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From versatile modelling skills,
to 3D artwork with realistic textures,
and a detailed curriculum with production insights.
If this caught your attention, then this class is for you!

Coloso's Guide to 3D Graphic Design With Blender
50-Chapter Class
Is now available!

정세윤 3D 그래픽 디자인 이미지

Have you ever wanted to learn how to add
3D elements to your work
and break away from
typical, two-dimensional designs?

My name is Seyoon Jung, and I’m here to help you master
3D graphic design skills through fun, easy-to-follow lessons.
Learn modeling, texturing, and animation skills
using the free 3D tool "Blender," without
any other expensive programs or renderers.

정세윤 3D 그래픽 디자인 이미지

You’ll learn how to implement
procedural textures and motions
such as plastic, metal, glass, or fur,
and how to use Mixamo Rigging and Adobe tools
to support your designs.

I’ll teach you how to expand the spectrum of your work
with Blender’s 3D expression techniques
optimized for graphic designs
as well as complete 3D artworks
that are the center of attention in a number of fields
including branding, packaging, illustrations, and NFTs.



Length: 50 videos
(Duration 25h 12m)
Difficulty: Basic Level
Unlimited views

Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Software Required

Blender 3.3.0
Adobe Illustrator 2022
Photoshop 2022
After Effects 2022


Original exercise files
(Ai, Blend)
PDF files
(Class content)

Expert 3D Graphic Designer
Seyoon Jung's Profile & Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

3D graphic design is in high demand
in a wide range of industries.
We have created an A to Z curriculum
for those who don't know where to begin
and where to apply their knowledge.

Learn the core features of Blender
through a vast study of 35 class exercises,
and a solid curriculum comprising 50 lectures
consisting of stationery-package mockups and 3D logos
as well as abstract figures, images, and moving posters.

This class starts by explaining Blender’s basic UI
and goes on to cover material expressions, lighting,
and advanced animation skills based on
an understanding of the node system
and how to incorporate concepts into your final work.

Start upgrading your graphic design abilities now
and learn to use 3D tools
optimized for creating unique 3D artwork
with rich, dense textures.

Coloso is the only place where you can find
classes on Blender specifically tailored to
3D graphic design beginners in Korea.

배경 이미지

35 Class Exercises

Part 01. Abstract Figure Posters

Experience the overall work process,
starting from the basic operation of Blender.

Part 02. Package Mockup

Learn about the UV map and camera
as well as animation rendering.

Part 03. 3D Logos

Use appropriate texture nodes to implement
objects with high-quality materials.

Part 04. Image Posters

Learn about geometry nodes
and applying rigging using Mixamo.

Part 05. Moving Posters

Create patterns using shading nodes
and implement motions with modifiers for each type.

Part 06. 3D Artwork

Learn about a variety of modeling methods and
texturing for more advanced versions.

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Seyoon Jung
3D Graphic Designer

My name is Seyoon Jung,
and I’m a 3D graphic designer.
I’m currently a freelance designer
and am working on various 3D projects
including 3D characters, BX, UX/UI,
media art, and illustration.

Fascinated by Blender’s extensive range of
graphics implementation and
expression of colorful materials,
I’ve steadily worked on how to incorporate
3D graphics in a natural manner,
breaking away from typical 2D graphic designs.

Through this class, I’ll share
Blender techniques
that I’ve refined over the years of
focusing on graphic designs.

배경 이미지
콜로소 3D 그래픽 디자이너 정세윤
3D Graphic Designer,
Seyoon Jung

Freelance 3D graphic designer

3D designer at 10mg Digital Media Group

Projects & Awards

2022 Digital Nomad “YCK 2022”
2021 SKT “TUAF”

Blender 3D Workshop for Graphic Designers
3D Mockup Workshop for Visual Designers


Class Highlights

A Variety of Trendy
3D Graphic Techniques

Learn step by step the basics of Blender to create 3D graphics that are widely popular in the graphic design scene and gain knowledge of motion implementation, then apply a wide variety of expression techniques to your work.

콜로소 정세윤 강의 소개

Implementing High-Quality Textures Using Blender, a Free Tool

Using only Blender, reproduce a number of high-quality materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and fur, as well as lighting for the effect of reflection, transmission, and refraction, with the same quality you would expect from paid programs or renderers.

콜로소 정세윤 강의 소개

Enhancing the Impact
of Brand Concepts

In order to help you create visually unique graphics and deliver condensed messaging, you’ll learn about production skills, as well as the overall graphic design process including planning and training methods.

콜로소 정세윤 강의 소개

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 02. Basics of Blender
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 03. Package Mockup
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 04. 3D Logos
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 05. Image Posters
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 06. Moving Posters
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 07. 3D Artworks
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
콜로소 정세윤 강의 커리큘럼
SECTION 08. Outro

Interview with
3D Graphic Designer
Seyoon Jung

배경 이미지
Question. 01
What are the prospects
for 3D Graphic Designs?

While 2D work is more widespread in the field of graphic design, the use of 3D, motion, and code is becoming more popular for the production of unique, high-quality work. The prospects for 3D graphic designs are as good as ever with the art form now seeing application in a large number of industries for posters, brand design logos, album covers of iconic singers, and more. Blender, a free 3D tool with extensive features, has been particularly receiving favorable reviews for its excellent accessibility.

Question. 02
What is your strength
as a 3D Graphic Designer?

3D is used in a number of fields, but my strength lies in the production of various 3D works based on intensive research into how 3D technologies are used and implemented in graphic design. Blender classes focused on graphic design aren't as common, which is why I’m confident that this class will be of great help to beginners in graphic design who’d like to learn various 3D expression techniques.

Question. 03
What are the main aspects
of this class?

The curriculum has been designed so that you can systematically acquire Blender techniques for trendy 3D graphic design in one place while consequently building up your own 3D artwork style. Through exercises on package mockups, 3D logos, images/moving posters, etc., you’ll be able to easily implement simple modeling and dense realistic textures and even apply them to animations.

Question. 04
Who do you recommend
this class to?

I would recommend this class to those who’ve only created 2D work but would now like to add 3D elements such as realistic textures or simple motions to their work, those who’d like to learn the A to Z of Blender as a sufficient substitute for paid renderers that is relatively less burdensome than other 3D tools in terms of cost and difficulty, and to those who’d like to create 3D work with a unique style.

Required Programs

This course will use Blender 3.3.0, Adobe Illustrator 2022, Photoshop 2022, and After Effects 2022. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

* We recommend installing Blender versions 2.9.0 and up and Adobe versions 2018 and up.
* Chapter 43 and 46 uses iPads and Procreate but the provided materials will assist you in understanding the class.
* The programs and supplies will not be separately provided.

블렌더 일러스트레이터 포토샵 애프터 이펙트

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