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Introduction to 2.5D Animation with Blender Grease Pencil

Animator, Leedeebee

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Class Intro
Animator, Leedeebee

Did you ever want to combine 3D with
2D animation for a rich and realistic
expression, but never got a chance to try
because the tools were too difficult?

Animator Leedeebee Introduction to 2.5D Animation with Blender Grease Pencil

Get ready to upgrade your work quality and
efficiency with Blender Grease Pencil feature.
With this class, you'll learn everything about
Blender including the Grease Pencil feature,
Cartoon shading, Nodes animation,
Camera animation, etc, all at once and
even the 3D features of Blender!

For those who thought Blender was a
difficult tool to use, I will guide you through
Blender as we easily start with
2D drawings and create 2.5D examples
of features moving from 2D to 3D.

From light sketches to drawing in 3D spaces,
add Blender's animation features
to create an eye-catching 2.5D animation of your own!


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Length: 27 videos
(Duration 10h 35m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Blender 3.1.2
After Effects 2022 (Optional)

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Blender Shortcuts List
Final Example Files
Concept Sketch Files

Expert Animator
Leedeebee's Profile & Portfolio



Hello, I'm Animator Leedeebee.

I graduated from Korea National
University of Arts, with a degree in Animation.
Currently, I work in different fields such as
illustration, webtoon, animation, VR/ XR content, etc.

As real-time rendering and AR content are
becoming more important in the industry,
the interest in 3D tools is also growing among 2D artists.

In line with these changes, I've prepared a
class to expand your animation spectrum
by easily getting started with Blender
through 2D drawing and help you overcome your fear of using 3D tools.

I've studied animation since high school and
have various experiences using related tools.
Also, having self-taught Blender, I will use
my experience to share the skills and tips,
to make Blender easier for those who are new to 3D.

Background images
Coloso Animator Leedeebee

Projects & Awards

2022 | K’ARTS 1st Annual METAVERSE Showcase 'TAKE-OFF TO ART-SPACE' - VR Live drawing demonstration and 'Pen Pal Kitchen' Exhibit
2021 | Daewon C.I. 'Needle Book' advertisement illustration artwork
'Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - Beyound Reality XR' Bifan x Unity Short Film prize winner, 'Pen Pal Kitchen' exhibit in Incheon Airport
Contents One Campus Performance Conference - 'Pen Pal Kitchen' Speech for Excellent Performance
'INFINITY BEYOND' - 'Pen Pal Kitchen' Exhibit and demonstration

2020 | Art publishing brand 'Boondays' - Illustration poster artwork and sales
Cartoon VR game 'Pen Pal Kitchen' production, later Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival x Unity Short Film Challenge Best and Excellent joint award winner
Unity's Unite Seoul 2020 - Making of 'Pen Pal Kitchen' Speaker
'Face to Face' selected as short animation participant in SBA 2020

2019 | 'Korea National University of Arts - Campus Asia Work' - participated in production of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese co-work animation 'MOON'
Ridibooks 'Folding the Edge of a Book' advertisement illustration artwork
Participated in Dinosaur DoomDoom in VCR, Opening theme of JTBC's Begin Again, Hyundai Veloster commercial as animation cleanup and coloring

2018 | Theater animation 'Chun Tae-il' Teaser artwork, animation, cleanup particitant and main poster production

Graduated from Korea Animation High School, major in Animation
Graduated from Korea National University of Arts, BA in Animation


10 Class Exercises

Part 01. Practice exercises

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Making a 2D image
into a 3D object

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Drawing in 3D
using X, Y, Z Axes

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Easy animating using the Grease Pencil Modifier

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Using 2D for
Rigging and Animating

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Drawing on top of a model

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Creating a 2D Image Using a Shader
Instead of Drawing Directly or Coloring

Part 02. Practical Examples

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Tree and Flower

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Large Ferris Wheel

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Character's Face

Animator Leedeebee Class exercises

Beach Concept Art

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Class Highlights

An Easy Introduction to
Blender with 2D Drawing

Did you think Blender was difficult because it's a '3D tool'? Get started with this easy guide on Blender and learn about the 2D features and 3D drawings. You will also master the basics of Grease Pencil, understand how to use it, and adjust its basic settings to use it more effectively.

Animator Leedeebee Class Introduction

Breathe Life into 2D Drawings Using the Blender's 3D Animation Feature

Once you get used to the Grease Pencil feature, it's time to learn about 3D animation to breathe life into 2D drawings. We'll learn step-by-step about Blender's 3D animation features by covering basics such as 3D Object animation, Nodes animation, etc.

Animator Leedeebee Class Introduction

Create an Attractive Artwork That Looks 2D and 3D at the Same Time

We will start with idea sketches and move on to simple modeling, Grease Pencil illustrations, Freestyle features, etc. We'll gather everything we've learned in class and create our own living 2.5D illustration at the end.

Animator Leedeebee Class Introduction

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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro to Blender

01. Intro to Blender

  1. How Blender is different from other animation production tools
  2. Installing Blender
  3. Basic controls tutorial
  4. Introduction to Blender interface

02. Frequently used modes and features

  1. Explanation of modes
  2. Explanation of frequently used features
SECTION 02. Introduction to Grease Pencil

03. What is a Grease Pencil?

  1. Example of Grease Pencil usage
  2. Simple explanation of features
  3. Explanation of animation features

04. Organizing a work environment

  1. Assigning frequently used shortcuts
  2. Installing helpful Add-ons
  3. Setting up an animation timeline
SECTION 03. 3D Drawing: Tree & Flower

05. Concept Art

  1. Idea sketch and planning
  2. Creating a guide

06. Base Modeling

  1. Furniture modeling (window ledge)
  2. Props modeling (kettle, vase)
  3. Simple cartoon shading and applying outlines

07. Drawing

  1. 3D sketches
  2. Using vector lines

08. Camera compositing

  1. Creating a camera and animating
  2. Compositing
  3. Using the camera

09. Output

  1. Rendering settings and output
  2. Correction after output (Using After Effects (optional))
SECTION 04. Illustrating a Ferris Wheel in 3D

10. Concept Art

  1. Idea sketch and planning
  2. Creating a guide

11. Base modeling

  1. Base modeling
  2. Modeling using a curve tool
  3. Cartoon shading
  4. Freestyle tutorial and usage

12. Grease Pencil drawing

  1. Drawing on top of model
  2. Decorating with flat drawings

13. Animating

  1. Modeling animation
  2. Grease Pencil animation
  3. Camera animation

14. Compositing

  1. View layer explanation
  2. Separating Freestyle lines and Grease Pencil layers
  3. Compositing settings

15. Output

  1. Rendering settings and output
  2. Correction after output (Using After Effects / Optional)
SECTION 05. Rigging and Animating: Character Face

16. Concept Art

  1. Create character face concept art

17. Drawing

  1. Come up with a sketch
  2. Separate the area where the face is moving
  3. Drawing lines and coloring the separated area

18. Rigging

  1. Learn about Rigging

19. Create face slots

  1. Planning facial expression animation
  2. Applying face rotation action
  3. Shaping and applying actions on the mouth

20. Animating

  1. Download and install lip-sync animation Add-on
  2. Input pose library
  3. Lip-syncing characters
  4. Applying facial expression animation
  5. Output
SECTION 06. Lessons Put Together and Drawing the Beach in 3D

21. Concept Art

  1. Idea sketch and planning
  2. Creating a guide
  3. Initial settings of the camera

22. Base Modeling

  1. Base modeling
  2. Modeling using a curve tool
  3. Cartoon shading
  4. Freestyle setting
  5. Illustrating a beach and a sky using nodes

23. Grease Pencil drawing

  1. Flat drawing
  2. Drawing on top of model

24. Animating

  1. Nodes animation
  2. Grease Pencil animation
  3. Camera animation

25. Compositing

  1. View layer settings
  2. Separating Freestyle lines and Grease Pencil layers
  3. Compositing settings

26. Output

  1. Output
  2. Correction after Output
SECTION 07. Wrapping Up

27. Wrapping up

  1. Outro

with Animator Leedeebee

Background images
What motivated you to
create this class?

The importance of real-time rendering and AR content is growing in the current new media market. With this flow, I thought it would be nice for 2D artists to get familiar with 3D tools or real-time engines. So, I decided to create a class that will teach easy methods to materialize 2D images in 3D and lower the entry barriers to the field of 3D.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

I recommend this class to 2D drawing artists and animators new to Blender. Put away the hassle of first modeling in a 3D program and then opening it up again in a 2D program to retouch the work. You'll be able to work on your drawings more effectively using Blender. In this class, with simple modeling, we'll touch most of the drawings with the Grease Pencil. Therefore, those not used to modeling will also be able to obtain satisfactory work in the end.

What is your strength
as an animator?

I've studied Animation since high school and have various experiences using related tools. Being so, I can share my knowledge and insights on mainly used features, Blender's Grease Pencil and 2D Animation feature, with artists new to Animation. So, with this class, I would like to first let artists know about Blender's helpful features and help them turn their 2D work into a 3D drawing.

What did you focus on most
when organizing the curriculum?

In Blender, you can obtain both 3D and 2D output, and there are various convenient features, such as automatic computation of animations in between artworks. Also, because it is based on vectors, you can output different canvas sizes as you desire. This class will put together all the features of Blender explained above and apply them, mainly covering topics on Blender's convenience and utilization as a 2D tool.

Required Programs

Information about programs used in this class.

This class is taught with Blender 3.1.2 and After Effects CC 2022 (optional). Please install these program version(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

* Blender 3.1.2 version is recommended for this class, After Effects is optional, therefore it is not mandatory.
* These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the class.

Blender Adobe After Effects AE

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