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Creating 3D Anime Backgrounds in Blender: A Comprehensive Tutorial

3D Artist, Sangwoo Park

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Class Intro

3D Artist, Sangwoo Park
Create 3D backgrounds that blend seamlessly with anime characters by using various methods and workflows.

Unlock the Power of 3D Anime Backgrounds
Ever wondered what it would be like to create stunning anime backgrounds using 3D programs without going through the manual processes?
3D Artist parksangwoo2
Sangwoo Park, a director of 3D assets for animated series on Netflix and DC, will teach you the craft of making 3D backgrounds. Discover how to create high-quality 3D backgrounds while maintaining the appearance and mood of 2D anime, all without using a frame-by-frame approach, thanks to the ideal synergy of Blender and Substance Painter.
3D Artist parksangwoo2
The tasks in this course will take you from the fundamentals to professional skills, including tools, shader nodes, and projection mapping. Learn the techniques used by artist Sangwoo Park to produce backgrounds of astounding quality and speed.

Class Perks
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What’s the difference between Part 1 and Part 2?


For those who’d like to design 2D-like, cartoon-style characters using basic Blender features.


For those interested in creating scenes where characters and backgrounds blend seamlessly by mastering the basics of Blender and Substance Painter.

Expert 3D Artist Sangwoo Park's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how to create backgrounds step by step, including how to express 2D-like visuals and basic modeling techniques using Blender's shader nodes, texturing in Substance Painter, shading, and projection mapping.

This class doesn't just want you to copy and finish exercises. Instead, it seeks to show you three distinct workflows so that you can actually develop your own artistic style.

By the end of this course, you will have become a trendy artist who is capable of creating backgrounds for different genres with the knowledge you possess. of a universal 3D design workflow.

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9+ Class Exercises

01. Forest
Create background models in Blender using shader nodes and modifiers.

02. Classroom
Design detailed backgrounds by applying texturing and shading techniques, followed by painting in Substance Painter.

03. Street
Transform image sources into 3D backgrounds through the application of projection mapping.


Sangwoo Park
3D Artist

Hello, my name is Sangwoo Park, and I'm a 3D Artist.

At Studio Mir, I am the asset director, in charge of the 3D elements utilized in our animations. I've also created CG for a number of animated shows, including Netflix's DOTA, The Witcher, Lookism, and Warner Bros. DC's Super-Sons."

With extensive experience as a modeling, texturing, and shading expert in the animation industry, I have now ventured into creating and developing 3D anime CG.

I'm very eager to share everything I know about producing 3D anime backgrounds, including techniques, skills, self-study advice, and thoughts into Blender's future.

Background Images
3D Artist,  Sangwoo Park
3D Artist,
Sangwoo Park

Studio MIR
3D Asset Director

3D generalist

3D buildteam

Projects & Awards

Netfilx Animation
DOTA Dragon's Blood season 1,2,3

Netfilx Animation
The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Netfilx Animation

DC Animation
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

KBS Animation
slowslowsloth Neul season 1

EBS Animation
ROBOCAR POLI season 3,4


Class Highlights

Exploring the Basics of 3D Anime Backgrounds in Blender

Don't worry if you're new to 3D design and Blender; this class will take you step by step through the tool's UI, functionality, and the fundamentals of modeling, texturing, shading, and compositing in Blender.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Tips for Crafting 2D-Like Anime Backgrounds in 3D

Investigate the aesthetic and industrial ideas underlying anime graphic styles, as well as practice with shading nodes and textures in 3D programs..

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Achieving Career-Ready Skills in Various Genres

Master the art of positioning cameras and lighting in 3D scenes to improve background quality, and apply these techniques not just to photos but also to webtoons, graphics, and other genres.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Blender Basics

01. Introduction

  1. Instructor and class introduction
  2. The usage of anime-style backgrounds
  3. Artistic and commercial backgrounds and their range of implementation

02. The UI and Basics of Blender

  1. The features and role of Blender’s UI
  2. The main menu

03. Modeling, Texturing, and Shading in Blender

  1. Modeling in Blender
  2. Texturing in Blender
  3. Shader nodes in Blender

04. How to Use the Asset Browser

  1. How to use and make the most of the Asset Browser
SECTION 02. Designing Natural Objects

05. Designing Grass

  1. Creating grass using the Particle System
  2. Adding texture with Noise Shader

06. Designing Rocks and Stones

  1. Making textures applicable to any models
  2. Making stones with Noise Shader and Voronoi

07. Designing Bushes

  1. Making bushes using the Particle System
  2. Making 2D-like bushes with Normal Transfer
  3. Adding variety to colors with Object info Random

08. Designing Trees

  1. Making trees the same way as bushes
  2. Adding branches with Grease Pencil and Curve

09. Designing a Sky

  1. Understanding the Environment Shader
  2. Making a Dome Sphere

10. Simulating Grass Movements

  1. Making grass sway with the wind

11. Positioning and Compositing a Character to Create a Scene

  1. Positioning and compositing a 2D character
SECTION 03. Substance Painter Basics

12. Introduction to Substance Painter’s UI

  1. The features and role of Substance Painter
  2. The essentials of Substance Painter
  3. Processing the FBX file created in Blender
SECTION 04. Designing a Classroom

13. Planning a Building’s Interior with Numbers

  1. Establishing the ratio
  2. Understanding the average architecture
  3. Getting used to the workflow

14. How to Apply Importer Add-Ons in SketchUp

  1. Using add-ons to import SketchUp files into Blender

15. Designing Floors, Columns, Walls, Windows, Blackboards, and Frames

  1. Creating objects based on large shapes
  2. Making objects with Array Modifier

16. Designing Ceilings, Floor Moldings, Lockers, and Lights

  1. Creating objects based on medium shapes
  2. Using Instance and Mirror
  3. Making blackboards with various Shader Nodes

17. Designing Desks, Chairs, Pens, and Notes

  1. Creating objects based on medium shapes (1)

18. Designing Curtains

  1. Making curtains using the cloth simulation
  2. Making the curtains sway with the wind

19. Texturing Floors, Columns, Walls, Windows, Blackboards, and Frames

  1. Painting in Substance Painter
  2. Using UDIMs
  3. Using texture files in Blender

20. Texturing Ceilings, Floor Moldings, Lockers, and Lights

  1. Painting in Substance Painter
  2. Texturing Instance Collection objects

21. Texturing Desks and Chairs

  1. Painting in Substance Painter
  2. Managing textures in the Asset Browser

22. Finishing Up Shading

  1. Shading and additional texturing
  2. Using multiple UVs in an object

23. Setting Up Environments and Lights

  1. Working on Look Development with Eevee’s real-time rendering

24. Positioning and Compositing a Character to Create a Scene

  1. Compositing a 2D character and background
  2. Adding details with Compositor
SECTION 05. Designing a Street

25. Perceiving a 2D Image in 3D

  1. Using 2D concept art as a basis
  2. Understanding Projection Mapping
  3. Learning more about buildings

26. Basic Settings for Projection Mapping

  1. Calculating angles of view using fSpy
  2. Using fSpy importer add-ons

27. Creating a Model of a Street

  1. Designing a simple street with basic shapes
  2. Setting up cameras, rendering, materials, and subdivision

28. Texturing a Street

  1. Projection mapping in Substance Painter: Basics
  2. Projection mapping in Substance Painter: Retouching

29. Setting Up Shaders for a Street

  1. Setting up shaders for illuminants and signs
  2. Setting up environments and lights
SECTION 06. Applying the Webtoon Art Style

30. Applying Line Art

  1. Drawing clean lines with Line Art
  2. Separating colors and lines, and then working on them in Photoshop

31. Using EXR files in Photoshop

  1. Importing multichannel EXR files into Photoshop with Exr-IO
SECTION 07. Wrap-Up

32. My Perspective on Blender's Outcomes and Suggestions

  1. Difference between a job and a hobby
  2. Tips for learning 3D design through self-study
  3. The direction of content

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** Class videos may be seperated for a more streamlined viewing experience

Interview with
3D Artist Sangwoo Park

Background Images
What is the goal or key point of this class?

In this class, students will learn to create 3D anime backgrounds in Blender using shader nodes, materials, textures, and projection mapping. I've condensed my years of industry experience into these class exercises, enabling students to create not only backgrounds but anything they want, regardless of genre.

What do you consider your strengths as an instructor?

My expertise lies in the realm of animated films, particularly in 3D anime backgrounds. Producing an image or film requires consideration of various elements, including characters. I'm eager to share the insights I've gained from my industry experience to help students navigate their creative journeys more smoothly.

Who do you think should take this class?

First and foremost, I recommend this class to individuals seeking to create exceptional anime-style backgrounds in 3D, starting from the artistic and industrial foundations. I'm also confident that it will be helpful to those interested in content design as a hobby or those looking to gain insight into how Blender is used in the ever-evolving webtoon industry.

Required Programs

This course will use
- Blender 3.4
- Photoshop 2023
- Adobe Substance 3D Painter 1366
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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