- Establishing guidelines for iconography and glyphs - Adding guidelines for photography - Concluding with an application section

  • SECTION 09
    • 26. Ready for Export- What to export and how - Tips for presentations and client interactions

    • 27. Goodbye and Good Luck!- Summary of workflow and class perks - Tips for publishing your work on social media, building a portfolio, and getting new clients

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