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The 60-Chapter Anime-Style Character Illustration Class

Illustrator Ekina, Aibek, Myowa, GongHa

Class Details

[Class]IllustratorEkina,Aibek,Myowa,GongHa_에키나,아이벡,묘와,공하 Details

GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Class Exercises
GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Class Exercises
GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Class Exercises

This class is for all aspiring illustrators and artists
who want to draw high-quality anime-style characters!

Coloso's Anime-Style Illustration
60-Chapter Class
Is now available!

Class Intro
60-Chapter Anime-Style Illustration

"Get everything from the basics to advanced techniques
through a Character Illustration Class
that will completely transform
your anime-style character art skills through
60 chapters & 60 study materials."


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 60 videos
(Duration TBD)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Clip Studio
Photoshop CC
ClipStudioPaint PRO/EX

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

Ekina -Various PSD Files
Aibek -Timelapse Videos, Practice Files
Myowa -Supplementary materials, PSD Files
GongaHa- Brush Assets, PSD Files

This 60-chapter class comes with a progressive curriculum
that provides a comprehensive understanding
of anime-style character art

Curriculum Roadmap

Coloso GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Step 01. Beginner
Drawing Striking Faces

Step 02. Basic
Maximizing Character Appeal

Section 03. Basic to Intermediate
Setting the Mood with Light & Color

Section 04. Intermediate
Completing the Illustration that Tells a Story

*These are sample images for better understanding.

*Unauthorized distribution of class videos and study material,
including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, may lead to civil and/or criminal penalties.


Still Not Convinced?
Here’s Why the 60-Chapter Class
Is Perfect for You

The Ultimate All-in-One
Curriculum for Anime-Style
Character Art

To help everyone learn what they need, we prepared a progressive curriculum that covers all skill levels. From total beginners to intermediate artists struggling with their art direction—this is the class for you!

Coloso GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Introduction

The Shortcut to Going From Hobbyist to Professional—Fast

Four instructors who started as hobbyists and became professional illustrators reveal their experience and painting techniques in this class. Learn how they quickly got better at painting as well as their studying tips.

Coloso GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Introduction

60 Chapters Filled with Comprehensive Class Material!

Are you curious about what special perks only the students for the 60-Chapter Art Class can receive? You can get a total of 60 pieces of study material that range from basic shortcut lists to mannequinization examples, face drawings, colored sketches, line art, texture files, and more.

Coloso GongHa Myowa Aibek Ekina Introduction

Profile & Portfolio
Introducing your 4 instructors

Coloso Ekina

"Let's try to have a fun time drawing! If you want to create characters with pretty faces, I'm the one you're looking for."

Work Experience
& Projects

Current - Freelance Illustrator
Former - Fanding Illustration Instructor

Numerous Live 2D Illustrations
Numerous Cover Art
[Alchemy Stars] Celebrational Art

Coloso Ekina

Coloso Aibek

"If you want to improve your skills while drawing existing objects, head on over to my part!"

Work Experience
& Projects

Current - Fevercell Academy Instructor & Freelance Illustrator

[Azur Lane] Celebrational Art
[AiryPro] Multiple Live2D Virtual YouTuber Model & Character Art
[HUION] Collaborative Illustration
Numerous Merchandized Projects
Numerous Undisclosed Video Game Projects

Coloso Aibek

Coloso Myowa

"Would you like to join me as I show you how to draw original character Illustrations in a fictional world?"

Work Experience
& Projects

Current - Freelance Illustrator
Former - Fanding Illustration Instructor

[Hololive] Hololive Generation 0 Roboco-san Membership Illustration
[Pixiv] Participated in the Collaborative Art Book of Korean Artists,《Pixiv | Artists in Korea》
[KonoSuba: Fantastic Days] 1st Anniversary Celebration Illustration
[VSPO!] Summer Voice Package Illustration

Coloso Myowa

Coloso GongHa

"I'll show you how to go beyond just drawing characters by unveiling the secrets to telling a story with your illustrations!"

Work Experience
& Projects

Current - Freelance Illustrator

Video Game Celebratory Illustrations, Web Novel Cover Art,
Undisclosed Commissions, Virtual Streamer Art,
and Other Projects in Numerous Fields

Coloso GongHa
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In-depth Look

Course 01. Ekina
Course 02. Aibek
Course 03. Myowa
Course 04. GongHa

Interview with
Ekina, Aibek, Myowa, GongHa

Background images
What is the intent or motivation
behind this class?

Many people have a hard time drawing faces and placing facial features, which can nicely express the charms of anime-style characters. With this class, we'll help our students find what's wrong with the faces they drew in the past, and we'll go over numerous scenarios to suggest a guideline for every single student.

Everybody wants to make pretty paintings of their favorite character. From drawing the right face that matches the character's personality to finishing a full piece of character art, we'll make sure things don't get too hard and focus on how to paint attractive characters. If you were struggling with art, this class will give you the ability to paint your favorite character.

What sets the 60-Chapter Art Class
apart from other classes?

I'm certain the numerous trials and errors I went through from being a hobbyist to gaining 250K followers is a story that every artist can relate to. To help beginners and experienced artists who can't make any progress find the right path and improve quickly, I poured in all the study methods and art techniques in this class.

Compared to other classes that require a high skill level for the students to gain anything, this class is more beginner-friendly and easier to apply as focused less on industry techniques and more on practical tips. All 4 instructors including I will start from the basics and progressively teach you how to improve the quality of your illustrations.

Required Programs

This course will use the programs below.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized class experience.

- GongHa: Adobe Photoshop CC (versions later than CS6 are recommended)
- Ekina, Aibek, Myowa: ClipStudioPaint PRO / EX (all versions compatible)

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.

Photoshop ClipStudio

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