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Thick Painting Techniques for Glamorous Character Illustrations

Illustrator, Takashi

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Illustrator,Takashi_타카시 Details

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Illustrator, Takashi

"This class focuses on thick painting,
a technique that resembles oil painting
and emphasizes depth in an illustration. "

Coloso Takashi Thick Painting Techniques for Glamorous Character Illustrations

Discover the secret to creating
compelling illustrations with unique
colors & thick painting available
only at Coloso!


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Length: 23 videos
(Duration 24h 17m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

(Ver. 1.12.3 or above)

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1 Complete illustration
Clip file of illustrations
Color Palette

Takashi's Profile & Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Takashi is known for being a master
of this trendy art style, now she's ready
to show you the ropes.

You’ll build up your sketching skills
through anatomy and proportions
and design appealing characters
by adding curves to emphasize
specific parts of the body.

Then, you will learn the basics of thick painting,
bringing life to your brushwork, and picking up
painting techniques based on the material,
while learning how to make the most of shading.

In addition, by creating palettes,
you’ll acquire a sense of color theory
that will help you develop your style.

In the latter portion of the class,
you’ll learn how to showcase accessories
and thematic design choices, giving extra
attention to the theme of “luxury.”

You will learn about thematic implementation
by drawing jewelry, embroidery, lace,
and other related items. You will also learn
the basics of makeup and hair styling
to emphasize your character's beauty.

Background Images

7 Class Exercises

coloso Takashi Exercises

Creating Appealing Sketches

coloso Takashi Exercises

Expressing Thick
Painting and Greyscale

coloso Takashi Exercises

Brushwork Techniques

coloso Takashi Exercises

Applying Thick Painting.

coloso Takashi Exercises

Understanding Painting
According to Material

coloso Takashi Exercises

Using Multiple Color Palettes

coloso Takashi Exercises

Final Illustration

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Hello. I’m Takashi,
a professional illustrator.

As a freelance illustrator,
I create illustrations for mobile games like
character splash art, light novel illustrations,
and PR and collaboration illustrations.

I pride myself on being able to create
high-quality commercial illustrations consistently
as I always focus on several artistic themes
and seek a sense of elegance and luxury.

I hope to share illustration insights
in a way that is both insightful and fun,
similar to how we apply makeup.

Learn the secret to increasing the quality
of your characters with thick painting
and a splash of luxury!

Background Images
Illustrator Miacat

Freelance Illustrator

Projects & Awards

THE KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS - Callin' and NEVER FORGET MV, Disc Jacket Illustration
GRANSAGA - PR Illustration
COLORKEY - PR Illustration
Color Coordinator Winter Examination - PR Illustration
The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (TV Anime) pixiv tie-up Collaboration - Illustration
HEAVEN BURNS RED - Support Illustration
NIJISANJI EN Ethyria 1st Anniversary - Illustration

[Collaboration Project]
Practice with CLIP STUDIO PAINT! - Character Painting Class


Class Highlights

Fundamentals of Creating Appealing Realistic Art

It is essential to always start with the basics to level up your work. You will be able to acquire the key elements needed to create realistic and appealing characters of your own.

Coloso Takashi Introduction

Adding Depth and Clarity to a Scene

This class will show you the nessary steps to creating a captivating design. You will learn all about the balance between depth and clarity, the brushwork, and the intricacies of color schemes.

Coloso Takashi Introduction

Understanding Composition &
Poses Through Hands-On Exercises

You will gain composition and posing knowledge with practice exercises, study contours vs shapes, and direct eye movement with lighting.

Coloso Takashi Introduction

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Concept

01. Orientation

  1. Focusing Points
  2. Degrees of stylization

02. Important Points of Concept Drawing

  1. Limits of a drawing
  2. Focusing points
  3. Captivating and communicating
SECTION 02. Focusing on Sketching

03. Simplified Anatomy: Utilizing Proportions

  1. Ideal proportions using the golden ratio
  2. The simple placement of parts
  3. Natural and ideal posture

04. Natural Body Movement & Coordination

  1. A basic anatomical explanation of joints
  2. Taking a look at biomechanics

05. Sketching & Adding Personality

  1. Adding curves to the body
  2. Adding personality to the drawing
  3. Generating interest in each part of the body
SECTION 03. Thick Painting Tutorial

06. Tips for Painting and Brushwork for Thick Painting

  1. Understanding unique thick painting techniques
  2. Using different types of brushes

07. Abandoning Old Habits: Intro to Thick Painting

  1. Getting used to thick painting
  2. A focus on roughness
  3. From anime style to thick painting

08. Greyscale (Shading)

  1. Greyscale from an illustrator’s perspective
  2. Simple shadows and highlights
  3. Explanation of ambient occlusion

09. Application ① Thick Painting Techniques

  1. Explanation of the go-to one-layer thick painting technique
  2. Drawing asymmetrical objects and details from silhouettes
  3. Applying shading & thick painting techniques acquired with greyscale

10. Application ② Material Rendering

  1. Different brushwork for different materials
  2. Differences in reflection depending on the fabric & highlights
  3. Using materials relevant to the theme of the class
SECTION 04. Color Scheme

11. Detailed Color Schemes

  1. Color scheme that brings out individuality
  2. Concept of color scheme different from realistic colors

12. Coloring with style

  1. Adding color while maintaining a sense of unity
  2. Trial-and-error and playing with colors

13. Avoid color in-fighting

  1. How to avoid or resolve conflicting colors
SECTION 05. Pursuing Luxury

14. Accessories & Designs That Match Themes

  1. Increasing your visual library
  2. Drawing jewelry, embroidery, lace, etc

15. Character Design ①

  1. Using the knowledge of accessories & fabrics
  2. Procedures for efficiently drawing a designed character

16. Character Design ②

  1. Make-up & hair setting according to the color scheme
  2. Insights on applying make-up
SECTION 06. Application

17. Composition & Rough Sketch

  1. Placing the designed character in the scene
  2. Compositional basics & character-to-object proportions

18. Cleaning & Coloring the Rough Sketch

  1. Preparing ahead of time
  2. Coloring according to the mood

19. Lighting & Shading

  1. Lighting schemes for individual scenes
  2. Guiding eye movement with values

20. Adjusting the Base & Shading

  1. Bringing fun to color palettes
  2. The process of cleaning up rough areas

21. Adding Details & Touch Ups

  1. Adding luxurious characteristics
  2. Adding details to create glamorous characters

22. Final Mood & Color Adjustments

  1. Finishing adjustments
  2. Artistic processing methods

23. Creating Alternate Versions

  1. Adding alternate color schemes and details
  2. Color adjustment using gradient maps and effect layers

Interview with
Illustrator, Takashi

Background Images
What are your strengths as an instructor, and what makes your class different from others?

Starting with a foundation of realism, this class will instruct students on creating intricate compositions, designing classy aesthetics, and adding a touch of luxury. And you will improve your drawing, painting abilities, and composition skills through my unique insights.

What is the biggest challenge for someone studying art, and how does this class help to overcome that challenge?

Concerning thick painting, two main areas of difficulty are getting shapes right and avoiding muddy colors. However, by applying the correct painting techniques and choosing the right color, anyone can achieve a captivating thick painting look. I hope everyone taking this class comes away enjoying the whole painting and illustration process.

What did you find difficult in your studies, and how did you overcome it?

I felt that for a long time, I was drawing for the sake of it. To correct this, using sketching as an example, I returned to studying the basics of anatomy and worked hard to reach a point where my application of theory didn’t result in something unnatural. Through this experience, I got a sense that my illustrations had become more realistic.

What message do you have for your students?

When you're drawing illustrations in a more casual setting, having fun with it usually comes naturally. However, if you're trying to improve your drawing skills but lose that sense of enjoyment, you may find yourself in a creative slump. When I faced this challenge, I turned to the fundamentals to figure out how to improve. It wasn't until I started seeing success in my artistic endeavors that I finally felt like I was making progress on my artistic journey. That's why in this class, I want to share my experience and insights with those who are struggling to find their way, just like I was.

Required Programs

This course will use CLIP STUDIO PAINT (ver. 1.12.3. or above)
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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