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2D Action & Japanese Key Animation Ultimate Starter Pack

2D Animators, Julien Cortey & Mary Kim

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Enter the World of 2D Animation
From Key Animation to Action Scenes

Ready to begin your journey into 2D animation?
This starter pack combines two classes that will help you unleash your creativity
by creating a captivating world of 2D animation.

Learn all about the animation pipeline:
from storyboarding and key animation to overcoming the fear of the blank page,
mastering dynamic movement, animating hair & clothing,
and creating impressive action scenes that leave an impact.

Start this course today to begin bringing your imagination to life
through the power of 2D animation and build up the skills
you need to enter the industry!


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Length: 44 videos
Difficulty: Basic Level
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: English

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Software Required

Clip Studio Paint EX
TVPaint 11

*Other Alternatives:
Adobe Animate
Toon Boom Harmony

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Shortcuts Image File
Virgin board
(Blank board).tvpp

30+ Exercises That Will Help You Start
Creating Your Own 2D Animations

Part 1. The Basics

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Animation Basics & Template

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Enhance Your Storyboarding

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises


coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Working with Simple Shapes

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Mastering the Mechanics

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Utilizing Inbetweens

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Animating a Character

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Basic Choreography

Part 2. Practical Application

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises


coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Clothing & Hair

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Using Shadow & Light Effectively

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Inbetween Department Indications

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Adding 2D FX to Characters

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Character Combat Scenes

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Action with Environment & Setting Interaction

coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Exercises

Action with Weapons & FX

*These are sample images for better understanding.

Core Skills
For This Class

Coloso 2d animation Class Details
Master 2D Animation & The Japanese Animation Pipeline

Learn the basics of 2D animation, the Japanese animation pipeline, and storyboarding, then apply these skills to create action scenes.

Coloso 2d animation Class Details
Create Dynamic Character Movement

Create dynamic movement and fast-paced scenarios using timing and animation techniques that will bring your characters to life.

Coloso 2d animation Class Details
Enhance Your Animations with Effects

Clean up your work, then add shadow, light, and special effects to your animations to make intense, impactful scenes.

Coloso 2d animation Class Details
Get to Know the Process from Start to Finish

Receive expert guidance from experienced instructors as you go through the process of creating an animated scene.

*These are sample images for better understanding.

After Finishing
This Class

This class offers a step-by-step guide to everything you need to start your journey into 2D animation,
from getting to know the fundamentals of 2D animation,
Japanese-style key animation and animation pipeline to creating fun, action-packed scenes with elemental FX.

Background Images

A Complete Guide to Starting Out in 2D Animation

Coloso EmesZack & Nikolai Fletcher Roadmap

This CLASS has been carefully constructed
by the education experts at Coloso to provide a curriculum
that will help customers prepare to enter the industry.


Class Highlights

Get Started with 2D Animation & The Japanese Work Pipeline

Learn the basics of animation, storyboarding, and the Japanese animation pipeline then apply your newly learned skills to compose and create combat and action-oriented scenes. You will be guided through every step of bringing animation to life, starting from a blank page to a completed scene concept.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Create Key Animation & Expand Your Characters Movement

Build up a strong foundation of key animation by creating your first rough animation, also known as "Ichigen" in Japanese animation then create your 2nd rough, "Nigen." Afterward, you will learn how to maximize character movement by adding poses and choreographing fast-paced scenarios. Throughout this process, you will receive numerous tips for creating dynamic movement, animating hair and clothing, and mastering timing.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Elevate Your Animations with Clean-Up, Shadow, Light, and FX

Cleaning up your animation and add in elements that will bring your characters to life by including shadow, light, FX, camera, background work, and more techniques that will enhance your animation by adding a sense of power and intensity. Each instructor gives their insights into the animation process to help you solidify your understanding of 2D animation.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction
2D Animator, Julien Cortey
2D Animator,
Julien Cortey

Full time Animator at Fost Studio

Freelance Animator
Key Animator at Toei, Madhouse, Pierrot, Titmouse, etc

Projects & Awards

[Key Animation]
One Piece
My Hero Academia - Season 5
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Takt op.Destiny (TV)
AREA21 - Pogo

Coloso EmesZack
2D Animator,
Mary Kim

Freelance Illustrator and Animator

Projects & Awards

Illustrator and Animator in Death Division and NSPC Editorial Cartooning (2019) - 3rd Place Winner


Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. Overview of what we will learn
  3. The main stage of Japanese animation production
SECTION 02. TV Paint - Shortcuts & Basic Animation

02. Animation in a Nutshell

  1. How TVPaint works
  2. Frequently used keys
  3. What we will need: Animation basics
SECTION 03. Storyboard & Preparation

03. Storyboard, Pipeline & Preparation

  1. Filling out the Template
  2. How to read the Storyboard
  3. What are our freedoms
  4. Explaining the Japanese Animation Pipeline
SECTION 04. 1st Rough

04. Overcoming the Fear of the Blank Page

  1. Different ways to start and what to choose
  2. Building the foundation
  3. Fast and precise drawing

05. On with the 1st Rough

  1. On with roughing
  2. Animation tips
  3. Following the 2nd part of the storyboard

06. Rhythm is Key

  1. Manipulation of time
  2. Revising and adding frames
  3. Ball animation exercise
SECTION 05. 2nd Rough (Being Accurate)

07. Pathing Over: Getting Close to the Character

  1. 1st rough revision for improvement
  2. Pathing over & getting close to the character
  3. Tips for drawing a better body rough

08. Pathing Over: Dynamic Movement

  1. Pathing over the body movement
  2. Shaping dynamic action movements

09. Pathing Over: The Details

  1. Playing with the Z axis
  2. Drawing over hands and fingers

10. Drawing All Over: Defining Frames & Lines

  1. Keyframe, Break Frame, In-between Frame
  2. Drawing all over the animation

11. Drawing All Over: Body & FX

  1. Bodymechanic correction
  2. Adding eye direction and face acting
  3. Lining FX

12. Drawing All Over: Clothes & Hair 1

  1. Clothing and hair exercises
  2. Drawing over the rough
  3. Lining accurately

13. Drawing All Over: Clothes & Hair 2

  1. Clothing and hair application
  2. Tips for character movement and clothes
SECTION 06. Cleaning up All the Key Frames

14. Clean-up 1: Eyes & Hair

  1. Tips on clean lining
  2. Clean-up while considering the shadows

15. Clean-up 2: Hat & Clothes

  1. Clean-up tips for light color, perspective, and depth
  2. Continuing with the Clean-up

16. Clean-up 3: Dynamic Movement in a Scene

  1. Tips on drawing dynamic movement
  2. Continuing with the Clean-up

17. Clean-up 4: Continuation

  1. Continuing with the Clean-up

18. Clean-up 5: Finalization

  1. Finalizing Clean-up
  2. Tips when cleaning up
SECTION 07. FX & Clean-up

19. Focusing on the FX

  1. Reviewing where Special Effects are needed
  2. Adding Special Effects dedicated Layers
  3. Simple Special Effects Training

20. FX Clean-up 1

  1. Adding more texture
  2. Most effective FX clean-up method

21. FX Clean-up 2

  1. Revising special effects
  2. Working with details
  3. Adding shadows and considering the colors
SECTION 08. Wrapping Up for the Inbetween Department

22. Shadows & Light

  1. Light direction
  2. Tool basics
  3. What not to forget and where it's needed

23. Indications for the Inbetween Department

  1. How it works
  2. Key Animator writing procedures for next team
  3. How to leave our cut

24. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programsSection 02. Animation Starter Pack

25. Before We Start 2D Animation

  1. Importance of breaking down a movement
  2. Principles of animation

26. Frame Rate and Timing Charts

  1. How frame rates Work
  2. Holding frames
  3. Using timing charts

27. Mastering Speed with Inbetweening

  1. Inbetweening basics
  2. Distribution of inbetweens for weight and speed
  3. Understanding Smear Frames

28. Introducing Digital Animation with Clip Studio Paint

  1. Introduction of Clip Studio Paint (CSP)
  2. Animation tools on CSP
  3. Animation folders and lightbox
SECTION 10. Adding Action to Your Characters

29. Animating Characters

  1. Understanding the body
  2. Poses and positioning
  3. Character Movement and Expression

30. Building Basic Choreography

  1. Adding more movements to one character
  2. Creating a combo
  3. Creating a tempo

31. Interaction with Additional Characters

  1. Adding one or more characters in the set
  2. Planning interaction
  3. Keeping track of one or more characters

32. Characters with Weapons

  1. Adding materials and weapons to characters
  2. Short range and long range weapons
SECTION 11. Indication of Impact and Intensity

33. Animating Various Effects

  1. Animating smoke FX
  2. Animating luminous FX (fire and lightning)
  3. Liquid FX
  4. Solid elements

34. Impact Frames

  1. When to use impact frames
  2. How to make impact frames
  3. Liquid FX
  4. Solid elements

35. Camera Motion

  1. Staging
  2. Camera pans and tracking
  3. Camera shakes

36. Parallax

  1. Adding a still image as a background
  2. Adding a moving object
  3. Keyframing and parallax effect

37. Animated Backgrounds

  1. Adding motion to the backgrounds
  2. Motion lines and blurs
SECTION 12. Composing Combat

38. Planning and Storyboarding

  1. Thumbnailing and storyboarding
  2. Indicating key poses
  3. Flow and story

39. Expanding Choreography Knowledge

  1. Importance of finding inspiration
  2. References and how to use them
  3. Rotoscoping and breaking down materials
  4. Style and Identity
  5. Application and influence
SECTION 13. 2D Action Animation Demonstration

40. Hand-to-Hand Combat

  1. Determining interaction (initiator and receiver)
  2. Handling two characters at the same time
  3. Cell separation

41. Applying FX

  1. Characters with FX
  2. Direction and impact of the FX
  3. Subtle FX vs. apparent FX
  4. Combination of FX and impact frames
  5. On hit vs. follow up FX

42. Using Weaponry

  1. Characters with their weapons
  2. Distance and interaction

43. Environment and Setting Interaction

  1. Characters making use of their setting
  2. Impact upon the environment
SECTION 14. Conclusion

44. Finishing Thoughts

  1. Thoughts for continuous improvement

**The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
Julien Cortey & Mary Kim

Background Images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

Julien: I chose to teach the Japanese animation pipeline and use my own anime animation as an educational tool because I believe it is not well-known enough to the public. Many people watch anime but are not aware of the effort and techniques that go on behind the scenes.

Mary: Action-oriented animation is considered one of the hardest forms to convey and is often classified as the climax of an animated film or series but with the right guidance you learn the basics and start creating fun action scenes that move like the ones you see in your favorite animations.

What would be the most important takeaway from your class?

Julien: My class focuses primarily on the main animation process, sharing tips and techniques for each step. I believe understanding the process behind Japanese animation, from storyboarding to incorporating FX, can help you on your path to becoming a key animator.

Mary: Animation may be intimidating, but once you get through the basics, it's fun to compose and add in techniques that provide intensity to fast-paced action sequences.

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and where you see it going in the future or let us know about a must have skill in this industry and why.

Julien: Globalization has fueled substantial growth in the Japanese animation industry. Anime-style animations are no longer limited to Japanese artists, as a more diverse range of artists are now joining the industry. Technological advancements in animation software, real-time rendering, and VR have revolutionized workflows, attracting artists from different backgrounds and unlocking immense potential for Japanese anime.

Mary: 2D animation is trending nowadays, and it'll continue to grow from there. However, competition is still quite rough, and the resources available to learn and be a part of it are quite inaccessible. I have noticed that this is slowly changing, but this is definitely a skill that is worth investing in.

Required Programs

This course will use Clip Studio Paint EX & TVPaint 11.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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