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Creating 2D Animations with VCRWORKS

Animation Studio, VCRWORKS

Class Details

AnimationStudio,VCRWORKS Details

Class Intro
Animation Studio, VCRWORKS

“From animation skills that bring drawings to life
to adding the final touches through compositing & editing,
we are ready to share all our insights with you.”

Mary Kim 애니메이션 이미지

Are you struggling to find an in-depth class
that goes over the entire animation process
instead of focusing on specific themes
like fairytales or concept art?

Learn how to animate from A to Z with VCRWORKS,
a leading studio in the animation industry
with a portfolio that includes the animation Brawl Stars
as well as work experience with JTBC,
Samsung Electronics, and RM from BTS.
Get ready to dive into the real process
of creating 2D animations!

Mary Kim 애니메이션 이미지

This class doesn’t require any prior knowledge about animation.
VCRWORKS will take you
through each step of the animation work process
from writing a story
to animating and adding final touches.

You will practice making your own animation by
following a plan that is optimal
for individuals and small teams,
allowing you to equip yourself with the knowledge
required to navigate various challenges and obstacles
and become an experienced animator.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 25 videos
(Duration 09h 36m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

- TVPaint Pro 11
- After Effects 2022
- Adobe Photoshop 2022

- Cinema 4D R20

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

- Original exercise files
(psd, tvp)
- Final After Effects files
- PDF files of class content

Expert 2D Animation Studio
VCRWORKS' Portfolio

Supercell [Brawl Stars]
[ Rhythmens ]
The Starry Night
JTBC [ On Campaign ]

Why Take This Class?

Focusing on specifics
is not enough to fully grasp
the 2D animation process.

Try making
your own animated film
so that you can grasp all the essentials!

In this class,
you will produce a one-minute animated video
and experience the three stages
of creating 2D animations:
pre-production, production, and post-production.

Moreover, as a studio known for its unique color and style,
VCRWORKS will share tips and tricks
for giving a more vibrant look to your work
and adding final details through editing and compositing.

This is the only class
where you can experience
the lengthy step-by-step process
of producing an animated film
while also acquiring practical animation skills.


10 Class Exercises

 VCRWORKS 애니메이션 강의 예제
Speeding up the Drawing Process with Cinema 4D
 VCRWORKS 애니메이션 강의 예제
Adding Finishing Touches with After Effects

※Turn on sound.

Final product: Countdown

Countdown depicts an ordinary man being chased and running away
without even knowing why. It reflects today’s world where social media and TV shows make people feel inadequate.


Animation Studio

Hello everyone, this is VCRWORKS animation studio! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We first started as a self-publishing company
working with illustrations and picture books in 2013. We are now working
in various fields both in South Korea and abroad.
We’ve produced original animations like Architect A and Rhythmens
in addition to participating in commercial projects such as Supercell’s Brawl Stars,
JTBC’s On Campaign, and even music videos.

This class’s curriculum is
designed for beginners who want to animate
their drawings but don’t have any experience.
We will share all about our work process
so that you can learn all the steps and tools
required to create animations.

Additionally, we will prepare you for
certain challenges and obstacles you may encounter
as a beginner and draw on our experience to answer questions you may have.

So, if you’re hesitating to take your first step
into the world of animation because you find it
hard to get started, this class will help you to get past that
by helping you create your own unique animated video.

배경 이미지
Animation Studio,

Projects & Awards

[Commercial Projects]
Supercell’s animated series Brawl Stars (Over 15 episodes)
JTBC’s On Campaign (10 episodes)
Peak’s animated series Toon Blast (5 episodes)
Samsung Electronics campaign/promotional video
Hyundai Motor Company promotional video
Hanwha campaign/promotional video
and over 100 other projects

[Original Animations]
Architect A - animated series
Rhythmens - animated series
Sigh of Sighs - short animated film
The Starry Night - short animated film

[Music Videos]
Yoon Jong-shin’s “Slow Starter,” “Leave Me Alone,”
“You're Right,” “Anyway It’s Christmas,” “Exhaustion,” “Now,” and “Last Moment”
Lee Juck’s “Stoning”
Cai Xukun’s “No Exception”
RM’s “Forever Rain”
Animations for NCT’s NCTmentary

[Awards and Film Festival Selections]
2018 World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb
2018 Annecy International Animation Film Festival
2018 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
2018 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018 Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film
2018 Taiwan International Children's Film Festival - Best Animated Short
2017 DigiCon6 ASIA Awards - Next Generation Prize
2017 Korean Independent Animation Film Festival - First Flight Prize
2017 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival - Grand Prix


Class Highlights

An All-in-One Class
For Beginners
To Learn How to Animate
From A to Z

Explore the essentials of the lengthy process of creating an animation in stages as well as how to use animation software such as TVPaint step by step.

콜로소 VCRWORKS 클래스특징

Exceptional Animation Skills
That Bring Characters to Life

Learn animation skills from VCRWORKS whose unique style has made the studio successful across all genres from commercials and music videos to original animations, focusing on techniques that give characters a vibrant look.

콜로소 VCRWORKS 클래스특징

Compositing and Editing Techniques
To Improve Quality

Learn how to arrange and compose cuts in an appealing way and compositing techniques to enhance the film’s quality in After Effects.

콜로소 VCRWORKS 클래스특징

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Getting Started

01. Orientation

  1. Instructor’s introduction and class overview
SECTION 02. Pre Production

02. Pipeline

  1. The purpose of production
  2. Animation pipelines

03. Resources and Storyboard

  1. Required materials for animating
  2. Creating a storyboard

04. Concept Art

  1. Deciding on an artwork concept

05. Videoboard

  1. Creating a videoboard
  2. Checklist

06. Layout

  1. The necessity of a layout
  2. Layout and positioning concepts
SECTION 03. Animating

07. TVPaint

  1. Using TVPaint

08. Animatics Summary

  1. The necessity of animatics
  2. Animatics concepts

09. Animatics - Example

  1. Examples of animatics

10. Rough Animation Summary

  1. Turning a virtual character into a real actor

11. Rough Animation - Example 1

  1. Exercise c05: Character acting

12. Rough Animation - Example 2

  1. Exercise c12: Character acting

13. Rough Animation - Example 3

  1. Exercise c15: Dynamic actions

14. Rough Animation - Example 4

  1. Exercise c18: Creating cuts by looping an animation

15. Rough Animation Complete

  1. Finishing and reviewing a rough animation
SECTION 04. Artwork

16. Artwork - Example 1

  1. Exercise c01: Background

17. Artwork - Example 2

  1. Exercise c06: Background

18. Artwork Complete

  1. Finishing and reviewing the background
SECTION 05. Cleanup/Coloring

19. Cleanup/Coloring

  1. How to do a clean-up and things to note

20. Cleanup & Coloring - Example

  1. Clean-up exercise
SECTION 06. Compsiting

21. Cinema4D - Example 1

  1. Cinema4D: Exercise 1

22. Cinema4D - Example 2

  1. Cinema4D: Exercise 2

23. After Effects 1

  1. Adding finishing touches with After Effects 1

24. After Effects 2

  1. Adding finishing touches with After Effects 2

25. After Effects 3

  1. Adding finishing touches with After Effects 3

Interview with
Animation Studio

What are the key takeaways
from this class?

Our focus is not simply teaching the fundamentals of animation but instead demonstrating how VCRWORKS actually creates an animation from start to finish. Students will gain access to every single step of our workflow including story writing, compositing, and editing, and also learn about the step-by-step process of producing a 2D animation as a team and how to overcome relevant challenges and obstacles in depth.

What do you think differentiates
VCRWORKS from other companies?

We are unique in that we continually strive to make our imagination a reality whether that be for a commercial, original animation, or any other type of work. When we feel the need to express something, we do not hesitate to set a goal and take on that challenge even if it’s something we’ve never done before. That is what sets us apart from other companies.

What do you expect students
to gain from this class?

This class will provide an opportunity for those just starting out to gain hands-on experience in animation production and to understand the essentials of the key animation software TVPaint. In addition, for those who do have animation experience, we will share the expertise that we have accumulated through our more than 100 projects to demonstrate how to enrich characters’ acting and use different types of software effectively.

Class Programs

- TVPaint Pro 11
- After Effects 2011
- Adobe Photoshop 2022

- Cinema 4D R20

* Version 10 of TVPaint is compatible but may not support some features.
* Adobe After Effects 2021 and Adobe Photoshop 2021 are also compatible.
* Version R18 or later must be used for Cinema 4D.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

 Clip Studio Paint

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