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Class Intro
Art Director, Bryant Nichols

"Learn the necessary skills to create garments
and bring them to life with 3D characters."

Class Preview
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Chapter 8.
Fit 1: Sports Wear

1. Medium - Bike shorts, jackets, body suits, and gloves

Coloso Bryant Nichols Future Fashion with Marvelous Designer & Cinema4D

The future of 3D design will rely heavily on the creation
and use of digital avatars and digital garments.

Get a look at how to start creating realistic designs,
direct your own fashion line,
and make realistic characters in Cinema 4D.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 21 videos
(11h 38m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Daz Studio 4.15
Marvelous Designer
(9, 10, or 11)
Maxon Cinema 4D
(R21-R23. 110)
+ RedShift 3.0
Adobe After Effects

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Pose Samples

Expert Fashion Art Director,
Bryant Nichols' Profile & Portfolio


Bryant Nichols
Art Director

Hello! This is Bryant Nichols,
currently an Art Director at Future Deluxe,
a world renowned creative studio
focused on innovation for future facing brands.

I've spent years in the industry
at world class studios
such as ManvsMachine, the Mill,
and now Future Deluxe honing my craft,
creating 3D imagery for global brands
like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Nike.

I would like to share my insights and skills
through my class.

Background images
Coloso Bryant Nichols
Art Director,
Bryant Nichols

Art Director at Futuredeluxe

Designer at Man vs Machine

Projects & Awards

Adobe's 20 Creatives to Watch 2018
Surface Magazine's Standout Instragram Account 2018
Featured in Ballpit Magazine


8 Class Exercises

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

DAZ 3D Character Creation

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Blocking / Fitting

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Skin Texture

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Hair 1: Short Hair

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Hair 2: Long Hair

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Outfit 1: Sports Wear

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Outfit 2: Spring/Summer

Bryant Nichols Class exercises

Outfit 3: Fall/Winter


Class Highlights

Studying Real Life Garments to Create More Realistic Designs

Study how garments are made and fitted in real life. This fundamental understanding of these techniques will help immensely when it comes to creating believable clothing.

Coloso Bryant Nichols Introduction

Art Directing Your Own
Digital Fashion Line

Forming a unique vision for your garments and using workflow tips and tricks to make your garments stand-out.

Coloso Bryant Nichols Introduction

Realistic Human Characters
in Cinema 4D

A notoriously difficult task made creative and simple inside of C4D + Redshift.

Coloso Bryant Nichols Introduction

Class Details
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In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programs
SECTION 02. Creating Your Model

02. Overview of Daz 3D

  1. Overview of the interface

03. Default Character Creation

  1. Create default character
  2. Posing character
  3. Adjusting character look
  4. Export OBJ/ABC and textures
SECTION 03. Marvelous Designer Basics

04. Overview of Marvelous Designer

  1. Overview of program
  2. Import DAZ Character

05. Pattern Basics

  1. Study how fabric patterns are constructed

06. Creating Your Blocks + Fitting

  1. Create basic sample garments
SECTION 04. Designing Your Garments

07. Creating a Vision for Your Designs

  1. Studying garments and fashion designers to create your own custom looks

08. Fit 1: Sports Wear

  1. Medium - Bike shorts, jackets, body suits, and gloves

09. Fit 2: Spring/Summer Wear

  1. Medium - Coats, dresses, and sock boots

10. Fit 3: Fall/Winter Wear 1

  1. Hard - Body suits, puffer coats, and harem pants

11. Fit 3: Fall/Winter Wear 2

  1. Hard - Body suits, puffer coats, and harem pants

12. Exporting Garments

  1. Set up UVs
  2. Quadrangulate mesh
  3. Export
SECTION 05. Styling & Rendering 1

13. Overview of Cinema 4D

  1. Overview of program
  2. Import Assets
  3. Set up OCIO/ACES

14. Building an Environment for Your Character

  1. Build a simple environment
  2. Add accessories, shoes, etc.

15. Lighting

  1. Lighting basics
  2. HDRI & area lights
SECTION 06. Styling & Rendering 2

16. Garment Materials

  1. Sourcing textures
  2. Setting up fabric materials

17. Skin Materials

  1. Collect textures from DAZ
  2. Setting up skin materials

18. Overview of Hair Tools in C4D + Hairstyle 1

  1. Overview of hair tools: Setting up C4D/Redshift for hair materials
  2. Short hair style

19. Hair Style 2

  1. Styling long hair

20. Render Settings

  1. Optimizing render settings
  2. Setting up AOVs for compositing
SECTION 07. Compositing

21. The Finishing Touches

  1. Import AOVs from C4D
  2. Combine layers and color correct

*The curriculum images and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

with Art Director Bryant Nichols

Background images
Is there a specific reason why
you chose this specific topic/themes?

The future of 3D design lies in the creation and use of digital avatars and digital garments. As more and more of our lives are spent in the digital realm the need for detailed digital portrayals of human beings grows everyday.

What makes your class different
from other classes?

This class focuses not only on the creation of garments, but also the necessary skills to bring them to life through 3D characters, lighting, textures, and environments. My class also touches on creating garments with a focused Art Direction as if you were the Art Director of a new Fashion Brand. It is impossible to find tutorials that detail each step of this complicated process so I wanted to compile all that I've learned into one comprehensive course.

Please share your thoughts on the job market of the industry

In my experience there is a definite shortage of artists/designers in the industry. Most studios are always looking to add on people as either staff or freelance for a specific project need.

What do you think is the most important trait(s) to success in your industry?

Discipline. Consistent, focused amounts of time spent developing ones skills outside of the workplace environment. If you never do work outside of your day job you risk losing your unique personal taste.

Required Programs

This course will use Daz Studio 4.15, Marvelous Designer 9,10,11, Maxon Cinema 4D R21-R23.110 + Redshift 3.0 and Adobe After Effects.
Please purchase and install these programs for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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