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Basics of Key Visual Design with Composition & Typography

3D Designer, Rezaliando

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3DDesigner,Rezaliando Details


Class Intro
3D Designer, Rezaliando

"Learn how to make effective use
of key visual design through typography
and discover it's importance in the field."

Want to learn how to create key visual designs
that clearly communicates your vision?

Coloso Rezaliando Basics of Key Visual Design with Composition & Typography

Learn the basics of typography,
from modeling fonts, objects,
3D layouts, lighting, and more
with 3D Designer Rezaliando.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(Duration 10h 13m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English
(In Production)

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

After Effects
Cinema 4D R23
Redshift 3.0

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

13+ Class exercises
Before & after files for class exercises
Final work: 1 still version,
1 mp4 version
Final work file

Expert 3D Designer
Rezaliando's Profile & Portfolio


3D Designer

Hi, I'm Rezaliando from Indonesia and
I am a Malaysia-based 3D designer & artist.
I am one of the design directors and co-founders
of Machineast, a creative studio based in Malaysia
that focuses on creating highly aesthetic 3D key visual,
graphic design, and motion graphics.

I started my journey in the design industry in 2007,
and have been working with several design studios
in Malaysia & Singapore.

I have collaborated with global creative agencies,
art museums, and leading brands such as Nike, IBM, Apple,
Samsung, Ubisoft, Sephora, and Uniqlo just to name a few.

Aside from working at my studio,
I have been teaching students the fundamentals of design
and have also been sharing tips & insights
for working in the design industry.
Over the past years, I have been invited to
some international design conferences as well.

In this course, I will be sharing my design process
and you will be able to learn how to create
compelling 3D designs and have fun designing
3D typography & visual composition for digital art.

background image
Coloso Rezaliando
Design Director & 3D Designer at Machineast,

3D Designer

Projects & Awards

[Press - Online Publication]
VICE - The Creators Project

[Exhibitions, Master class & Lectures]
Worldwide (Online):
QUARANTIN3D x Machineast Talk and Online Tutorial
Barcelona, Spain:
OFFF Let's Feed the Future
Polycon International Digital Media Arts Festival
Confluence Plus Talk and Workshop
Jaipur, India:
Kyoorius Designyatra Design Conference
Wild Critters (Singapore Art Week)
UNIQLO x Machineast Visual Art Exhibition
3DSense Motion Graphic & Design Conference
Creative Freelancers Bootcamp
Manila, Philippines:
Graphika Manila

The One Academy : Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Awards 2017


13 Class Exercises


Class Highlights

Set Up & Composite Your 3D Scene Through Typography Design

Setting up a 3D scene can be overwhelming. It is important to plan your initial ideas by sketching before executing them with 3D software. Plan what you want to do and find out what's the goal of the design.

Coloso Rezaliando Introduction

Customize Your Key Visuals To Add Personality To Your 3D Scene

There are many fonts out there. Choosing the right font and customizing it for your 3D scene will give it so much more personality and make your work unique.

Coloso Rezaliando Introduction

Animate & Elevate Your 3D Scene

Elevate your 3D scene by adding animation not just for 3D assets, but also for the 3D camera. By adding the right keyframes and proper curves, your scene will look alive and impactful.

Coloso Rezaliando Introduction

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Introduction

01. Orientation & Introduction

  1. Brief self-introduction
  2. What you will learn in the course
  3. Introduction to 3D key visual + simple animation for beginners
SECTION 02. Exploration & Idea Development

02. How to Set the Big Picture

  1. Plan your concept & idea
  2. See the bigger picture of the concept
  3. Provide additional ideas
  4. Consider the basics of shapes, curves, layout, & composition

03. References, Moodboards And Sketches

  1. Browse through some references online
  2. Learn & study why those references work
  3. Look through the unlimited reference resources on Behance & Pinterest
  4. Figure the initial form, composition & layout
  5. Prepare at least 3 sketches from the same idea

04. Building Your Key Visual Elements

  1. Finalize the layout
  2. Create secondary assets
  3. Set the overall design direction

05. Creating KV Elements in Illustrator Part 1

  1. Customize the type design
  2. Play around with composition and new placement
  3. Prepare secondary 2D assets

06. Creating KV Elements in Illustrator Part 2

  1. Create 2D elements from image reference
  2. Prepare secondary 2D assets
SECTION 03. Intro to 3D Modeling

07. Easy Guide to C4D UI Part 1

  1. General introduction to the tools for the course
  2. Adjust viewports, tools, shortcuts & render engine to improve the working in 3D workflow

08. Easy Guide to C4D UI Part 2

  1. Continuation of part 1
  2. Introduction to additional tools for course

09. Modelling Fonts & Objects Part 1

  1. Try to take the basic tools to model the 3D fonts
  2. Stage the overall 3D layout

10. Modelling Fonts & Objects Part 2

  1. Add details to the 3D fonts
  2. Apply details on secondary 3D objects

11. Modelling Fonts & Objects Part 3

  1. Model Organic assets

12. Adding Details Part 1

  1. Add details to the 3D fonts
  2. Add details to the secondary 3D objects
  3. Add details to the overall 3D layout

13. Adding Details Part 2

  1. Add details to the secondary 3D objects
  2. Model additional assets
  3. Add details to the overall 3D layout

14. Adding Details Part 3

  1. Add details to the 3D fonts
  2. Add details to the secondary 3D objects
  3. Add details to the overall 3D layout
SECTION 04. Fundamentals of 3D Lighting & Material

15. Understanding Lighting

  1. Brief explanation of rules of photography
  2. Plan the right look of the 3D scene
  3. The importance of light on a 3D scene
  4. Understand the 3 point light rules
  5. The importance of HDRI
  6. Understand the different kinds of shadows

16. Texture & Shader Part 1

  1. Learn how to use Redshift
  2. Understand Redshift materials
  3. Understand Redshift nodes
  4. Understand Redshift workflow

17. Texture & Shader Part 2

  1. Build multiple RS shader for the project
  2. Adjust the overall RS shader & lighting
SECTION 05. Basic Keyframes & Animation

18. Animation, Keyframes, and Timeline

  1. Apply proper keyframes for the 3D camera movement
  2. Stage the right placement
  3. Set up Portrait Cam & Wide Cam
  4. Set up the right camera settings
  5. Apply proper keyframes for the 3D assets
  6. Control the right F-curve for each keyframe
SECTION 06. Output & Folder Management

19. Output Render & Folder Management

  1. Set up Portrait & Wide output
  2. Create proper output render folders & hierarchy
  3. Name proper output names for each renders
  4. Check output render for any errors & visual artifacts
SECTION 07. Final Compositing

20. Final Compositing with Photoshop, After Effects, and Media Encoder

  1. Apply final touches & grading in Photoshop for a still image
  2. Apply final touches & grading in After Effects for animation sequence
SECTION 08. Final Words

21. Design Doesn't End Here

  1. The future of 3D design
  2. New tech, new medium & new platforms means new opportunity for 3D designers
  3. The future tech is bright with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, large outdoor displays, etc.

with 3D Designer Rezaliando

background images
Is There a Specific Reason Why You Chose This Specific Topic/Themes?

I believe a good design must communicate well. One of the best ways to communicate in design is through typography. Choosing the right type for the right design is often neglected. I hope with this course you will aware of the importance of type design and how to play with typography design effectively.

What Makes Your Class Different From Other Classes?

Typography is one of the most important assets in design. Not only does it serve as a way to communicate the message to the viewer, but it also serves as a main/hero asset for the overall composition. The focus of this course is compositing typography design with animation. Something that would appeal to any designers who work with design agencies or designers who just want to explore compositing with typography.

Please Share Your Thoughts on the Job Market of the Industry

In terms of accessibility, the internet now has everything that you need to do almost anything and everything. This is not just for learning, but also for work. You are now given the option to work remotely and enjoy work at the comfort of your home. And this gives artists so much flexibility to learn on their own and work with clients remotely. I could see a rising supply & demand in remote design jobs worldwide. No matter where you are, you will be sought after and appreciated as long you have a good internet connection.

Please Share Anything You Would Like to Add to Your Students.

Stay motivated and surround yourself with creative people. Get inspired by new things and design techniques. I've gone through my "10,000 hours" of work experience by working and collaborating with different people from design agencies, directors, and designers from different studios. By doing so, I wanted to find my own style, and strengths, and learn as many techniques as I could from my seniors so I could best prepare myself to work in the industry. After many years of learning, I got the chance to get together with my partner in 2016, and we now run our very own design studio and call ourselves, Machineast.

Required Programs

This course will use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D R23, and Redshift 3.0

Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Cinema 4D Redshift

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