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Realistic Texturing with Cinema4D & Octane

Motion Designer, Gryun Kim

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Class Intro
Motion Designer, Gryun Kim

"Curious about the real-world process
behind the work of professional Motion Designers?
I'll teach you everything
you need to know and more!"

Class Preview
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Chapter 13. Hard Room

1. Bring together the objects we made to create a scene
2. Creating a shattered floor using Voronoi

If you long to make exquisite,
life-like motion graphics
but are failing to meet
your own expectations,
Motion Designer Gryun Kim's
first premium online class has
all the answers to your questions.

Bring your imagination to life
by learning and practicing Cinema 4D
& Octane Render - with tips from a real pro!

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Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(11h 37m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Octane Render
(2020.1.4 R2)
Adobe After Effects 2020
(v 17.1.1)

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

11 practice exercises
50 C4D files
60 texture files
45 render files
9 AE files
2 AI files
131 pages worth of theory/
lecture content summarized

Industry Leading 3D Motion Designer,
Gryun Kim's Profile & Portfolio


Gryun Kim
Motion Designer

I'm currently working at Elastic,
a production studio in LA,
famous for making title sequences.

At Elastic, I've had the chance to work
on title sequences
for Hollywood films and television shows
such as Men in Black, DC Universe,
HBO, Amazon TV show, CNN, and more.

During my time at Giantstep
in South Korea,
I made motion graphics
for large companies
like Samsung, LG, KIA, Netmarble.

I also actively manage
the Korean Cinema 4D
User-Community website
for the growth of motion graphic designers.
There, we hold seminars
with global artists
and create online user group broadcasts
for people in the field
to communicate and share their experiences.

Background images
Coloso Gryun Kim
Motion Designer,
Gryun Kim

Motion Graphic Designer at Elastic (Los Angeles, USA)

Motion Graphic Designer at Giant Step (Seoul, South Korea)

Projects & Awards

Public Certified Cinema 4D Artist
Cinema 4D New Software Tester

[Online Community]
2016-2018 CINEMA 4D Korean Usergroup Administrator

[Main Clients]
DC universe, HBO, CNN, Amazon, Men In Black, NRP, OFFF, The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Samsung, LG, KIA, Netmarble

[Main Projects]
DC universe - Doom Patrol title sequence
MIB - Men In Black:International title sequence
HBO - the swamp title sequence
CNN - John Lewis:Good Trouble
Amazon - HUNTERS
New Republic Pictures - Film Company Ident
OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles
The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - Opening&Closing Ceremony Stage Projection Design
Samsung - Galaxy S8 Teaser, Blue-Ray AV, Notebook Odyssey Gear
S2 IFA, SSD 950 Pro, CES 2016
LG - Gram Laptop
Netmarble - Marble Future Fight 2
Incheon International Airport - Media Wall Video Projection Design
KIA moters - KIA future film : Peter Returns
Salt Lab - Newborn Game Trailer
HERA - cell essence

[Global Awards]
2019 Clios - Doom Patrol Bronze
2019 Reddot - Krell Automotive Brand film WINNER
2019 Telly Award - Gemini OFFF title GOLD
2019 Muse Award - Gemini OFFF title Platinum

MAXON Certificated Artist
MAXON New version beta tester
Marvelous Designer Certificated Artist
Quixel, WorldCreator, Poliigons, Kitbash Supporting

2019 VSLAB Lecture - High Quality Modeling & Styleframe
2018 Polytech University Special Lecture- Cinema 4D
2018 VSLAB Lecture- Art of Styleframe
2016 Cinema 4D Usergroup Special Lecture- Octane render
2015 Cinema 4D Usergroup Special Lecture- Skyfall Making of

2019 Clios - Doom Patrol Bronze
2019 Reddot - Krell Automotive Brand film WINNER
2019 Telly Award - Gemini OFFF title GOLD
2019 Muse Award - Gemini OFFF title Pretinum
2017 Featured Cinema 4D MAXON R18 Release page - Crystal
2017 Featured Sportseoul, Joins News, Edaily, SBS broadcast - AR Runway The Studio K
2016 Featured CG MeetUp - Making of Homage to Skyfall Title Sequence
2016 Featured Artofstyleframe - Art Director and Motion Designer
2015 Featured Cgsociety, LostboyVFX, iamag, indiewire - Homage to Skyfall Title Sequence
2014 1st Prize - Hansung university The grand prize graduation. -Seoul, Korea
2013 2nd Prize - K-water UCC contest - Seoul, Korea
2012 2nd Prize - Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency - Seoul, Korea
2012 3rd Prize - Korea Electric Power Corporation UCC Contest - Seoul, Korea
2012 3rd Prize - Peace Fine Art Assiociation Media Art Part - Seoul, Korea
2012 2nd Prize - Korea Elevator Safety Agency UCC Contest - Seoul, Korea
2012 1st Prize - id cosmetic surgery UCC Contest - Seoul, Korea
2012 1st Prize - K-water UCC contest - Seoul, Korea


8 Class Exercises

Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises
Gryun Kim Class exercises

Not just a lecture,
but an experience you'll never forget!

Learning-by-doing, goes a long way.
Understand the theories of motion graphics
by completing design exercises.
Create realistic textures and original artwork
following the tips and pipelines
for efficient workflows used by professionals.


Class Highlights

The flesh and blood
of practical rendering theory

Learn the core rendering theories needed for applying higher-quality textures through applications such as PBR, Path Tracing, and Unbiased.

Coloso Gryun Kim Introduction

Texturing with Octane Render: From A to Z

Everything you need to know about the most used rendering tool in the industry - Octane Render: From using the tool to creating realistic texturing.

Coloso Gryun Kim Introduction

Working files
from a top-tier industry leader

With Gryun Kim's real-world insights and class practice exercises from the motion designer himself, you'll be able to make your own content using Cinema 4D and Octane - immediately after completing the class.

Coloso Gryun Kim Introduction

Class Details
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In-Depth Look

SECTION. 01 Strategy Meeting

01. Introductions & Orientation: Strategic Planning

  1. Instructor introduction + practical experiences
  2. Class outline & overview
  3. Industry overview
  4. Design attitude
SECTION 02. Basic Theory

02. Cinema 4D Basic Settings and Render Theory

  1. Cinema 4D basic settings
  2. The importance of rendering
  3. Physically-based rendering: difference between biased & unbiased

    + C4D file

03. Octane Render: Explaining Installation and Interface

  1. Installation and precautions
  2. Common mistakes made when using Octane Render
  3. Octane Render and graphic cards
SECTION 03. First Room: MEET

04. Work Process

  1. How to observe real-world material
  2. Tips for rounding up ideas & material clipping

    + Reference link

05. First Meeting: Wood and Flooring

  1. Octane node texturing
  2. Creating running pipelines using relative paths
  3. Creating materials based on physically based texture

    +C4D file

06. Natural Ropes and Stones

  1. Creating realistic stones and ropes without modeling using displacement

    + C4D file

07. Bringing Plants to Life

  1. Making thin, light transparent grass
  2. Combining different materials with material mix

    + C4D file
    + Reference link

08. Living Breathing Trees

  1. Live view icon
  2. Expressing the details of tree colors with dirt & mix texture
  3. Inserting logos with alpha images
  4. Modifying surfaces with displacement

    + C4D file

09. Meeting Room: Natural Objects

  1. Creating a scene with previously practiced natural objects
  2. Smoothly disappearing backgrounds using alpha map
  3. Logo design and stone simulations
  4. Light settings & saving output files

    + C4D file
SECTION 04. Second Room: HARD

10. Edgeless Paintballs on a Wet Floor

  1. Observing & understanding metal textures
  2. Smoothing out edge lines for curvy objects
  3. Making wet floors with material mix

    + C4D file

11. Metal Textures Over Time

  1. Creating rusty metal textures
  2. Expressing worn-out edges

    + C4D file

12. Metal Chains and Light

  1. Creating moving metal chains using hair simulations
  2. Creating fluorescent lighting using universal texture

    + C4D file
    + Reference link

13. Room of Sturdiness

  1. Creating a scene with previously made practice objects
  2. Creating broken floors with Voronoi

    + C4D file

14. Retouching with After Effects Part.1: Increasing Job Efficiency - TAKES

  1. Retouching rendered image with After Effects
  2. Processing multiple tasks with TAKES

    + C4D file
    + Reference link

15. Camera Theory, Formats, and Compression

  1. Correctly using FPS and choosing lenses
  2. Video & image formats and compression

16. Mystical Stone & Crystals

  1. Creating mystical stones and crystals attached to stone

    + C4D file

17. Fantasy Crystals

  1. Creating a growing red crystal with Octane Scatter

    + C4D file

18. Adding Imagination

  1. Animating flying crystals
  2. Creating crystals of varying colors with instance color

    + C4D file

19. Optimization Insights

  1. Optimization insights to minimize rendering time and noise
  2. Octane calculation method: Understanding kernels
  3. Settings

    + C4D file

20. Retouching with After Effects Part.2: External Plugins

  1. Final rendering of an entire scene: From style frame to animatics
  2. Commonly used After Effects tips and plugins explained

with Motion Designer Gryun Kim

Background images
Why should I Learn Cinema 4D?

Cinema 4D is an exceptional tool for solo productions, offering accelerated and efficient software solutions. Now, by adopting real-time graphic card rendering in Octane, even small groups can take on big projects. With frequent upgrades and a fast response speed, Cinema 4D will help you create realistic graphics of high quality.

What are your strengths
as a Motion Designer?

Creating high-quality designs in less time, with a sharp eye for design and a time-efficient workflow. Join my class to learn the most productive ways to solve your design problems, with plentiful practice exercises.

What is the goal of this Class?

The main focus of this class is to help you understand the theory of motion graphics by completing real-world design examples. I've added multiple practice exercises to boost your problem-solving skills in a fun and effective way.

Why should I choose this class
on Coloso?

The concept of this Coloso class is creating space. Explore the many rooms with different themes to help you create content for every space, and experience each design. Unlike other classes, this class offers practice design exercises before going over theories for a process that makes it easier to comprehend.

Who can benefit from this class?

Those who only know the basics of Cinema 4D or have never used Octane Render, and even for those working in the field! I'll teach you the pipelines and my personal insights to help you make high-quality designs with a better grasp of the theories of CG.

Required Programs

This course will use the following programs.
Please make sure to install the programs in the versions listed below.
– Cinema4D R22.118
– Octane Render 2020.1.4 R2
– Adobe After Effects 2020 ( v 17.1.1 )

* Cinema 4D ver.R20, ver.R21, ver.R22 and Octane ver.2019, ver.2020 is recommended.
* Older versions, such as Cinema 4D ver.R19 and Octane ver.3, ver.4 may not contain tools used in this class.
* All programs and requirements will not be provided

Cinema 4D Octanerender After Effect


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